7 Colossal Mistakes That WILL Kill Your Blog Writing Skills

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7 Mistakes That Kill Your Blog Writing Skills

Are you struggling to reap the benefits from your blog? Chances are that you are making some simple blog writing mistakes that are undermining your writing skills.

Writing is an art form that not everyone is gifted in, and this skill can be tough to develop.

However, it can be further developed through continuous practice. For you to make your work attractive and impress your readers, you must endeavor to avoid simple writing mistakes.

Making mistakes while creating your content can damage your reputation, thus affecting your writing skills and self-confidence.

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Mistakes that are Killing Your Blog Writing Skills

While your blog can withstand some mistakes and survive, it might be severely affected by others.

The following are seven mistakes that we as bloggers make that can kill our blog writing skills for good.

This article targets every blogger, whether a rookie or an experienced one since we are all human and are prone to making mistakes.

1. Not Using Simple English When Writing

This is one of the biggest mistakes bloggers make while creating content for their blogs. Some bloggers end up not using plain and simple English when writing. They tend to use different languages or even very difficult words.

This will make readers stop reading and start pondering on the meaning of your complicated words, thus consuming more time.

Eventually, they will lose interest in reading your content, and move on.

It is, therefore, advisable that you avoid using excess words in your sentences and use simple words instead of long, complicated ones. This will, in turn, make your readers enjoy reading your content.

2. Plagiarism

This mistake can easily destroy your reputation as a blogger and also your writing skills.

Copying and pasting someone else’s ideas seems like a simple and effortless task.

However, it will be of no assistance to your readers and also to you as a blogger. It will hinder your thinking and writing skills. Your integrity will eventually be ruined.

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3. Selecting a Broad Topic

Another mistake made by bloggers is choosing a broad topic when writing an article. There are various topics, for example, best business practices, that are too broad to write about as they have a lot of material which at times becomes hard to describe in a limited set-up.

Furthermore, specific topics are likely to catch the attention of a smaller audience. Only a small number of people will be interested in that topic. It is, therefore, prudent to choose general topics that will cater to all readers.

4. The Duplication of Sentences

This is another common mistake that can damage your writing career.

When writing content for our blogs, we often write what comes to our mind at that very time. However, this may lead to duplication of sentences because we mostly come up with similar ideas.

Eventually, the blog will become boring and unexciting in the eyes of our avid readers. It is thus crucial to go through what you have come up with to get rid of those mistakes.

5. Inconsistency

When you embark on blogging, you’re psyched up. However, if you don’t take care, your passion and interest in writing will begin to diminish. This will lead to you not creating content on a regular basis.

In the world of blogging, consistency is important. It’s the most important element. Consistency develops good relations and dependability between you and your readers.

When a visitor visits your site and doesn’t find any updated content, they will lose interest and may choose to not visit again. Your fan base will begin to reduce.

As a blogger, you should have a publication schedule that you should stick to (consistently). Even if you can’t create content every day, you can decide on a few days of the week, say 3 – 4 days.

This will enable your readers to stay in touch with you on a regular basis. Your productivity will eventually be boosted as a result of consistent writing.

Moreover, not only will your audience lose interest in your content, but you may lose your search engine ranking also. Search engines are usually biased towards new content and grade it higher than ‘stale’ content. Therefore, frequent publications will enable your content to be at the top of search engine results.

6. Not Understanding Your Audience

This is another crucial mistake that most bloggers make while coming up with their content. You have to clearly understand the requirements of the people for whom you are writing or else your blog will not be useful to them.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that without understanding your target audience, you won’t be able to provide the right content for them, thus disappointing them.

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7. Failure To Come Up With A Captivating Headline

The issue of not coming up with a compelling title for your content is another huge mistake as you will have failed to engage your audience effectively.

The heading of your content is a very important piece, and readers will be attracted to your post if it has an attractive title.

The more attractive and captivating your headline is, the more eager your readers will be to continue reading your post.

It does not matter on what field you are concentrating. All that matters is writing worthy content for your readers.

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In summary, the above are just but some of the blog writing mistakes that can kill a blogger’s writing skills. Other mistakes may include the use of excess adjectives and adverbs, lack of knowledge, and lack of a clear goal.

Have you made any of these mistakes while creating content for your blog? If so, you should strive to improve on these mistakes in order to thrive when it comes to blogging.

We can only become successful bloggers if we are quick to learn from our mistakes.

In addition to the above, if you have any problem relating to blog speech, you can get help in writing blog speech from various sources online or from other bloggers who are experienced in this type of writing.

All the best with your blog!

NOW It’s YOUR Turn… What blog writing mistakes have you made – and what have you done to avoid them in future writings? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!
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