Think Twice Before You Click | An Advocacy Towards Responsible Use of Social Media

by | Last Updated on September 26th, 2020

Think Twice Before You Click | An Advocacy Towards Responsible Use of  Social Media


Generation of Millennial’s – Synonymous with the Use of Social Media

Gone were the days where everything requires manual labor and the painstaking waiting game to obtain the information or results that we desire. Everything is literally one click away now.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, just to name a few, are some of the most popular social media platforms that we use on a daily basis to channel our daily activities, whether it is as eventful as announcing your engagement or as mundane as venting out your frustrations over a slow internet connection.

Lo and behold, social media has indeed colonized our daily lives in so many ways possible.

The use of social media has evolved rapidly within a short period of time and along with its evolution comes a different purpose to its users.

What started out as simple outlet of sharing pictures and videos online have become a vicious tool of spreading misleading information, malicious hearsays, sexually provocative videos and of course cyber bullying that accounted for numerous damaged reputations of different people and even brands.

Suddenly, everyone is vulnerable. We become our own perpetrators and victims without consciously realizing it.

The gravity of words that we share online can either bring us popularity and approval or plague us with hatred and bashers. Responsible use of social media has unfortunately gone astray. It’s a stigma that we need to halt.

Proper Communication

Proper Communication


While social media is popular choice nowadays to rant our frustrations to, it’s wise if you avert from impulsively posting harsh words when you’re angrý. Stay away from online dramas and deal with your frustrations instead by talking to actual people who can really give you a sincere counsel. Your family, for starters.

Don’t Be a Gossip-Monger

Don’t Be a Gossip-Monger


Another thing that you should never do is to spread rumors. If your intention is to harass or bully someone that you dislike, then you better think twice about it. Get your acts together. Know it that you will reap what you sow, so better be an ambassador of goodwill.

Choose Your Battles

Do not patronize public feuds. Public display of abomination is not worth your time, it’s very pointless and unscholarly.

It is for people who have nothing to do with their time and people recklessly looking for a fight. Choose your battles and choose them well.

Less is More

Last but not the least, do not post or share nude or sexually provocative photos! Unless you dream of becoming stripper or a porn star, then maybe that’s your thing. Keep your private photos and videos to yourself.

Self-respect is something we owe to ourselves. Your idea of sexy should be less is more, the less you reveal, the more people will wonder.


Regardless of what platform you use, it is very important that we take responsibility on what we share on public. Privacy Settings aren’t made without purpose, utilize them properly. If you are really fond of using social media, then keep it fun, interesting, and smart.

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