Learn Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers – Trade-Secrets of the Pros Revealed!

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Learn Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers - Trade-Secrets Revealed!
There are many ways to use your blog to make money online, from selling ad space to running PPC ads programs (i.e. Adsense).

Affiliate marketing however is the most profitable monetization method you can use on your blog.

With affiliate marketing you can sell more than one affiliate product and earn commissions that you set (by your selection of the product).

You also get more control on how you promote your affiliate products by writing a converting product reviews.

As a blogger you shouldn’t be more concerned about selling your affiliate products (at least not in the early stages of your blog).

You should focus on writing quality blog posts that solve niche problems.

In this article I will show you how to turn your blog into money making machine using affiliate marketing and what to do and which mistakes to avoid.

Building a Solid Content Plan for Your Blog

Information rich blogs tend to have more success with affiliate marketing.

This is a direct result of the high trust level which is being formed between the blog owner and the visitors coming to the blog.

The more content you add on your blog, the more people will be reading.

After people read top quality posts, they start to trust the author (you) and they get a sense of how knowledgeable you are.

This is what helps you sell more affiliate products, trust!

Another benefit of writing content is that you get to drive many search engine traffic, sometimes even without doing any SEO.

Google has became more sophisticated nowadays that it can rank new blog posts on page #1, even above more established websites.

This is because Google is always on the lookout for content that are deep enough and provide the searches with something informative to read.

However, a common problem among bloggers is that ability to find writing ideas for new blog posts.

You need to keep in mind that your content should be relevant to your niche and provides actual solutions for sought-after problems.

For that we are going to use Google to find out what are the problems that people search for.

You then try to present a solution for this problem in a comprehensive blog post.

Head over to Google and search for “YourNiche a”, you can also replace “a” with “b or c or d…etc”:

Use Google to find out what are the problems that people search for

You will be returned with many problems in your niche, as Google returns the most searched and written about topics.

Find Affiliate Products with High Affiliate Commissions

The products you promote and endorse on your affiliate blog will reflect greatly on your reputation.

Since your reputation is all you have got as an affiliate marketer, you need to make sure that whatever affiliate product you recommend to your readers is of top quality.

When you recommend a quality product on your blog, your readers will trust any further recommendations and this leads to more affiliate sales on the long and the short run.

Don’t make high priced and high commission products tempt you to promote them without first doing your research to find out if they are high quality or not.
High quality products tend to share these characteristics:

  1. They have high quality customers and technical support
  2. There are many positive testimonials and reviews on them (a reflection of good customers reception)
  3. They offer good and reliable affiliate support (including providing tools to assist affiliates in selling the product)
  4. They have low refund rates

But how you can find profitable and quality affiliate products to promote?

Well, using Google you will be able to search for affiliate programs in your niche.

Remember, you need the products to be relevant to your blog’s niche, this way your visitors will find your affiliate products helpful and relevant to them.

9 Strategies to Monetize Your Blog – Affiliate Marketing

Search Google for “Niche site:.com/affiliates”

Search Google for "Niche site:.com/Affiliates"

From this search Google will return you a list of affiliate programs for various products in your niche.

Each affiliate program page will offer you instructions on how to join and promote the product along with some tools to help you do so.

You then can enter the brand name of your desired affiliate product and find out what people are saying about it.

Promote Your Blog and Build Your Online Reputation

For your affiliate blog to be successful and generate many affiliate sales, you need to build its online reputation along with yours as well.

To do that you need to start commenting on other blogs in your niche and leave a very insightful comment which shows people that you are an expert.

These comments can drive traffic to your blog (since you will be leaving a link to your blog).

Start by finding blogs in your niche, which you can do using Google.

Search for [YourNiche “0 comments”]:

Start by finding blogs in your niche

This returns a list of blog posts for any topic you want.

You could also use Social media websites to gain more exposure in your niche.

For example, if you are going to use Twitter to promote your own blog posts, then posting a tweet every 2 hours (containing your blog post link) will drive you more readers to your blog post.

Same goes for Facebook where you can create a Facebook page for your blog and share your new articles in there.

Another way to promote your blog is by using video marketing (i.e. YouTube).

A great affiliate marketing strategy to apply on YouTube is to create a video that solves a certain problem in your niche.

The problems need to be complicated so it can attract many views.

People who then search for this problem will find your video and start watching it.

And the best thing about YouTube is that you can leave your affiliate link in the video description and tell viewers at the end of your video to check out the link in the description (your call to action).

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Conclusion – Trade Secrets of Affiliate Marketing

A lot of people ignore their blogs because of lack of time, but if you plan what you need to do for the next 3 month you won’t have this problem.

Affiliate marketing itself is a long marathon and it is ok if it takes you some months to see the first sale.

Trying to learn more about affiliate marketing? Affset.com is offering a comprehensive course, so you can progress and achieve success faster in your online business.

Information Courtesy of Ibrahim Dahy of Affset.com

NOW It’s YOUR Turn… Do you make an income with your blog? What is your Go-To method for making money online? Share Your Thoughts Below!


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