Are you struggling to stay ahead of the competition with your search engine optimization efforts?

If you’re looking to take your SEO strategy to the next level, then it’s time to explore artificial intelligence (AI) powered software.

With so many new and upcoming AI SEO tools, how do you make an educated decision about what will help with your particular needs?

2024's Best AI SEO Tools: The Ultimate Guide to Better Rankings

In this blog post, we’ll reveal our list of the top 7 AI SEO tools on the market so that you can make a more informed decision when it comes to optimizing your website and improving your search engine rankings.

Let’s get started!

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BEST AI SEO Tools to Improve Your SEO Rankings

With the help of these top AI SEO tools, you can optimize your content creation and form a sound SEO strategy.

You can also boost your page rankings in search engine results, draw more attention to your website, increase sales figures, and generate more leads.

To make your content optimization process simpler and more efficient, take advantage of any of these BEST AI SEO software tools to help boost the visibility of your blog posts on search engines and optimize website material.

Let’s Start with My #1 Choice – and the One I Use and Recommend!

1. SurferSEO

Surfer SEO is an AI SEO tool that will help optimize your content for better Google search engine rankings.

Surfer SEO Tool

To improve your SEO, all you have to do is enter some basic information about your website and target keywords into Surfer SEO.

It will scan the competition and then offer up ways for you to outrank them!

The Surfer SEO app can help you stay on top of your progress so that you never lose sight of your goals.

Instantly assess the ranking potential of your content with a 1-100 scoring system, where higher numbers indicate that you are more likely to outrank competitors’ websites.

The site audit function of this platform can help you to identify and fix any SEO-related issues that may be slowing your success, whether on individual pages or across the entire website.

By using the suggestions, you’ll be able to drastically increase the visibility of your website.

Surfer SEO & Jasper AI Work Together

If you’re considering Surfer SEO to add to your blogging tool arsenal for SEO, but are still on the lookout for the BEST AI writer to help you auto-generate blog content, then look no further than the Jasper AI writer.

Why am I recommending Jasper AI?

Because it’s the most robust and accurate AI writer that integrates with Surfer SEO to make it an unbeatable combination of the BEST AI content generator and the BEST on-page SEO tool ever created.

Not only does Surfer SEO harness the power of a sophisticated built-in AI content optimization system, but it also provides effective strategies to maximize your website’s visibility.

SurferSEO is the leading AI SEO software that furnishes you with proposed keywords and keyword phrases to implement in your post, as well as an ideal word count, along with so much more!

As an added bonus – each week, the built-in Surfer SEO GrowFlow tool will give you fresh recommendations to update your current content giving it a boost in the search engines!

For MORE detailed information about Surfer SEO, please visit my Surfer SEO reviews, post.

Surfer SEO Explained in 3 Minutes…

Surfer SEO has a wide range of tools to use, including:

  1. Surfer’s Content Editor Tool
  2. Surfer’s SERP Analyzer Tool (Add-On)
  3. The Surfer SEO’s Keyword Research Tool
  4. Surfers SEO Audit Tool (Add-On)

Visit the following link for the ADD-Ons breakdown.

Surfer SEO Key Features

  • Create an outline for an article quickly, and ensure that the content you’re writing will rank well.
  • Improve your SEO strategy by studying your competitors and finding ways to outperform them.
  • Surfer SEO can help improve search engine optimization by providing content suggestions through its artificial intelligence tool. This tool will identify the most relevant topics and keywords for you to target.
  • Improve your niche dominance by conducting a comprehensive website audit (Add-On) to identify and address any frequent SEO problems.
  • To keep your content in check, use the Surfer SEO app to monitor your progress and guarantee that you’re progressing towards your objectives.
  • As of May 23rd, 2023, Surfer SEO released their AI writing tool, follow the link to learn more.

Surfer SEO Pricing

Surfer SEO Plans & Pricing Table

Choose the plan that works best for your business, and create and optimize content faster than ever before!

Essential Plan

Best for individuals and small teams

The Essential plan starts at $89/month or $69/month – $828 billed annually ($240 savings)

The Essential plan includes:

  • 15 Content Editor credits/monthly (180 annually)
  • $5 per each additional content editor credit
  • Keyword Research 100/day
  • 2 Organization Seats (users outside of owner account)

ALL Features Included:

  • Integration w/Jasper & WriteSonic
  • Sharable article (access for external writers without login)
  • Plagiarism checker (plagiarism checks within the Content Editor)
  • Terms Assistant (AI generated suggestions to insert keywords into existing content)
  • Google Docs integration
  • WordPress integration

Advanced Plan

Best for experts and mid-sized teams

The Business plan starts at $179/month or $149/month – $1788 billed annually ($360 savings)

The Advanced plan includes:

  • 45 Content Editor credits/monthly (540 annually)
  • $3 per each additional content editor credit
  • Keyword Research 100/day
  • 5 Organization Seats (users outside of owner account)

ALL Features Included as Listed in the Essential Plan above!

MAX Plan

Best for For agencies and big teams

The MAX plan starts at $299/month or $249/month – $2988 billed annually ($600 savings)

The Advanced plan includes:

  • 90 Content Editor credits/monthly (1080 annually)
  • $3 per each additional content editor credit
  • Keyword Research 100/day
  • 10 Organization Seats (users outside of owner account)

ALL Features Included as Listed in the Essential Plan above!

ALL Add-Ons included (visit the link to see the Add-Ons & Price Comparison table)

If you’re looking for a customized plan for your Enterprise Business, contact their team to help get you set up with a quote that will fit your business needs.

For MORE detailed information about Surfer SEO, visit my Surfer SEO review.


2. RankIQ

With RankIQ, you can leverage the power of SEO to create content and blog posts that will provide your website with top rankings on Google’s first page.

RankIQ AI SEO Tool

This innovative AI-driven SEO tool was designed with bloggers in mind to create optimized blog posts for search engines.

RankIQ helps you optimize your blog posts using its advice for which keywords to include in titles and posts.

Leveraging a carefully curated library of both low-competition and high-traffic keywords, you can get your blog posts ranked rapidly.

Utilizing this SEO strategy ensures that your content can quickly climb to the top page of any search engine.

With the help of AI content reports, you can easily detect which topics are trending and should be covered in your writing.

If you want to skyrocket your rankings, re-examining and improving your content that isn’t performing well is an excellent way to increase your traffic.

RankIQ can help you improve an underperforming blog post in just 30 minutes or less.

RankIQ Key Features

  • Take the hassle out of creating blog post outlines by quickly generating them in a matter of minutes.
  • Create SEO-optimized titles within 90 seconds using their title grader tool, which gives a visual display of the words and modifiers that Google likes the most from top-ranking articles.
  • Optimize underperforming blog posts in 30 minutes or less to increase traffic, getting more out of the content you’ve already published.
  • With RankIQ, you never need to stress over keyboard research again; it will take care of the hard work for you.

RankIQ Pricing Plans

RankIQ Pricing Plans

There’s one plan that includes all the bells and whistles, and it’s $49/per month

RankIQ includes:

  • 16 SEO Content Briefs
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Top keywords by niche
Would you like more details about RankIQ? Visit our RankIQ review post!


3. Frase.IO

If you’re looking for an AI-powered SEO tool that will take your content creation and optimization game up a notch, then is one of the best solutions available. SEO Tool

Powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence technology, Frase provides an easy-to-use intuitive interface that allows users to quickly create powerful optimized content in no time!

Frase is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to research, craft, and optimize content that will dominate Google’s rankings in no time.

Instead of taking hours, it requires mere minutes to achieve results with Frase!

From articles and listicles to blog introductions, content briefs, and more – Frase offers a multitude of ready-made templates and tools to make your life easier!

This tool will scan blogs that have similar content to your own in order to boost your SEO and help you stand out from the competition!

Take the hassle out of composing high-impact, SEO-friendly content with just one click! Key Features

Put an end to writer’s block and generate outlines, blog openers, product descriptions, FAQs – or any other type of copy you need quickly. can:

  • Take your writing to the next level by clicking “Write for Me” – it’ll autocomplete sentences and even write entire, brand-new paragraphs!
  • Help you with its AI templates which produce consistent and high-quality results such as blog introductions, copywriting formulas with a higher conversion rate, FAQs, titles, and more!
  • Instantly upgrade your writing’s caliber with automated passage rewording and paraphrasing!
  • Instantly create comprehensive, optimized content briefs in mere moments.
  • Quickly and easily gain insight into your SEO competitors’ primary keywords, headlines, and ideas with a single comprehensive analysis panel.
  • Streamline your workflow and maximize productivity by creating and storing custom brief templates.

Frase Pricing Plans

Frase SEO Tool Pricing Plans

The Solo plan is $14.99/month or $12.66/month, billed annually.

For blog projects that average 1 article per week.

  • 1 User Seat
  • Write + Optimize 4 Articles/per month
  • Generate 4,000 AI Words/per month

The Basic plan is $44.99/month or $38.25/month, billed annually.

For businesses with a content plan and SEO goals.

  • 1 User Seat
  • Write + Optimize 30 Articles/per month
  • Generate 4,000 AI Words/per month

The Team plan is $144.99/month or $97.75/month, billed annually.

For teams that need flexibility and collaboration.

  • 3 User Seats ($25/mo per extra)
  • Write+ Optimize Unlimited Articles
  • Generate 4,000 AI Words/per month

Try for just $1 and discover why they guarantee your satisfaction!

4. Outranking.IO is an AI-powered content optimization tool that can help users make the most out of their SEO content performance. AI SEO Tool

The tool offers advanced artificial intelligence technologies to generate powerful optimized content quickly, allowing users to maximize their productivity in no time.

Outranking enables you to utilize multiple data sources in order to optimize your content for higher search engine rankings.’s content generation tool leverages advanced GPT-3 AI technology to produce SEO-optimized copy that is tailored to the tone of your brand.

Harnessing cutting-edge artificial intelligence, this incredible software can handle a variety of tasks and create more personalized content quickly and efficiently.

With its scoring SEO tool, you can easily find out how optimized your article is for certain keywords, which makes it easier than ever before to conduct thorough keyword research. offers more than 40 on-page SEO optimization strategies that will ensure your content stands out in the digital noise and outrank your competition.

Furthermore, enables you to quickly and efficiently plan, research, optimize, and publish your content in mere minutes. Key Features

  • Outline builder uses Natural Language Processing to craft perfect copy outlines for your project
  • Improve the quality of your work with a content auditing tool that helps you critically evaluate whether what you’re providing is actually engaging and valuable for your readers
  • FAQ generator to answer your customers’ frequently asked questions quickly and accurately
  • Repurpose your copy with ease using our content repurposing tool and expand its potential by converting it into a variety of different formats
  • Maximize your search engine optimization with their AI-powered featured snippet definition generator
  • With SERP Data, you can get a comprehensive analysis of how your copy is performing in search engine rankings
  • Optimize your website’s performance and improve its ranking with its SEO scoring system. Pricing Plans Pricing Plans

The Starter plan

The Starter plan is $7/first month $49/starting the next month or $40.83/month – $490, billed annually (save $56).

  • One domain
  • Write + Optimize 4 Articles
  • 300k AI characters
  • First Draft
  • Researched writing
  • Prompt Writing

The Solo plan

The Solo plan is $79/month or $65.83/month – $790 billed annually (save $158).

  • One domain
  • Write + Optimize 10 Articles
  • Unlimited AI
  • First Draft
  • Researched writing
  • Prompt Writing

The Pro plan

The Pro plan is $149/month or $124.16/month – $1490 billed annually (save $298).

  • Multiple domains
  • Write + Optimize 20 Articles
  • Unlimited AI
  • First Draft
  • Researched writing
  • 1 Team Member
  • Prompt Writing

The Company plan

The Company plan is $219/month or $182.50/month – $2190 billed annually (save $438).

  • Multiple domains
  • Write + Optimize 30 Articles Monthly
  • Unlimited AI
  • First Draft
  • Researched writing
  • 2 Team Members
  • Prompt Writing

5. WriterZen

WriterZen is your go-to resource when it comes to optimizing your content for ranking – from locating the perfect topic, researching keywords with AI technology, avoiding plagiarism pitfalls, and creating flawless copy.

WriterZen AI SEO Tool

If you are like me, not an SEO expert, WriterZen is going to help you by gathering billions of keywords directly from Google Keywords and the Google Suggest database for you to choose from.

By doing this, you can guarantee that the words chosen have already been heavily searched online and are sure to draw attention.

In addition to the statistical insights, WriterZen will also display the leading twenty competitor posts so that you can determine what elements should be included in your content giving you a leg up to surpass them.

WriterZen Key Features

  • Pre-designed templates that make content creation simpler than ever (over 60 templates)
  • Real-time plagiarism checker to keep you from being penalized by Google
  • A topic discovery tool that will help you uncover new topics and ideas
  • Research and create articles using OpenAI’s GPT3-powered AI writing assistant
  • Extract keywords from ranking competitors that have high content relevance, and low search difficulty, that will help you drive traffic
  • Utilize insights from Google Search and Social Media to give users informative answers to their most important questions

WriterZen’s keyword explorer is unparalleled in the comprehensive data and insights it provides, enabling you to effortlessly group related topics together.

Crafting excellent material with the available templates is a breeze when working on larger projects!

WriterZen Pricing

WriterZen AI SEO Tool Pricing Table

The Basic plan is $39/month or $27/month – $324 billed annually (save $144).

The Standard plan is $59/month or $41/month – $492 billed annually (save $216).

The Advanced plan is $99/month or $69/month – $828 billed annually (save $360).

Too many pricing details to list here! For more information, visit: The WriterZen pricing page

6. Alli AI

Alli AI is an innovative AI SEO platform that empowers companies to take their digital marketing strategies in-house and save money on agency fees.

Alli AI SEO Tool

With the help of this tool, businesses can bid farewell to costly agencies and regain control over their online presence.

How Alli AI Works

Step 1. Add Alli’s HTML snippet – Simply add the HTML snippet, and depending on which plan you select, it will scan your page daily or weekly for any potential changes.

After completing its analysis, it will provide a comprehensive report of suggestions to improve the performance of your site.

Step 2. Review Alli’s SEO code & content recommendations – With a few clicks from the dashboard, you can edit, approve or reject any automated recommendations.

Step 3. One-click optimization approval – With a single click, you can effortlessly deploy hundreds of thousands, up to tens of millions, of on-page optimization codes using the Alli AI dashboard.

Not only is Alli AI compatible with some of the most popular blogging and eCommerce platforms, such as WordPress and Shopify but it can also be integrated into any other CMS web technologies.

Alli AI SEO Tool Features

Alli AI Key Features

  • Bulk On-Page Optimization – Designed to seamlessly integrate into any content management system or platform, and it can optimize the code of multiple web pages in bulk.
  • In-Browser Content Editor – Instantly improve and enhance your page content directly from your browser with the Alli AI Live Editor Chrome Extension.
  • Real-time SEO Deployment – By simply pressing the deploy button, you can instantly publish any updates and have them live in just a few moments.
  • Automated SEO A/B testing – Utilize Artificial Intelligence to automatically craft targeted, keyword-rich titles that adjust and optimize according to algorithmic updates and rankings shifts to maximize every page’s traffic potential.
  • Site-Speed Optimizer – Coming soon!

Alli AI Pricing

Alli AI SEO Tool Pricing

Pricing: This service starts at a mere $249 per month, which is a huge saving when compared to hiring an SEO agency.

And, whether you have a big or small business, you can try Alli AI out FREE for 10 days!

The Consultant plan – for consultants, startups, and small teams

The Consultant plan is $249/per month

The Consultant Plan Includes:

  • Up to 10 Sites
  • Up to 10 Team Members
  • Up to 1,000 Keywords 
  • 2,500 Pages 
  • 5,000 Rankings Updates included, then $0.0025 per update
  • 15,000 Page Crawls included, then $0.005 per crawl
  • Weekly crawl interval

The Agency plan – for agencies, e-comm stores, and other businesses

The Agency plan is $499/per month

The Agency Plan Includes:

  • Up to 25 Sites
  • Up to 25 Team Members
  • 2,500 Keywords 
  • 7,500 Pages 
  • 12,500 Rankings Updates included, then $0.00225 per update
  • 45,000 Page Crawls included, then $0.004 per crawl
  • API Access
  • Daily Crawl Interval

The Enterprise plan – For corporations, agencies, online retailers, tech hubs, etc

The Enterprise plan is $999/per month

The Enterprise Plan Includes:

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • 10,000 Keywords 
  • 25,000 Pages 
  • 50,000 Rankings Updates included, then $0.0018 per update
  • 150,000 Page Crawls included, then $0.003 per crawl
  • API Access
  • Hourly Crawl Interval

* Receive all the help you need with US-based phone, email, and ticket support provided in all plans.

For big companies or e-commerce sites that require website corrections as part of their technical SEO plan, Alli is the perfect solution.

Hopefully, Alli AI will soon come out with a version designed for the single site owner that could use SEO improvement.

7. ScaleNut

Scalenut is an SEO tool that uses AI to assist writers in producing higher-quality content at a faster pace.

ScaleNut AI SEO Tool

Scalenut AI can offer suggestions on how to improve your articles by comprehending their context through the utilization of natural language processing and machine learning.

By spending less time editing, you’ll have more time to create high-quality content.

The platform utilizes artificial intelligence to provide copywriting solutions. You can either write articles from scratch or optimize existing ones for improved rankings.

Their AI platform offers more than 40 templates that can help you create content for various purposes such as websites, social media posts, advertising, blogs, and video descriptions.

With the help of AIDA, a powerful marketing framework, you can easily generate compelling content for your business.

With Scalenut, you can use Semrush Keyword Researcher and Cluster Booster for free.

These tools will assist you in discovering optimal keywords and devising a better content strategy.

ScaleNut Key Features

  • Keyword Research – ScaleNut AI automates keyword research for topic clusters by analyzing metrics such as search volume, relevance, and CPC. It organizes search terms into groups for each content piece you create.
  • Topical Research – Prepare content, and analyze customer intent and website statistics to create effective and SEO-friendly content briefs. This will remove uncertainty and provide clear direction.
  • Create Content – Create Human-Like Blog Posts efficiently and improve your SEO skills with its guided writing workflow, using AI-powered recommendations to elevate the quality of your content and improve its search engine ranking.
  • Live Editor – Use AI-guided recommendations to improve your content based on your topic ideas. Get suggestions on optimizing your articles for search engine ranking through NLP analysis and keyword usage recommendations.
  • Optimize Content – Optimize your content for search engines, and compile a comprehensive list of words that are semantically related to your target keyword. Ensure to include these words in your content.
  • AI Copywriting – This feature enables you to use AI-generated copywriting templates to create content quickly. This will save time, energy, and resources and help you create content more efficiently.
  • Chrome Extension – Use Scalenut’s AI tool to write your social media posts while you’re browsing the web or scrolling through social media.
  • Cruise Mode – Create titles to hook readers, autogenerate a SERP outline, add writing points based on statistics, create the first draft of the blog post, export it to the text editor comparing it to the Content Grader, then publish when ready.
  • Topic Clusters – You can use Scalenut to identify the keyword pillars to serve as the foundation of your SEO content strategy and the AI writing tool to craft each piece carefully.

ScaleNut Pricing

ScaleNut AI SEO Tool Pricing

The Essential Plan – For individual content creators and consultants

The Essential plan starts from $39/month or $23/month – $281 billed yearly (40% off – save $187).

The Essential plan includes:

  • 100,000 AI Words
  • Create SEO Articles (5 Articles/mo)
  • 40+ AI Templates
  • SERP Analysis
  • NLP Key Terms
  • SEO Editor (Better than Google Docs for SEO)
  • Editor designed to create SEO content
  • Document Sharing
  • Chrome Extension
  • Email Support
  • Live Chat Support

The Growth Plan – For startups and growing businesses

The Growth plan starts from $79/month or $47/month – $569 billed yearly (40% off – save $379).

Includes everything in the Essential plan plus:

  • Unlimited AI Words*
  • Create SEO Articles (30 Articles/mo)
  • Build Keyword Clusters (30 Clusters/mo)
  • Audit & Optimize Pages (30 Pages/mo)
  • 1-click WordPress Publish
  • Integrations

The Pro Plan – For large teams, businesses, and agencies

The Growth plan starts from $149/month or $89/month – $1072 billed yearly (40% off – save $716).

Includes everything in the Growth plan plus:

  • Unlimited AI Words*
  • Create SEO Articles (150 Articles/mo)
  • Build Keyword Clusters (75 Clusters/mo)
  • Audit & Optimize Pages (150 Pages/mo)
  • Dedicated CS Manager
  • 1 user; add more @ $49/user

Every ScaleNut Plan Includes:

  • Cruise Mode
  • SEO Score
  • Competitive Research
  • Social Listening
  • Automated Outlines
  • 40+ AI Templates


What do AI SEO tools do?

AI SEO tools use a variety of technologies, such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and predictive analytics, to analyze websites and optimize them for better search engine rankings.

AI SEO software can examine the content on your website and make recommendations about how to improve it.

How can AI SEO Tools improve your search engine rankings?

AI SEO tools improve search engine rankings by scraping the Internet for pages within the top 10 rankings for your seed keyword phrase, find patterns in the data, then make suggestions that can be implemented to your site.

How long does it take to see results from using AI SEO Tools?

The amount of time it takes to see results from using AI SEO tools can vary depending on several factors, including the type and complexity of your website, the size of your digital presence, and how well-optimized your content is.

Generally speaking, you should begin to see positive changes in organic search performance within 1 to 3 months of using AI SEO tools.

With continued use, you can expect further improvements as the algorithms become better at understanding and optimizing content for search engines.


With the advancement of AI tools, SEO has taken a quantum leap ahead.

AI SEO tools like those discussed in this post can help you make more informed decisions about content creation and on-page SEO, saving you time and money.

Follow the link to learn how to use AI SEO software tools to help improve your Google Rankings & gain MORE Traffic!

They also help ensure that your content is optimized for search engine rankings, maximizing visibility and reach.

Ultimately, these powerful tools can help you maximize ROI while streamlining the optimization process.

It’s clear that with the right AI tool, you can make your SEO efforts much more efficient and effective than they ever were before.

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