How to Use Attraction Marketing to Sponsor MORE Reps without the Hard Sell!

by | Last Updated on July 22nd, 2021

How to Use Attraction Marketing to Sponsor MORE Reps without the Hard Sell!

Are you still trying to SELL your product or service with little to no success?

Have you depleted your warm market with the feeling of failure, as if wealth and success have eluded you and taken a different route home?

Don’t feel bad, this type of story is common place for many folks when they first begin their new home-based business.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. And there’s a better way, but you must take a different approach and break FREE from your traditional marketing addiction.

Attraction Marketing Formula to Eliminate the Pushy Sales Approach

Many new distributors are focused on the sale… they need the money, they want the self-gratification that comes with sponsoring a new rep or selling their product. Here’s the problem with selling…

If you “Sell” someone on buying into your small business opportunity, through persuasive tactics, getting them all pumped up emotionally by targeting their “Hot Button,” then yes, you’ll probably recruit some people.

But, once the emotional ecstasy wears off, whether a day or week passes, the new business owner will experience remorse knowing that there’s real work involved, skills to be learned, money to be invested and much more that they didn’t bargain for. Because of this, many people quit and go back to their 9 to 5 daily lives.

There are many that will go on to achieve success using this approach, but selling and sponsoring this way is hard work. It is an uphill battle because you are fighting people with their innate instinct to avoid being sold. They are afraid of being ripped off; afraid of looking silly, failing or making a mistake. The trust factor is just not there.

People are DROWNING in data because of the flood of information and the explosive blast of Internet marketing noise that has invaded our home and our mind.

This has caused the majority of people to build a fortified wall enveloping themselves and their home to hold steadfast the onslaught of scammers that are trying to get their hands into their pockets.

What if… wait for it… what if we could make it their idea to buy from you?

How to Have People Begging to Join Your Opportunity Using Attraction Marketing

Here is the key to Marketing Success in today’s fast-paced, world.

If you want to sell your product to someone or speak to them about your business opportunity, you’ve got to find a way to be invited into their world as a welcomed guest instead of a raving pest.

Now… you have two options when it comes to building your online business.

Option #1 – You can simply play the numbers game that 95% of network marketers do to make a sale which falls under the traditional, old-school prospecting approach.


Option #2 – You can position yourself in a manner that allows interested prospects to find you, and contact you. This is the heart of “Attraction Marketing” which is the foundation of Magnetic Sponsoring and Black Belt Recruiting brought to you by the genius write-ups of Mike Dillard and Mark Weiser.

With Option #1 you are chasing the prospect. In Option #2, the prospect is chasing you which positions you as a leader and expert with value and power, holding all the cards.

Unlike traditional PUSH marketing, you will discover that the attraction marketing system is based on the principle of making it easy for a person that is currently in the market, for your product or service, to find you and purchase from you.

SO… How Do I Do This?

Do you want people to flock to you, knocking your door down to speak to you about your business opportunity or the product you offer? Then, DON’T be like everybody else promoting your opportunity all over the social networks or around every corner of your website.

Offer value-based content that will educate and inspire your readers to want more… offer solutions, be a problem solver.

Brand Yourself

The attraction marketing blueprint involves the branding of yourself as the expert and leader of your niche in the marketing industry… in a nutshell, you want to market YOU.

The number 1 key to getting invited into your prospect’s world is to offer VALUE to your prospect above and beyond your business opportunity.

The best way to increase your value to others is to continually educate yourself. Become an expert at lead generation. Become an expert at marketing. Become an expert at Attraction Marketing.

There is no magic potion here… if you can’t offer value to your readers, then you won’t receive the invite.

If you are struggling with recruiting or sponsoring, it’s because you fall short of offering anything of real real value. Change that!

Having value and expertise to offer is VERY Attractive to people.

The Small Business Attraction Marketing System to Increase the Value of YOU, Inc.

Because the attraction marketing formula is based on the belief that the best product, service or business opportunity is you; the fact of the matter is that this is the cutting-edge style of unequaled marketing for any form of marketing or multi-level marketing business.

The positive impact of attraction marketing will give you the time-freedom to promote your products and attract people to you.

This will also be beneficial to you because people that you attract will not only want to purchase from you, but they will want to join your business opportunity because of the leadership qualities and expertise you have to offer.

No matter how much you rely on the Internet for promoting your business, one simple truth remains… people don’t join a business – they join YOU! You MUST position yourself as a leader, You MUST brand YOU.

Bottom line… if you want to achieve greatness and success with your online business, start selling you. Start attracting people to you by means of putting value first… you MUST over-deliver.

Recruiting MORE Reps With The Attraction Marketing System – Closing Comments

Implementing the attraction marketing formula is not a difficult feat, but it can require a shift in your thinking.

After all, there are a plethora of frustrated bloggers a click away just staring into the abyss, waiting to discover your leadership qualities and your simple, but powerful strategies for increasing the exposure of any online business.

As YOU, Inc., you can use these marketing strategies to your unfair advantage to increase your network of these baffled marketers that are just salivating to connect with you and join your business opportunity.

Show them what they are missing… lead by example, be the person that they want to be; a respected, knowledgeable and successful leader.

To learn more about attraction marketing, you MUST visit the Master himself, Mike Dillard – The creator of Magnetic Sponsoring (attraction marketing).

Magnetic Sponsoring is a breakthrough formula with mind-blowing, time-proven strategies to implement into any business. It will reveal powerful secrets to empower a business owner and let him or her achieve massive success faster and easier than ever before through the application of correct strategies and tactics.

Without a doubt, Magnetic Sponsoring holds the key to the most sophisticated, profitable and effective lead generation system ever devised.

The world will gladly pay you what you expect it to pay you and never a dime more.” ~ Mike Dillard

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What Habits Have YOU Created that Have Allowed Freedom and Success Into Your Life? Share Your Thoughts in the Comments Section Below!


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  1. Nate Leung says:

    Hi John,

    Attraction marketing is such a awesome concept. When I first learned about this years ago, I was totally blown away. Literally!

    I believe that one point or another, everyone who has given Network Marketing a whirl has approached their entire warm market. To learn later that most of them wouldn’t join anyways. After they exhausted their warm market, than what happens next? How do I find people to talk to? Attraction marketing solves most of those problems!

    Great post John!

    • John Engle says:

      Hey Nate,

      Attraction Marketing is most definitely underestimated.

      I have watched Ray Higdon over-deliver through his blog for years, which brings people coming back to his site in groves.

      Presenting yourself as a genuine problem solver and a leader in your niche, giving value with the purpose of paying it forward, brings people to your site by the masses.

      And, even if they don’t open up and ask you what you do right away, they will continue to follow you and eventually show an interest wanting to know more.

      A genuine desire to help others succeed is important in order to be successful in network marketing, and showing this through selfless, over-delivering of value-based content parallels attraction marketing.

      Thank You for stopping by and commenting.

      John Engle

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  3. Chuck Holmes says:

    I’ve been using attraction marketing for 6 years now. It took me a while to figure it out, but now it works very well for me. It takes time to build up your skills and become a person of value, but it’s worth it if you have a long term focus. You could use attraction marketing in any industry and do well.


  4. Sarfaraz Ahmad says:

    Great information about the attraction marketing and it’s really good for who have suffering in network marketing business they are using lot’s of ideas for selling there products and opportunity but this kind of information very use full , who have faced many challenges on there business, and also like this blogs thanks who have written thi information .

  5. article marketing says:

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    here, I am really enjoying by these.

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