5 Requisites for Becoming a Highly Successful Blogger

by | Last Updated on August 31st, 2018

When blogging first got its way into the internet back in the late 1990’s, when a blog was known as a ‘weblog’, it was much easier to make it to the top of the list of successful bloggers. This was of course credited to the fewer number of participants in the blogging industry as the art was new and extremely technical. But for years now, a lot has changed. The web is now congested with every kind of blog, each niche being presented with thousands and thousands of blogs.

It is therefore very clear that you should do your best to discover your very own “x factor” and beat the odds as a blogger in the 20th century. Here are our 5 fundamental requisites for any winning blogger.

1. Consistency

Bloggers who post just when they feel like it will vanish faster than the fog. Everyone in your area of specialization is fighting for the available audience. The secret here is to make sure you’re constantly in the minds of your fans by regularly posting fresh content.

A good adage says “talent will take you to the top, but character will keep you there.” Consistency is one of those characters you must possess to make it in blogging business.

Whether you are tech savvy and passionate about helping people know about their gadgets or a ‘make home better’ mom advocating for side sleeper pillows, you can only go as far as your consistency takes you. Online audiences are very particular with their time. They want to know when they can expect new content. If they bounce once, they’ll look for another source to satisfy their needs – and that might be your end of interacting with them.

2. Generosity 

Though blogging can earn you revenue and become a full-time job, to a larger extent, it calls for givers. Accepting to be a blogger is silently signing to voluntarily offer your time, knowledge and even money to the world, to people you even won’t know and you’ll possibly never meet. That means you give what you possess wholeheartedly.

Jonathan Milligan, owner of bloggingyourpassion.com explains this phenomenon better. His journey of becoming a full-time blogger kicked back in 2009. What has elevated Jonathan so far is the burning passion in helping others lead a happy and fulfilled life by blogging their passion. His tagline for 2017 is helping 1000 newbies become full-time bloggers by the end of the year. More to that, he has built an online university, created numerous courses, held countless webinars, among other activities.

Don’t expect to develop this trait midway – it must be present at the beginning when it’s tough. In fact, in one of his articles, Jonathan says he “had more questions than answers and more confusion than clarity.” But that did not deter him from succeeding – by giving.

3. Great Design and Content Presentation

Brand is king! Your blog design creates the first impression to visitors of what you could offer. It also distinguishes you from other bloggers as it defines your way of expression.

At all costs, avoid using default themes. You will not come across a blog that commands respect built with a free theme. Most bloggers, especially beginners assume they can simply craft something simple because it is cheaper and get away with it. Reputable blogs cost some money and since that’s where you want to be counted, find a seasoned developer to do the job. Better still, if you possess the skills, buy a theme and customize it to suit your and your message.

How you present your content will also tell if you will be one of the successful bloggers. Can your visitors easily maneuver through pages and access the information they are looking for?

For instance, you would love Jeff Goin’s goinswritter.com at first sight. It is one of the best examples of what customization can do. Before you get into the content, the neat and presentable design of the blog compels you to want to interact with it. His choice of colors and font complements it all.

4. Clearly Focused

The main aim of a blog is to help people become better at something, improve their lives, health, knowledge, or economic status. The difference between a blog and a four-walled class is the flexibility if offers to focus solely on one topic. The moment you start being everything to everyone, know for sure you blogging career is hitting a dead end.

Ask yourself, what can you do best and what are you most passionate about? On getting the answer, follow that path. Be known for one particular voice, execute it as accurately as possible and you’ll have a loyal following.

At times, you may choose to do a post on a topic not directly linked to your niche, but you should find a way of relating it to your area of specialization.

Work From Home Happiness is a blog that focuses on encouraging people to work on their own terms. Ashlee Anderson, the author of the blog, chose to help her audience on health matters and penned this article about using a standing Desk. To ensure she is within her command, Ashlee wrote on the health benefits of using a standing desk when working from home. This way, her readers wouldn’t feel misplaced.

5. Personal

A person whose loved one has passed on will find “I understand what you’re going through; I lost my Mom too” more consoling than a thousand beautiful words from a person who has never lost a close person. People more often follow a person for their personality, not necessarily their content. Suppose your focus is on parenthood, why should people choose your information and overlook the other tones out there? Do your own analysis and you’ll find thriving bloggers are those who have chosen to peel off their outer skins to expose their inner selves allowing specific people to identify with them.

Of course, you should not turn your blog into a biography, but at least whatever you are communicating should have bits of your own experience in regard to the topic in question; learn to personalize your content!

No doubt it takes hard work or introspection, observation, evaluation, failure and fresh beginnings to foster these traits, but don’t get discouraged, keep at it. Then purpose to consistently feed your audience, be generous with your information, build a professional platform to present your voice and get focused as you personalize your message. Allowing yourself to grow, it won’t be long before you are counted among the most successful bloggers out there. May the odds be in your favor!

So, have you seen success so far? Any success story is welcomed! What would you advise readers to do?


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  1. Amanda Wilks says:

    I’m always curious to see what sets apart successful professionals from the least successful ones.Is it a certain niche? Is it their effort? Is it motivation? Or is it all of the above in a different dosage?

  2. Hello Amanda, thank you so much for sharing this. Such a great post. So interesting and positive. So many good ideas i could apply and to keep the balance success in the future. Can you tell me your secrets on how you become successful in life?

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