How to Boost Your Self-Confidence in Four Easy Steps

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How to Boost Your Self-Confidence in Four Easy Steps

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Many times people lack confidence even after attaining a reasonable amount of accomplishments in their life. For instance, although highly successful, many great leaders may at one time or another feel a lack of confidence.

In fact, confidence is not a static quality, it is a dynamic attribute of a person.

An individual can feel confident about their communication skills and but may feel less confident while giving an interview.

You may lack confidence due to several reasons. When people start making a negative perception of themselves, their self-confidence and self-esteem gets affected adversely.

The longer the duration of self-doubt, the less confident you will feel.

The good thing is a lack of confidence is simply a state of mind and can be overcome easily with some proactive efforts.

Here are four easy steps to boost your confidence:

Dress Well

Your attire creates a first impression at the workplace or in public. A great first impression will change the attitude of others towards you significantly.

If others respect you and praise you even for your dressing style, it will boost your self-esteem.

Moreover, knowingly or unknowingly, we love to be liked and respected by our friends, colleagues or public as a whole.

Thus, embrace the outfit that suits your industry and social set up.

You might have come across a lot of people who are not dressed well (or wear clothes which challenge the social norms) and still feel quite confident.

Yes, there are people of all sorts, and you can’t attribute confidence level of someone to a single thing.

However, when you are working on building self-esteem, you should do things that change your perception about yourself positively.

Once you have reached a stage when you will feel good about yourself, you can experiment with the attire, looks, hairstyle, etc.

Be a Doer

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Action differentiates successful people from others – write down your strength and weaknesses.

You need to act on important things without any fear and doubt.

Capitalize on your strengths to get rid of flaws. Stop worrying about the outcomes and do things that you fear the most.

For instance, join a networking event and initiate conversation with the strangers and develop a meaningful relationship with them.

Or, work on a project that you would have otherwise refused. You must get rid of all the self-doubts by doing things which are out of your comfort zone or normal routine.

Whatever you think, until you bring you turn your ideas into concrete action, nothing will change in reality. Thus, focus more on work than anything else.

Exercise Self-Control

Self-control is a skill to control our emotions and desires, especially in demanding situations.

All of us have the ability to control our thoughts and emotions to a certain extent.

However, very few people practice it consistently. Many people believe that they have the least self-control.

However, this assumption is wrong. Anyone can learn and improve the self-control provided; they understand the advantages of the same and work on it continuously.

The level of confidence is directly linked with the ability to control one’s thoughts and emotions.

Self-control leads to increased focus, disciplined lifestyle and delayed gratifications. Most of these qualities will boost your self-confidence immediately.

If you want to boost your self-confidence instantly, you should start working on small things such as not checking phone calls or emails while working, giving up the instant gratifications, etc. Fix a schedule for trivial tasks that divert your attention the most.

It could be anything, from random browsing to video games or watching television shows. Stop multitasking and take frequent breaks.

To summarize, you need to think long term but act like there is no tomorrow.

Be Prepared

It is a saying that “Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.” Advance preparation can boost your confidence significantly. The more you will prepare, the better you will feel about your expertise and competency.

Extensive planning and preparation will help you anticipate a situation better and avoid unexpected glitches in life. Life will always have surprises. However, a great deal of preparation can make the surprises more pleasant.

Thus, plan, prepare and perform. And it will open up endless opportunities for you to do well and feel better.


Any self-improvement goal can be accomplished by two key elements – consistency and perseverance. The same principle applies to improving your confidence level. Keep trying consistently and never give.

The self-confidence is a dynamic attribute. So, develop habits and make them as a part of your nature so that you naturally become confident.

Remember that overconfidence is as much dangerous as the lack of confidence. Therefore, it is always better to be humble and assertive take one step at a time to achieve success.


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