5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Focus on Social Media Marketing

by | Last Updated on August 6th, 2021

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Focus on Social Media Marketing

Online marketing has gained so much momentum that it has already shoved out the window traditional means of marketing.

Yes, a number of businesses still invest in print, television and radio advertisements, but we cannot deny the difference in the number of leads generated and converted when compared to results of online efforts such as social media ads (in FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), organic search, paid search, and more.

With online marketing at its peak, social media marketing has become the best form of online marketing strategy.

Social media marketing is definitely making waves as more people are becoming digital every day. Statistics from WeAreSocial Singapore’s Digital in 2016 report showed that for January 2016, 46.23 % of the world’s total population or 3.419 billion people are very active online.

Furthermore, 2.307 billion people are very active social media users. As more people are being present online, social media marketing has become the best weapon for businesses in order to grow and achieve their goals and target sales or leads.

Why Should Businesses Focus on Social Media Marketing?

Here are Five (5) Reasons Why:

1. Social Media Drives Relevant Traffic to Your Website

If you want relevant traffic to come to your website, then social media is king. For so many years, marketers focus in driving traffic to websites were the search engines, but with the advent of social media and everyone going mobile, resources have been spent for more referral traffic to site.

How is it possible? For most businesses, they put direct links to the website in the social media accounts’ profiles, status updates, content posts, etc., thus, social media users can just click on the links and be directed to the website.

Also, with the use of social media, a website’s search engine rank is boosted making the site more visible during the search. Digital marketers need not exhaust all attention to a well-made custom web design and search engine optimization tactics. This is possible as most social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are now indexed by Google.

2. Social Media Improves Your Reach

Social media allows businesses to target a specific market. Businesses need to establish a link with the right prospects and leads in order to achieve marketing goals quickly. Solely relying on the website will only give a business tens of quality leads from hundreds of traffic. With social media, you can easily target those who you think will be interested with your service or product.

Furthermore, active marketing on social media accounts will result to numerous shares, likes, and comments to your content, thus, making them more visible in the news feed. As your content becomes viral, its reach becomes wider as well.

3. Social Media Helps You with Branding Awareness

Building on your social profile actually helps establish your brand. Brand awareness is very essential for every business. Through social media, you can build your following by showing the entire social media community about who you are as a brand.

Marketers should allocate resources to coming up with a personality online. Successful marketing strategies for brand awareness in social media usually involve showing the public what the business is inside and out, how they take care and interact with customers and how unique the brand is.

With social media, you can strengthen your brand and reinforce a positive image for your business to those who are interested with the type of service or product you have.

4. Social Media Helps You Better Your Search Engine Optimization

Social media marketing has become significant to search engine optimization strategies. As more social networking sites are being indexed by Google, the more social profiles you build the better your ranking is on search.

Social networking sites have become search engines themselves as well. Take for example Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – you have the ability to search relevant keywords in these social networking sites. With the updates in social media, businesses have to improve their social presence right away and let social accounts dominate the search engine results.

5. Social Media Helps You with Customer Engagement

There is minimal interaction in company websites. Furthermore, if there is any form of interaction in company websites, they are restricted. With social media, it is easier to communicate you’re your customers 24/7. Engaging with customers boosts your brand through more following, likes and shares. Customer engagement is one way of building your social media presence.

When a customer posts how much she liked your service and tags you, it is now easier to relay your thanks. Keep track of all interactions your customers do with your social media accounts and make sure you show them that you are reading every single thing they say about your brand.

Social networking sites are here to stay and social media users are growing by hundreds of thousands each day. For businesses to thrive in this purely online world, then it is about time to start making a social media presence and if you already have one, make tremendous efforts in boosting it. Invest on a social media marketing plan today and prevent your business from going down the drain.

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NOW It’s YOUR Turn… What Social Media Marketing Reasons Can You Give that Have Created Success for Your Business? Share Your Thoughts in the Comments Below!


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  1. When you also advertise on TV or radio, it could cost you a lot of money. I, for myself, do not watch TV or listen to the radio anymore. I’d rather grab my smartphone and do Facebook or Twitter.

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    It would be prehistoric without using social media

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      That it has Riya… with social media and ease of sending information via the Internet, traditional marketing has taken a back seat for getting the word out.

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