8 Best Types of Content to Boost Your Blog Traffic

by | Last Updated on August 6th, 2021

Every marketer knows that the blog is the foundation of a great digital marketing strategy.

A blog is supposed to be the oasis of great ideas, useful information, and the best content for the target audience. This is why even the smallest businesses invest their money and energy into creating an informative and entertaining blog.

Still, not all content types drive the same amount of traffic. Some content types simply work better than the rest and are a surefire way for you to boost your traffic.

8 Best Types of Content to Boost Your Blog Traffic

So, if you’re looking for blog content ideas to increase your blog traffic, just keep reading.

Here are the 8 best types of content that your blog needs to use.

Let’s break it down together.

1. Lists

When you’re brainstorming ideas for your next blog, you should consider the attention span of your target audience. It’s a known fact that the focus of people reading things online can quickly slip and weaken.

This is why your blog content needs to keep them awake.

Lists are one of the most popular types of content you can use on your blog. It’s because they’re:

  • Dynamic
  • Easy to scan
  • Actionable
  • Easy to digest
  • Practical

Lists keep the readers engaged, interested, and active. They enjoy reading each new entry and discovering something new with each paragraph.

Write about Top 10 best hair products in 2020 or 15 tips on how to learn a foreign language. The options are endless and you can use it for any niche and industry, even as a beginner blogger.

2. Tutorials & How-To Posts

Tutorials & How-To Posts to Boost Your Traffic

If you want to actively engage your readership, gain their trust, and boost your traffic, you need to provide accurate, useful, and applicable information.

People go online to find solutions, answers, and solve doubts. Tutorials and How-To blog posts are perfect for driving traffic.

A tutorials post should:

  • Define the process, issue, or dilemma it will cover
  • Break it down into steps
  • Provide easy-to-apply advice
  • Guide people through the entire process

So, if you’re a business selling garden supplies you could write about “How to Set up Your Own Garden in 8 Easy Steps”.

Tutorials drive massive traffic because they are useful and informative.

3. Interviews

Interviews to Add to Your Traffic Numbers

If you want to drive more traffic to your blog, you need to reach out beyond your capacities. Teaming up with someone renowned from your industry can bring many more readers to your blog.

Therefore, an interview is a great way to boost your traffic.

Find someone whose opinion matters to your readers:

  • An influencer
  • An expert
  • An educated person
  • A specialist

Come up with an interesting interview topic and ask the question your audience wants the answers to.

Also, make sure that you follow all the rules on how to structure an interview. In case you need help with editing or proofreading, check out Write Scout, Grammarly, or Top Essay Writing.

Interviews can drive massive traffic thanks to the combination of hearing from a respected person and learning something new and useful.

4. Infographics

When you’re thinking about boosting your blog traffic, you mustn’t forget about those visual readers. Some people absorb information better when it’s presented visually.

And, infographics are the best way of turning information into a compelling visual.

You should use infographics to visually present:

  • Data
  • Numbers
  • Statistics
  • Research findings

Anything that would otherwise seem dull and monotonous can be transformed into engaging content using infographics. Your readers will get both the useful data and the engaging presentation.

Additional Information About Infographics: 29 Infographic Statistics You Need to Know in 2020

5. News & Trending Topics

Infographics Can Boost Traffic to Your Blog

If you want to boost your traffic, you need to stay relevant. And, to stay relevant you have to follow and cover the latest news and trending topics from your industry.

People who are interested in a certain industry are going to google the latest, hottest, and most trending topics within it. You need to stay on top of the situation, and cover all the news in your blog posts.

That means you need to:

  • Follow all the findings, improvements, and new information
  • Learn about events
  • Read what the industry experts are saying
  • Stay current

Cover the most popular blog topics that are important and you’ll gain new audience members. Give the people the latest information they’re looking for and you’ll boost your blog traffic.

6. Storytelling & Success Stories

Storytelling & Success Stories are the Heart and Soul of a Good Article

Another pro online marketing tip you’ll hear from any experienced marketer is to go ahead and gain trust with your readers. Also, you need to make them create an emotional bond with you and your brand.

This will help you gain more readers and boost your blog traffic.

The best technique for achieving this is by using storytelling.

Storytelling is a technique that combines the experiences of actual people and your brand. You can write about:

  • Ups & downs of a person
  • Someone’s success story
  • Testimony of one of your customers

Anything the people will relate to will work. Give them something to believe in and show that we’re all just humans who share the same emotions, insecurities, and passion.

This will make your brand more realistic and people will want to come back to your blog for more.

7. Video Content

People Love Video Content - Boost Your Traffic Using Video

While your blog is primarily about writing, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use other types of content to enrich it.

Video content is a super-engaging, entertaining, and attention-grabbing content type that will skyrocket your blog traffic and help you get more people on board every day.

Videos are great because they:

  • Provide instant information
  • Are visual
  • Are preferred by visual learners
  • Make it easier to digest the content

Instead of reading, your blog visitors can watch the content and easily receive information. Videos can support all types of blog content:

  • How-To & tutorials
  • Lists
  • Interviews
  • Guides
  • Product reviews
  • Success stories

Use videos to support your content and give it an additional dimension.

8. Long-Form Blog Posts

Finally, there’s one last type of content that deserves a spot on this list.

Long-form blog posts can drive massive traffic to your blog because they offer everything a reader can ask for:

  • Well-researched information
  • Credible resources
  • In-depth explanations
  • Insightful notes
  • 2000+ words

Make sure to include long-form posts in your content creation process. They are shareable and provide all the information in one place. They’ll make you seem more professional and trustworthy which is the key to getting more blog traffic.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, some types of content simply work better than the rest and can help you increase your blog traffic. Using and publishing these content formats on your blog will work wonders for it.

Use the advice provided above and start making improvements on your blog. Use the 8 best types of content we’ve listed and you’ll see the boost in your traffic sooner than you expect.

Now it’s Your Turn… What is your favorite type of blog content? Why do you think it’s more engaging? Let us know in the comments below!


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