Copy AI is a market-leading solution similar to Jasper, boasting a high-quality product and a fantastic team with a large following.

Copy AI’s platform has user-friendly layouts, including dozens of premade templates to make tasks like rewriting content, creating Facebook ads, meta descriptions, YouTube video descriptions, product descriptions, or any other type of copywriting easier.

Copy AI is an AI copywriting tool that has more templates than Jasper does, and many people say it’s simpler to use too.

Copy AI Review 2023 - Is the Writing Software Tool as Good as the Reviews Say?

Not only does offer fantastic tips, advice, and feedback, but the AI writing tool has an amazing online community where you can get the support you need. is an AI blog writer that’s one of the best content writing tools for anyone wanting to improve their writing skills along with removing their writer’s block curse.

Their motto is: Write 10x faster, engage your audience, & never struggle with the blank page again.”

Let’s get started!

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Copy AI Review – Overview

In this review, we’ll be focusing only on and not comparing it to any other AI Writing Tools.

Our only focus is to help bloggers, whether you’re new to blogging or a seasoned blogging veteran, identifying the best blogging tools that will work for you and how to use them effectively is our main focus.

This will be an unbiased review that will help you determine if this tool is right for you.

Check out the video below to see how Copy AI can help you and your business!


Running a Blogging Business

Running a business is difficult enough on its own as it is, but creating content on a consistent basis that will pull in customers and create sales can be even more challenging.

This is why Copy AI was created; to save you time and hassle by automating the content-creation process.

In this review, we’ll explore how this AI writing tool can help you generate better content through its artificial intelligence capabilities.

Copy AI Dashboard

What is Copy AI?

Copy AI is an artificial intelligence tool that not only writes articles for you but this AI writing tool will help you write blog post outlines, bullet points, social media content, landing pages, along with long-form content, and help you with blog ideas quickly and effortlessly.

The Copy AI writing tool employs cutting-edge algorithms to study your writing style and will offer personalized tips for upgrading your content.

Not only does it use AI features to study your target market and keywords, but it also helps you write content that will resonate with your readers and have a better chance of ranking on Google.

Some might even say, it’s the best AI writing tool on the market.

You don’t need any AI content creation or programming experience to use this tool; it’s the perfect tool for anyone who wants to step up their writing skills.

Copy Ai produces high-quality, engaging copy using artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is perfect for businesses, marketers, freelancers, and copywriters who want to save bucket loads of time or improve their writing skills.

More and more big companies are using Copy AI for their content creation and marketing copy.

Artificial intelligence tools like Copy AI are not intended to replace human writers but rather help them with their content creation and increase their productivity.

This AI writing tool can be used to write email marketing content, create ads, sales copy, and even long-form blog posts.

It analyzes your writing style and generates relevant content based on the analysis using the power of machine learning.

Copy AI Key Features

Copy AI Key Features and Copywriting Generators

Copy AI is an excellent tool that offers a number of helpful AI features, including:

Copy AI Key Features:

  • Supports 25+ languages
  • 90+ copywriting tools
  • You can create unlimited projects
  • Priority support
  • Access to the newest features Includes 90+ Templates & Tools:

  • Blog Post Wizard – You can write a blog post draft in 5 minutes by following simple steps.
  • Blogging Tools – Create titles, an Outline, Conclusion paragraphs, Blog Ideas, and Keywords Generator tools.
  • Digital Ad Copy – Write adverting copy for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and general Ads including headlines and descriptions.
  • StartUp Tools – To help you establish your brand, motto, and value proposition.
  • Website Copy – Write a list of powerful and effective tips, including a call-to-action, optimize your landing page, and write creative meta descriptions.
  • Email Writing – Write Welcoming, Confirming, Following Up, Cancelling, and Thanking Emails, plus Effective Email Subject Lines
  • Social Media – There are a total of 16 tools, some of which include a Bullet Point Generator, Hashtag Creator, Video Call to Action Maker, and YouTube Descriptions Intro and Titles, created for social media posts.
  • Additional Tools – Resume Bullet Points, Cover Letters, Birthday Cards. These are only a few examples of what you can create with the 8 Sales Copy tools, 28 Writing tools, and 6 Personal tools for Love Letters.

More Reasons to Consider Copy AI

Weekly Training offers live weekly demos and training on how to use this amazing software.

More Reasons to Consider Copy AI - Live Weekly Demos


The content guide will assist you in writing for a specific type of page, such as a landing page. For instance, if you have never created a landing page before and are starting from scratch, the guided content provided will help walk you through composing everything.

Custom Tone

This exclusive feature lets you connect with your target audience on a more personal level by tailoring the tone and emotion in your content.

Long-Form Editor

Content isn’t just restricted to short blog posts, social media posts, emails, and articles, you can also write long-form content within the app.

Google Chrome Extension

Not only does it have an excellent extension for Chrome, but switching between multiple tabs is also easy. The extension can also be used to generate sales copy.

Plagiarism Checker

This tool has a plagiarism feature that will help you avoid any potential issues with copied content. Plus, you don’t need to sign up for another service, this one takes care of your original content-checking needs.

Collaboration With Your Team

By sharing your project with your teammates, you’re allowing for open communication and collaboration that will prove to be beneficial for the outcome of the project.

They’ll be able to see what’s happening in the project as a whole and make any changes that are needed together.


Who is Best Used For?

If you need help creating website copy that’s both high quality and quick, Copy AI is the perfect solution for you.

If you’re looking to write great marketing copy, then this is the AI writing tool for you.

Who is Best Used For?

Whether you’re a copywriter, digital marketer, PR professional, or content marketer, is the writing tool for you. 10,000,000 professionals and teams can’t be wrong!

Copy AI is best for:

  • Bloggers who need to generate high-quality long-form content, meta descriptions, landing pages, and other marketing copy for their blog posts.
  • Social Media Companies that need to create social media content, product descriptions, along with other forms of digital ad copy to help connect with their audience.
  • Business Owners who need to create ad copy, bullet points, and product descriptions for their eCommerce online store.
  • Freelance Writers who are required to create high-quality content for their clients.
  • Copywriters that need the best copywriting tool at their disposal.
  • Sales Professionals that need to write professional sales copy to market their products and services.

Benefits of Using Copy AI as Your Copywriting Tool

Benefits for Using Copy AI as Your Copywriting Tool

Copy AI Will Help You Write Better Website Copy

Copy AI can help you write better headlines, email subject lines, and meta descriptions.

This AI copywriting tool can help you write better website copy in minutes. It can quickly and easily create persuasive, high-quality website content that will drive more traffic and conversions.

Copy AI Can Help You Create Content 10x Faster

I used to struggle to generate content and keep up with my highly disciplined publishing schedule. Not anymore!

Speaking from experience, these AI writing tools have come to my rescue, helping me speed up the process of writing a long-form blog post, which, as you can see, is what I like to write.

I can publish a blog post 10 times faster than before, which has allowed me to put out SEO-friendly content so much more often.

Copy AI Can Save You Boat Loads of Time

Copy AI can help you write website copy in a matter of seconds rather than hours.

AI writing tools have come to my rescue plenty of times. They’ve helped me create a blog outline for my first draft, blog intros for every blog post I’ve written, along with blog conclusions to complete my article.

To get my article ready for publishing, these AI writing tools have helped me come up with search engine-friendly titles and meta descriptions.

You name it, these tools have helped me improve my blogging business 10-fold.

Copy AI Can Help You Improve Conversion Rates

Your sales copy needs to be converting if you want to make money. will write high-quality content and ad copy that will meet your customer’s needs, therefore, converting them into paying customers.

Copy AI Will Help Give Your SEO a Boost

Copy AI can help improve your SEO efforts by allowing you to input keyword phrases, then search for existing content that you can use as a starting point for generating content.

By using this genius method, your website or blog will find itself ranking higher in Google and other popular search engines, ultimately leading to more website traffic.

Copy AI is Going to Help Abliterate Writer’s Block

If you’re a blogger or freelance writer, then you know the feeling of staring at a blank screen for hours, thinking about something to write. Trust me, it happens!

Although Copy AI will never replace human writers, it can help you break through blocks by coming up with ideas and text for you. It’s just a matter of typing in the subject matter to start the process.

How Copy AI Works

How Copy AI Works

Blog Post Wizard

The Blog Post Wizard is one of the most used features to create engaging blog posts.

It’ll save you tons of time for your business by allowing you to quickly and easily create a large amount of content quickly.

To begin, give your post’s title so that it can better understand how to optimize your article for you.

After adding one or two keyword phrases, select your Tone and Goal, then click ‘Generate Outline.’ This will create a blog outline for you to follow.

Once you’re happy with your rough draft, it’s time to review your outline.

With, you have the freedom to add, delete, or edit any sections of the outline that was produced.

You always have the option to start over by clicking on the Regenerate All link.

After you’re happy with your blog outline, click on the button “Generate Talking Points.” This will create talking points for each heading in your outline.

Copy AI Blog Post Wizard

To make any changes, simply add, delete, or edit as needed. Once you’re happy with the results, click on the ‘Generate Content‘ button.

Copy AI Blog Post Wizard Talking Points

By clicking the button, you can create the first draft of a blog post in just seconds, as shown in the screenshot below.

You’re in control of your content from here on out. Add, delete, or edit your talking points as you please, or create more content.

You can always click on the drop-down arrow (indicated by the blue arrows) to see your Talking Points.

Once you’re happy with your draft, simply click the “Create Blog Post” button, and voila, you have a completed blog post.

Copy AI Blog Post Wizard Talking Points Dropdown

Of course, at this point, you’ll want to add images to make your content more engaging.

If at any time you need to rework your blog content, simply click the green button in the top right corner to edit your blog post.

Copy AI Blog Post Wizard Article Generator

Once you land on the Edit Post page, you’ll be able to add, edit, regenerate, or do anything else you want with your blog content on the Edit Tool page that you’ll be taken to.

Copy AI Blog Post Edit Tool

Copy AI is super easy to learn! Just head on over to Copy AI and sign up for a free account today. offers a few different ways to sign up, including email, Google, and Facebook. After you complete the signup process, Copy AI will send you a confirmation email.

After registering, you’ll have 100 credits to work with. Each time you use Copy AI, it will cost one credit and generate ten suggestions.

That’s more than enough to get started!

Click the tab that is most relevant to your company, type in your company name and product description, then click “Create a Copy,”- it’s that easy!

You can visit’s blog to learn more about how to use their software in-depth.

Copy AI Pricing Plan

Copy AI is a game-changing content-writing tool that can help you create content that is more engaging.

With Copy Ai, you get a lot of features for a reasonable price.

Examples of these advantages are creating content that is one-of-a-kind, planning your team’s workflow, and allocating tasks among employees.

Copy AI Pricing Plan

The Free Plan

Users can join for the Free Plan to test out the software. Of course, if you want to stay with the Free plan, that’s perfectly fine.

The Free plan includes:

  • 1 User
  • Chat by
  • 90+ copywriting tools
  • Unlimited projects
  • Blog Wizard Tool

However, if you want more features, upgrade to their Pro Plan.

The Pro Plan

The Pro plan costs $49/month or $36/month – $432 billed annually (save $168).

Pro plan includes:

  • 5 Users
  • Chat by
  • 90+ copywriting tools
  • Unlimited projects
  • Priority Email Support
  • 25+ languages
  • Blog Wizard Tool
  • Access to their newest features

If you’re interested in learning more about their pricing, visit their pricing page.

Copy AI Pros and Cons Pros:

  • Easy-to-Use – User Interface – The user interface is easy to follow and use – you don’t need any prior experience or training.
  • Rid Writer’s Block for Good – Copy AI will help you remove writer’s block, saving you time and lots of dough, and is as easy as clicking your mouse.
  • Multi-lingual – Can be used to create AI content in 25 Languages
  • 90+ Templates – Offers more than 90 templates for any and all of your marketing needs.
  • Sharable Links – The results of the generated AI content can be shared by using unique links with your team. Cons:

  • The most affordable plan starts at $35/month, which can be a large cost for small business owners.
  • There is no desktop or mobile version available. Users can only access the tool through their website.
  • There are currently no integrations available for any third-party tools.
  • Too many templates can be overwhelming. The tool comes with a wide variety of templates which might make it tough to choose for some users.


G2 – Independant Review of Copy AI

G2 - Independant Reviewer for Copy AI

“ Frees Your Imagination To Be More Creative And Productive”

What do you like best?

“ is easy to use and understand. You don’t need any coding experience or expertise to be able to use The interface is simple and intuitive so there’s no learning curve.”

What do you dislike?

“I use it so much that I often use up the 40,000 words before the end of the month. I know that sounds ridiculous. I have to put some thought into what I want the software to create – not have it crank out streams and streams of text.”

What problems is the product solving, and how is that benefiting you?

“ has increased my productivity. It has made my writing more creative and persuasive.”

Visit G2 and See the reviews for Yourself!

Copy AI Alternatives

Although is a cutting-edge AI copywriting tool, it’s not the only one available.

If you’re undecided about which platform to use, there are several AI writing tools that will work just as well for a alternative, that are worth considering before making a decision.

‍Of all the alternatives available, these three come the closest in terms of scope, options, features, and copy quality.

‍‍1. Jasper AI Software has had some trouble nailing down its branding—starting with, then, before finally deciding on

But despite the early identity crisis, this AI tool has one of the best head-to-head comparisons between and Jasper today.

‍Jasper AI Pros

  • Jasper will help its users by checking their grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • The AI software tool provides users with a thesaurus, which can be used to find alternative words for certain phrases or terms.
  • Jasper is the perfect tool for anyone who struggles to meet deadlines for their blog posts. Jasper can help you get your post done in no time!
  • If you’re a blogger, you can use the long-form editor to write complete posts in minutes, not hours.
  • Not only can Jasper help you create AI-generated content, but it will also assist you with creating Google or Facebook ads, as well as polishing up eCommerce or Amazon product descriptions.
  • A clean, quick-to-navigate interface that is easy to use and self-explanatory.
  • Jasper’s dashboard makes it easy to find the tools and templates you need without having to leave the page.
  • The team behind Jasper is committed to making continual improvements so that it meets its goals of simplicity and perfection. also integrates with several tools that content writers and entrepreneurs love, including:

  • Surfer SEO is one of the best-rated SEO, on-page optimization tools that bloggers and other content writers use when optimizing their content for search engines. The tool is built into’s interface and works flawlessly. However, it can only be accessed if you buy the Teams Plan, which is more expensive.
  • Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that not only checks your grammar, spelling, and sentence structure but also gives you a variety of helpful suggestions on how to improve your writing.
  • has a built-in plagiarism checker that runs on Copyscape, one of the most popular plagiarism tools out there. Note that plagiarism checks are an optional addition, and searches cost $.03 for the first 200 words plus $.01 for each additional 100 words.

Jasper AI Cons

  • Jasper Can Be Repetitive: Because relies on algorithms to generate copy, the results can sometimes be repetitive. To create more diverse results, you’ll need to tweak the generated copy manually.
  • Not Always Accurate: Because sources its information from a variety of places, you need to check the accuracy of any quotes or statements it produces on a particular topic. If marketers want to use Jasper AI-generated quotes and statistics to support their content, they will have to check if the facts are correct.
  • ‍Credit Card Required: In order to start your free seven-day trial, you need to input your credit card information, which can be a turn-off for marketers who want the option to test several tools without any commitment.

J‍asper Pricing Plan

For marketing and content teams that write a lot of blog posts and white papers, Jasper is going to be a considerable expense.

Jasper Alternative Pricing Plan
  • The Creator Plan is $49/month or $39/month – $468 billed yearly (Save $120).
  • Jasper’s Pro Plan is $69/month or $59/month – $708 billed annually (Save $120).
  • The Business plan is customizable for user packages and billing options, along with the onboarding and support you need to scale your business.

If isn’t doing it for you, you can give the Jasper AI free trial a try to see if it’s more your style.

2. Rytr AI Software

The Rytr AI tool doesn’t come with as many content generator tools or produce work of the same quality as and, but it can be used for a wide variety of tasks.

Rytr Pros

  • With Rytr, you have 20+ voices to choose from when writing your content – more than most of our competitors.
  • You can sign up for Rytr without a credit card by using your Gmail or any social media account and start writing immediately.
  • Rytr’s platform, much like Grammarly, can improve writing to make it more readable.
  • ‍Rytr’s knowledge base is full of articles and videos to train users, as well as a community where they can ask questions and get help from the Rytr team. Rytr also invites its community to submit suggestions for new features and gives users a look at Rytr’s product roadmap, so they know what changes are coming.

Rytr Cons

  • Quality isn’t great: You will likely spend quite a bit of time editing material created by Rytr if you plan to use it for writing blog posts. Its sentences are often choppy and make little sense, which makes the task of making it flow smoothly all the more difficult.
  • ‍A limited number of templates: If Rytr wants to compete with and, they’ll need around 90 or more templates instead of the 30 currently offered.

Rytr Pricing Plan

Rytr’s Unlimited plan is affordably priced at only $29 per month, which is better, or at the very least, in the same ballpark as and’s basic plans.

If you don’t need unlimited characters then the Saver plan will cost you $9/month – $90 billed annually.

They also have the Free plan which will allow you to generate up to 10,000 characters absolutely free. You can then upgrade if you’d like to a premium plan for unlimited use, starting at the $9 per month rate for the Saver plan.

Rytr offers one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market to give you complete value for money!

Rytr Pricing Plan

If you’re a solo marketer or content writer on a tight budget, Rytr is one of the best bangs for your buck.

Visit my latest review of Rytr to learn more about this affordable alternative.

3. Article Forge AI Software

Article Forge is an AI tool that helps marketing teams create content quickly and efficiently. The software can generate articles from scratch, with a focus on long-form content such as articles and blog posts.

Article Forge Pros

  • Article Forge is the only tool you need to create original, long-form articles that are 100% plagiarism free. Additionally, Article Forge can connect to your chosen CMS and automatically post new articles as they are created.
  • Article Forge can not only create content for websites but it can also be used to write articles using pre-written material.
  • Article Forge is convenient to use because of its drag-and-drop interface and templates, but also offers many other convenient features.

‍Article Forge Cons

  • Long-form Content: ArticleForge is designed to create long-form SEO-optimized articles and not much more.

If that’s all you need, then this is probably the best choice for bloggers from all the AI writing software I’ve written about.

‍Article Forge Pricing

Article Forge recently updated their pricing plans to eliminate the “Unlimited Plan“. They still have the Standard plan along with the Business plan, which replaced the Unlimited plan.

Although there is no free plan, you can try Article Forge with an Absolutely Free 5-Day Trial!

Article Forge Pricing Plans Compared

They have 2 plans:

The Standard plan is on a sliding scale, starting with the lowest amount of 25,000 words per month and 1 user (as shown above), and a cost of $27/month or $13/month – $156 billed annually (save $168).

– If you want 100,000 words per month, the cost will be $57/month or $27/month – $324 billed annually (save $360).

250,000 words a month ($57/month billed annually), 500,000 words a month along with 3+ users ($127/month billed annually).

The Business plan is billed monthly or yearly and you’ll need to contact their Sales Department, which will set you up for anything your business requires.

They’ll set you up with custom words per month amount, and a custom number of users.

Article Forge is so convinced that it will change how you generate and use content, that they want to eliminate any possible risk for you to try it.

In addition to their 5-day free trial, you can use their services for 30 days with no commitment and receive a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

Read MORE > > For more information about other AI writing tools, be sure to check out my Best AI Writing Tools for Bloggers in 2024, post!

Copy AI Review – The Bottom Line

Copy AI is unique because it offers a free trial with all the trimmings, is easy to use, and requires no credit card information.

Copy AI can help you generate any form of content at lightning speed, whether you’re a blogger, social media specialist, freelance writer, small business owner, or copywriter.

With the writing assistant as your go-to tool for social media posts, digital Ad copy, or long-form blog posts, you’ll never have to worry about creating low-quality content again!

With your subscription, you’ll get access to an unlimited number of features that provide detailed, high-quality results quickly.

Not only does this option come at a lower price point, but you can also access the free mode, with all the features of the Pro plan for 7 days. This allows you to explore the pro mode without signing up for a paid plan first! is an investment worth your time and money if you’re looking for a content writing assistant that can help you save time by creating unique content.

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