Daily Habits to Improve Quality and Quantity of Content Writing

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In order for you to be a successful blogger, you need to produce high-quality content consistently. Moreover, creating quality content is just a small part of the job. You also need to optimize the blogs for search engines, get the perfect image to complement the content, promote the blogs on social media, and build a relationship with influencers, etc.

Daily Habits to Improve Quality and Quantity of Content Writing

To grow in the long run, you must also develop a sound monetization strategy to become profitable.

New bloggers get overwhelmed with the set of activities that is required to convert their passion into a successful business venture.

According to a survey, more than half of the bloggers feel that the lack of time is a significant challenge in producing great content which is truly engaging. They also feel that the pressure to produce more content is increasing with time. Multitasking is another problem that hampers the productivity of the bloggers.

Most of the bloggers feel that they spend more time in social media content, newsletter and promotion of blogs than writing the articles. Promotion of content is sometimes more important than the quality or quantity of the blogs.

So what should you do to stay at the top of the game?

The best way to manage the entire task is to relate it to the daily habits. Here is how you can use your daily habits to produce more content and become a better marketer:

Go with the Trend!

How to use your daily habits to produce more content and become a better marketer

To engage with readers, a writer has to think like the user. Think like a reader and pen down your actual thoughts. You will be loved by your audience for being true and authentic.

Read anything and everything that’s in the news- From Trump playing his trump card to a celebrity’s breakup party and the number of vodka shots they had. Relate these light moments with your content to increase recall factor and engage readers.

Subscribe to blogs such as Moz, Copyblogger, Quicksprout, Smart Blogger and this blog (PoorManBlogger.com). You will get fresh ideas which you can use to produce your next blog.

Rand Fishkin and Neil Patel are known for talking about aspects and trends that are on in content marketing and blogging. Follow them on social media to get helpful tips.

For those who want beautiful ideas along with some motivational inspiration on writing better, Brain Clark and Jon Morrow are the way to go!

Go with the Flow!

Wordsworth says, “A good writing is a free flow of spontaneous emotions and feelings.”  Note down all the thoughts as and when they come to your mind. If you don’t have access to pen and paper, then write them on your mobile phone. You can also use Evernote app to note down the thoughts and share them later easily with your colleagues.

Don’t assume that what you are thinking right now will come to your mind when you actually start writing the blog. You can also observe your conversation with others to generate ideas for the next topic. Remember that this step is convenient and requires no brainstorming.

At the same time, it gives enough space for creativity and self-development. You never know when you might just break this system and forget all the beautiful ideas you had! So never take a chance.

After few hours or so, try and read what you wrote. Does it make sense? Do you think there is a scope for development? Then do as you please!

Repeat this process almost on a daily basis and practice to be a ‘writer.’ Build your own style of writing. You should be known for what you write.

Never underestimate the importance of time management. While writing any blog or article, always track timeline. Decide a deadline for every article and strive to achieve the same.

Drinking Habits to Improve Writing Habits!

Coffee is believed to have helped many writers to come up with exceptional work. Maybe it’s the caffeine that drives them to do so. However, it is a proven technique to write more in less time.

Statistics state that the time between 10 A.M and noon and that between 2 P.M and 5 P.M are the best suited time for cups of coffee and you’ll know creativity is striking you hard!

Let the Music Play!

It is believed that a silent mind hunts for noise. This is what and how distraction happens to nice people like us. Listening to music or something constantly while working (writing especially) contributes to better results. This way there is also a rhythm that is maintained while writing.

You can also use free websites such as Noisily to play some random sounds that will make you more productive. Such apps and sites do have a combination of sounds that help in improving productivity and relaxation.

Bottom line

As John Dryden said, “We first make our habits, then our habits make us.” Thus, it is important to develop daily habits that help in your profession. For bloggers, it is even more important as they are under constant pressure to deliver more in less time.

Moreover, they can’t earn enough until they build a huge audience base. Therefore, act now and make appropriate changes in your daily habits to make you more productive.

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NOW It’s YOUR Turn… What one habit has enabled you to deliver more content in less time? Share Your Thoughts in the Comments Below!


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