5 Easy Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website in 2020

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Everyone dreams to receive traffic from the Internet without investments in advertising.

We have collected several ways that will help you to attract new visitors to your site almost without investing in 2020.

Of course, you get nothing for free – you need to do at least something to receive the thing you want.

Drive More Traffic to Your Website in 2020

5 Easy Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website in 2020

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Just the creation of a site and waiting for the traffic is a bad strategy. At least you need to invest your own time to attract visitors to your resource. We will show you how you can do it.

1. Content Marketing

If we’re talking about the creation, publication, and distribution of content, this method can be considered free – with a reservation. The reservation is that it will require a lot of work.

If you order articles, the investment will be lower than the cost of advertising. The advantage of this method is that the content, even if paid once, will be working for you for a long time and without additional investments.

Content marketing is a complex process that often can’t be carried out by one person. Content marketing of a big company needs a team of professionals, but if you are a small business (or website), you can conduct it independently.

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2. TOPs, Ratings, Comparisons

How it works:

Search for blogs, articles, and ratings related to your topic. There are several ways to do this. The first one is to search for blogs. Here you can search for “the best blogs about medicine” or “top blogs about medicine” in Google.

The second way is to search for ratings and comparisons. Search with queries like “best smartwatches” or “compression gaiters rating”. The third way is to search for blogs at Links Management Service. It is the best service for achieving what you need.

If your site or brand is not in the review, you can contact the administration of the resource and indicate that you wish your site to appear in the article.

In the letter, specify in detail what company/brand/site you represent, briefly describe the unique qualities of the product or content on your site, and give a link to a review.

If the rating is made “for the people” and is not paid, it is highly likely that you will be added free of charge and you will get an additional source of traffic without any investment.

Social Networks

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3. Social Networks

With the right approach, social networks provide stable free traffic. Here’s what you should do:

  • Develop social accounts and groups, gain subscribers, and attract users from social networks to the site.
  • Announce interesting materials from the site on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To do this, your resource should know what SMO or Social Media Optimization is and post high-quality content, photos prepared by professional retouchers.
  • Proceed with those social networks that your target audience prefers. It doesn’t matter that in the evening you yourself like to flip through the Facebook feed. If most of the traffic to the site comes from Instagram or Twitter, throw your main efforts at developing accounts on these social networks.
  • Instagram is a very suitable social network for business areas where visual content is very necessary.

When publishing content on social networks, you must be regular: set a schedule, and follow it. If you do not have time, it is better to keep 1-2 full pages than 5-6 pages that you will fill only from time to time.

Promoting YouTube

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In their strive to accelerate their progress in social networks, especially in the first days, many businesses are trying to buy likes. Buying likes and subscribers are not efficient. It is better to spend time on attracting one real subscriber than 100 fakes.

Promoting a channel on YouTube

YouTube is a video hosting and has features of a search engine and social network simultaneously. YouTube is the leader in the ratings of video services. So why don’t you use this potential?

Of course, it’s expensive to create a video. You shouldn’t consider Youtube just a means to get traffic to the site, it’s quite an independent promotion tool. But if you have your own channel, it is worth paying some attention to attract traffic to the site.

How to bring traffic to the site from YouTube:

  • Fill in the information about the channel and specify a link to the site in your profile.
    Mention your site in the videos, invite users to go to it.
  • Specify links in the description – to products (if you have an online store) or useful blog posts.
  • Add a link to the site in the hints.
  • Comment on videos of other authors (if your comments are interesting, users will go to your channel and possibly become subscribers).
  • Remember that YouTube videos are ranked on Google, so it is important to optimize them properly. This is easily done with the help of an interactive checklist for video optimization.
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4. Catalogs, Aggregators and Reviews

Most catalogs and RSS aggregators are a rudiment of the past when search algorithms were not as intelligent and users had to use site aggregators instead of search engines to find something useful.

But catalogs and aggregators are an easy way to get free indexable backlinks. In terms of linking, they remain one of the tools to improve the link profile of the site.

There are a lot of catalogs and aggregators on the Internet, you can easily find them and place there a link to your site. Some people still use catalogs, so you really can get traffic from there as well as develop links profile.

Catalogs, Aggregators and Reviews

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5. Email Newsletters

Mailing is a powerful way to attract traffic. It is much easier to create an email with or a collection of useful materials and send them to the subscribers’ database than to spend time and money to attract new visitors by other methods. It’s nice that the most popular email services have free versions.

Of course, you can talk about all this if you have a database. These can be contact lists from CRM or a database typed in your blog using a widget that invites people to subscribe.

Email Newsletters

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What you shouldn’t do in an email newsletter

Don’t do these things if you don’t want your letters to fall under the spam filters or your users to start unsubscribing:

  • Do not send out letters to someone’s database.
  • Do not send emails too often and without a specific reason, just to remind people about yourself.
  • Don’t make clickable headlines.
  • Do not try to hit a sell in every email, give the audience useful and interesting materials – links to articles, podcasts, e-books, checklists.

Free Traffic Sources Exist

Of course, the methods described above are not quite free – in any case, you pay with your time and effort, not to include the associated costs. But nevertheless, these methods allow you to receive traffic to the site in addition to the basic tools of attracting the customers.

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Now it’s Your Turn… What other ways to drive more traffic do you know? Maybe there is one we have forgotten… let us know in the comments below!


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