The Authoritative Network Marketing Invitation Script to Skyrocket Results – Eric Worre’s Formula – Part 2

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The Authoritative Network Marketing Invitation Script to Skyrocket Results - Eric Worre's Formula - Part 2

This Network Marketing invitation blog post will reveal the Network Marketing Pro, Eric Worre’s Secret Formula along with his time-tested and proven scripts that will guide your prospects to answer “YES” almost 100% of the time.

If you arrived on this page before reading the previous article, ‘The Best Kept Secret in the Network Marketing Invitation Process‘, then use the link above and absorb that information first.

Quick Review of the Network Marketing Invitation Process

In the article published on Tuesday, October 15th, we discussed the psychological issue aimed at your prospect when you give the impression of urgency. It has been stated that people are usually attracted to a person who is busy and has things going on.

In Step 2, we spoke about the importance of complimenting the prospect to where the sincere compliment will open the door to real communication and make the prospect much more agreeable about hearing what you have to say.

Step 3 revealed the invitation process along with the 3 different, yet effective types, of invitation approaches orchestrated for the network marketing professional.

When I covered Step 4 we spoke of the If I, Would You method which is a powerful approach and one of the secret weapons of the professional network marketer Eric Worre.

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There ARE 8 Steps in the Professional Marketing Invitation, Below are the Remaining Four

There are 8 dynamic and powerful steps to master in the professional invitation process… below are the remaining 4 highly effective strategies which will boost your results, increasing your efforts of closing the invitation process from roughly 5% to a whopping 80%.

Remember: As I mentioned in the ‘The Best Kept Secret in the Network Marketing Invitation Process‘ article, this 8 Step formula is used for phone or face to face conversations ONLY.

Let’s Begin… Continuation from ‘The Time-Proven & Authoritative Network Marketing Invitation Script – Eric Worre’s 8 Step Formula Revealed!.‘

Step 5: Confirmation #1 – Get the Time Commitment

You have already covered the timeless classic, “If I, Would You,” Step 4 script and the prospect said yes. Your next step will be to get a time commitment. Here are a few simple, yet effective scripts that work wonders:

“When do you think you could watch the DVD for sure?”


“When do you think you could watch the presentation on the website for sure?”

Do NOT suggest a time for them. Just ask the question and wait for their response. This question allows them to think about their schedule and commitments, find a place to review the tool you spoke to them about, and communicate that back to you. In other words, it makes it real for the prospect.

When you first asked from Step 4, “If I, Would You,” and the prospect said yes, is was ‘Someday’ to them. When you get the time commitment, it starts to be real. The only thing that matters is that they give you a time.

About 90% of the time, the person will give you the answer… the other 10% of the time, they will be vague, saying something like “I’ll try to do it sometime.” If they do that, then respond with, “I don’t want to waste your time or mine. Why don’t we just lock in a time when you’ll have seen it for sure?”

Just remember that in Step 4 the person already stated that they would review your tool. This is just confirmation time. The key to all of this is that they have now said YES two times.

So, now you can give them the tool; right? WRONG! You are not done yet… the network marketing professionals take a few extra seconds to complete a couple of steps before they’re finished.

Step 6: Confirmation #2 – Confirm the Time Commitment

If the prospect tells you that he will watch it Tuesday night, your response should be something like, “So, if I called you Wednesday morning, you will have seen it for sure, right?” If the person were to say that Thursday morning would be the ideal time to watch the online presentation, your response would be “So, if I called you sometime later in the day on Thursday, you will have looked at it for sure, right?” If they say July 1st, you say the same thing above, except use July 2nd for your call back date… you get the idea.

The prospect will either say yes or they will adjust the time slightly. In any case, the significance to Step 6 is that they have now confirmed for a 3rd time and now they are more likely to follow through.

The key here is that this isn’t an appointment that you’ve set, it’s an appointment they’ve set.

REVIEW: The prospect said that they would take a look at the materials that you offered (from Step 4, “If I, Would You”), that they would do it by a specific time and, if you called them after that time, they would have reviewed the materials.

You’ve asked the questions, their answers made the appointments.

Step 7: Confirmation #3 – Schedule the Next Call

This step is simple… just ask, “What is the best number and time for me to call?” The prospect will give you what works best for them. Now you have a real appointment. All you have to do is BE SURE to remember to call when you said you would.

Step 8: Get OFF the Phone!

Remember from Step 1, you are in a hurry, right? Once you have confirmed the appointment, the last thing you might say to the person is, “Great, we’ll talk then, Gotta run!”

Too many people make the appointment and then UN-make it by talking and talking and… talking. Remember, our goal is education and understanding and we are going to let the third-party tool do most of the work.

Here are some examples of all eight steps combined into one script:

A person that you know who hates their job – Direct Approach

“Hey, I don’t have a lot of time to talk, but it was really important that I reach you. Listen, you’re one of the most financially intelligent people I know and I’ve always respected you. When you told me that you really didn’t like your job, were you serious or just kidding around?” (They say that they were serious.)

“Great, I think I’ve found a way for you to create an exit strategy. I have a DVD that describes what I am talking about better than I can. If I gave you this DVD, would you watch it?” (They say yes.)

“When do you think you could watch it for sure?” (They say on Tuesday.) “So, if I called you on Wednesday morning, you’ll have reviewed it for sure, right?” (They say yes.)

“All right… I’ll check back with you then. What’s the best number and time for me to call?” (They give you the information.)

“Got it. We’ll talk then. I gotta run and thanks!”

Closing Comments About the Network Marketing Invitation Closing Process

If any of these methods appear to be pushy, remember that these are the cutting-edge strategies of the top network marketing professionals. These top successful marketers take building their business seriously… they do not seek out tire-kickers for their organization.

These scripts will help weed out those people that are not-so-serious about the opportunity presented to them.

If you learned anything from my article, ‘4 Time-Proven Rules for Network Marketing Success!’, you will have learned to emotionally detach yourself from the outcome, and have a strong posture (strong posture – is one’s inability to be discouraged or swayed.)

In terms of scripts, it is best if you get the basic concepts down… don’t focus too heavily on the exact scripts.

If you learn to let your prospects know that you are in a hurry, then compliment them, then invite them, then pass on the tool with the, “If I, Would You,” type of script, then confirm using the process outlined above, then get off the phone or complete the invite, you will do just fine.

Remember, in recruiting, there is no good or bad experiences, just learning experiences.

While on your journey to becoming a Network Marketing Professional, the best thing that can happen is for you to develop the skills to recruit on demand, in any situation. So practice, practice, practice.

Much of the written materials were accumulated from Eric Worre’s book “7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional.

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Time-Proven & Authoritative Network Marketing Invitation Script - Eric Worre's Formula Revealed!

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