How To Fire Up Your Network Marketing Business With This One Discipline for Explosive Growth

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Fire Up Your Network Marketing Business in Two EASY to Conquer Steps!

Learning to run your own Network Marketing business can be an enjoyable and exciting experience. Becoming a network marketing pro can lead to great wealth, independence and satisfaction.

Anybody is qualified to run a network marketing business as long as you have a few skills: education, understanding along with above average listening and communication skills.

Although you might have these given skills, they will mean nothing if you find yourself spinning your wheels because of a lack of discipline. In order to succeed, you must be able to master the following method.

Time-Management – The Discipline of the Network Marketing Pro

This time-proven discipline of the network marketing pro is a valuable treasure that needs to be developed, cultivated and refined if you want your network marketing business to flourish. Creating a daily time-management habit is a great place to start your journey to unbridled success.

You may need to give up certain hours of TV, let your Facebook Farmville close its doors for the winter, stop the continual gossip texting with your friends or any other menial, worthless tasks during the operating hours that are set aside for your network marketing business.

You cannot build a successful marketing business that will lead YOU to great wealth by allowing yourself to be drawn into things taking you away from your work. Your desire to keep your eye on the prize needs to be stronger than the force that pulls you away from it.

Managing Your Time In Your Network Marketing Business

Time is one of those precious commodities that you must master, but sadly most of the Internet marketers either don’t know how, or they get side-tracked with distractions.

Managing your time is an art form requiring persistence, will power, diligence, goal setting along with consistency.

Staying away from the countless onslaught distractions of the everyday rat-race is the ultimate goal and a required factor, yet most of the network marketers of today get pulled into this vicious cycle.

It’s unfortunate that there are only 24 hours in a day, but it is ultimately within your own grasp to regulate how you use your allotted time.

It’s simple… either you control your time or time will control you.

Time-Management – Create and Stick To a To-Do List

From this day forward, take an action to plan tomorrow’s day in advance, usually done best the night before.

Success is not a destination, it’s a pattern of habitual behaviors.” ~ Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard states that when you make a to-do list the night before, you will subconsciously have all night to think about it. When you awake, you are already on task, you already know what your goals are for the day. You may also wake up with valuable insights and ideas to help you accomplish your to-do list.

Having a simple to-do list will help you ignore the distractions that can search you out, and stomp on your endorphins, slowing the steady flow of your brilliance.

NOTE: These tasks on your to-do list MUST be action ‘tasks,’ NOT goals. For more information about creating your to-do list, follow the link to Mike Dillard’s secret software he used to build his online empire (AND, it’s free)!

You will want to create a reasonable and practical list that you know can be accomplished within your time-frame of the following day.

Remind yourself that life can happen and that your ‘To-Do’ list will need to take priority over everything else that happens that day (barring a family emergency or something similar). Remind yourself during the day that with each task checked off your to-do list puts you one step closer to the success you desire.

If for some reason, you were not able to finish your list that day, don’t beat yourself up, look back and see if there is anything you could have done differently. Review what you did that day to see if you might have wasted any time working on a task that will not move you closer to your goal.

Learning what didn’t work for you will help you manage your time better for the following days to-do lists.

Closing Comments to Fire Up Your Network Marketing Business

If you are wanting to create the life of your dreams, then you are going to have to take your network marketing business to the next level and treat it like a, make it or break it, can’t pay the bills if I’m not successful, serious business.

This means that you will need to take 100% responsibility and accountability for ALL of your actions, remove all of the victim stories and excuses from your vocabulary, and all the reasons why you can’t be successful like the other network marketing professionals.

Remember… discipline is not something we are born with, it is a learned skill that we need to master. It means the willingness to create habits to establish a better work ethic.

If you want to be successful in any business, learning discipline is a must, without it, you will most likely be like 95% of the unsuccessful network marketers.

We’ve all heard the saying that “Practice Makes Perfect”… working on this quality that now comes naturally to the network marketing pro will put you on the path to wealth and greatness.

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What are Your BEST Tips for Keeping On Task? What Works for YOU to Create Habits? Comment Below!


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  1. Lynda says:

    Great article! Got so much value. Self Discipline is key. Thanks for sharing.

  2. david says:

    I’m actually reading rich dad poor dad from kiyosaki,and I’m glad I found this book on my way, I better understand why I’m not succeeding in internet marketing. To become rich money needs to know that I will know how to take good care and make it grow in time. Just like a garden needs care and knowledge to give the best fruits those seeds hide.
    Thanks for that meaning full post.

    • John Engle says:

      I also read Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rick Dad Poor Dad… it is a great book with lot’s of ideas and wisdom…

      “Success is not a destination, it’s a pattern of habitual behaviors.” ~ as Mike Dillard states.

      Have a Great Day and good luck to you…

      John Engle

  3. Anthony Ryan Garces says:

    Good Read! Very valuable, I am practicing self-discipline since I usually get demotivated and out of focus.

  4. Oscar says:

    Am much propelled to go ahead with my network business which I joined a year ago but was declining, actually because I was loosing interest, but now fueled to much much more. Thanks.

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