How to Earn Your First $1000 as a Blogger

by | Last Updated on July 22nd, 2021

How to Earn Your First $1000 as a Blogger

Blogging has recently transformed into a business that brings real money.

Of course, you won’t earn thousands of dollars with the first entry in your blog, but you can expect the increase of income introducing a proper marketing strategy and using the tools for advertising.

There are several factors which influence on your income. The key one is the popularity of your blog.

If you have many followers and sustainable growth of visits, you can earn $1,000 in a couple of months or even less.

But if you recently started blogging, the expenses may be higher than profits and a pure income won’t even cover the money you’ve spent on your Marketing strategy.

Still, if you notice that the popularity of your blog rises, you should introduce strategies to generate income.

Here, I’ll describe five effective ways how to earn money even if you have just started the blogging career.

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you want to monetize your blog for making money, the first thing you need to do is to check the available affiliate marketing programs that are relevant to your blog.

To earn money with affiliate marketing, your readers need to click the ads and links that you place on your website, otherwise, nothing will happen.

Affiliates pay for actions and if your readers are passive, you won’t make any money.

If you believe that your blog is ready to be used for affiliate marketing, consider joining one of the aggregator services. There you will find various affiliate programs for any type of content.

The next step is to create content that will be interesting to your readers and that can actually be used for the inserting of an affiliate link. Make sure that the link smoothly interfaces with the idea of your post.

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2. Google AdSense

Google is the best network for making money online.

Every blogger should understand the principles of working with advanced Google options such as AdWords that help create an effective content marketing strategy and SEO.

Another important Google service is Google AdSense.

Create an account for this service and add the received code to your site. This code will help you introduce advertisements from the Google advertising network. Each time someone clicks the ad, you get the money.

Google AdSense has a huge advantage – you do not need to setup options all the time.

The code will automatically generate ads depending on person’s searches. However, there is one small drawback.

The shown ads will not always relate your theme of the blog. Still, it should not prevent you from earning money.

3. Product Placement

If you have good traffic and a sufficient number of email subscribers, some companies would like to work with you.

They will send you samples of their production and order product placement posts where you will describe the advantages of the product.

Of course, they will also pay you for that. This is the most effective method to earn money with blogging, as the companies are ready to pay significant sums of money so that their potential clients could see a positive review of their goods.

4. Guest Blogging

This way of earning money is very similar to affiliate marketing, though it has some particular features.

With guest blogging, you do not insert the links to existing content and do not need to write a post yourself. You allow other bloggers to place their posts with their links on your blog.

They will pay you for the opportunity to get a backlink, and you will also receive certain benefits: you get unique content and demonstrate to your readers that you are friends with other bloggers.

Of course, you need to be careful with the content that you place on your blog.

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5. Selling Your Own Products

If you have some things, or have something to sell (clothes, cosmetics, books, furniture), you can also use your blog for that.

This works perfectly for the bloggers who are connected with DYI and fashion.

Your readers are interested in what you do or what you wear and they are ready to pay real money for your things.

Besides, this method does not demand some special knowledge or investigation of the market. You just add photos, place prices and wait until someone buys it.

Blogging as any other type of business can bring you a sufficient and regular income if you apply the proper strategies and contribute to the marketing.

First, you need to spend some money for advertising and put some efforts to rank your blog to the highest positions with SEO. Later on, you will start to enjoy your income.

These 5 methods are suitable even for new bloggers, but for them, it will take some time to earn their first $1,000.

For seasoned bloggers, it will take just a few weeks and with time, they will be able to earn several thousands of dollars per year.

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NOW It’s YOUR Turn… And what methods and ways for getting the income from your blog do you know? They’ll help you and me to earn money. Share Your Thoughts in the Comments Section Below!


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