Can you really make money with AI? Absolutely!

The future of AI is here and now, and it’s revolutionizing the way people make money online.

As new technology advances and continues to take society by storm, the potential for leveraging these tools for financial gain has never been greater.

From offering freelance writing services using AI, selling your AI-driven SEO services, or creating your own AI-powered niche blog to rake in the cash, this blog post will explore 10 of the best ways to cash in on this new wave of income opportunities.

How to Make Money With AI: 10 Best Ways To Make Thousands

Regardless of your experience level or skill set, there’s sure to be an option here that can help you earn money, so read on!

Let’s get started!

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How to Make Money with AI – 10 Best Ways!

Whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, mompreneur, or marketer, there’s a way to put the latest and greatest artificial intelligence tool to good use for your money-making benefit.

Let’s start with my favorite topic and one of the easiest ways to make money. Blogging!

1. AI-Powered Niche Blogging Site

One of the most popular ways to make money online is through blogging.

AI-Powered Niche Blogging Site

An AI-powered niche site is your own website that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to provide tailored content and services to its users.

Creating an AI-driven niche site can be a way to earn boatloads of cash using artificial intelligence tools to help you make it happen.

Essentially, this type of site is designed to cover a specific niche and uses AI technology to help produce high-quality, SEO-friendly content that is relevant to that niche, to generate large amounts of traffic.

You can monetize your site to earn money through affiliate sales, creating digital products, selling your services, displaying ads, or email marketing, just to name a few.

You can use AI tools like Jasper or Content at Scale, which are 2 AI writing tools that are designed to create a mass quantity of content specifically for bloggers and marketers.

The earnings potential of an AI-powered niche site will rely on factors such as the size of your audience, the quality of your content, and the monetization strategies you apply.

The money generated by these niche sites can vary greatly, with some earning tens of thousands of dollars per month and others only bringing in a few hundred dollars per month.

Your success will rely heavily on the level of competition in your niche and how much traffic you can generate for your website.

2. AI-Driven SEO Services

Have you considered how you can help improve other businesses’ online visibility and Google rankings by offering AI-powered SEO services?

AI-Driven SEO Services

You can efficiently provide actionable insights for your clients by using AI technology for SEO audits, content optimization, and data analysis.

AI is capable of performing various SEO tasks, such as:

  • SEO Audits – Assess the performance of the website and analyze opportunities to enhance specific areas, including the speed of the site, its compatibility with mobile devices, and its ability to be crawled by search engines
  • On-Page SEO – Boost your client’s search engine rankings by implementing on-page SEO techniques such as optimizing their blog posts, meta tags, headings, and image alt tags
  • Off-Page SEO – For off-page SEO, you need to analyze your website’s backlinks, find opportunities for link building, and keep an eye on your competitors’ strategies
  • Keyword research – You can help your clients find important keyword phrases they can implement into their content strategies depending on their site ratings (newer sites compared to older sites need different forms of keyword research)
  • Optimize Existing Content – Improve your clients existing content to enhance its readability, optimize keyword usage, and boost their SEO performance
  • Technical SEO – Identify and solve problems with website organization, search engine indexing, and sitemaps
  • Anchor Text/Interlinking Usage – You can help your clients with proper keyword usage for interlinking to boost their SEO performance

AI SEO tools can assist you and your clients to improve their or your online presence with search engines.

The tool I find most useful for improving my online presence is Surfer SEO.

With Surfer SEO, everything I mentioned above can be done. And, to top it all off, Surfer came out with their AI content-generation tool, known as Surfer AI.

AI SEO software can help improve your own site, along with tagging you as an SEO expert. Making a part-time or full-time income using SEO tools isn’t a bad deal.

3. Content Optimization Using AI

Similar to using AI SEO tools with all the possibilities mentioned above, you can target a specific niche and strictly help clients with content optimization.

Content Optimization Using AI

One of the top strengths of AI is its ability to proofread and improve content.

Although tools such as Quillbot can be helpful, long-form content still requires editing.

One way to work as an editor is to freelance your services, or you can seek employment with a publishing or content production company.

Blog content should be optimized for search engines, by using specific keywords, in order to improve a business’s SEO ranking.

You can offer services to include optimizing and editing services that use AI SEO tools such as Outranking or SurferSEO.

These tools are super user-friendly and provide detailed information on the content that’s needed to increase rankings.

4. AI-Powered Video Editing

Do you enjoy working with video, tinkering around simply for fun?

AI-Powered Video Editing

Why not earn a good side income or maybe even turn it into a full-time business, using these AI video editing platforms?

Video editing tasks such as color correction, audio mixing, and video stabilization can be automated using AI-powered tools like Runwayml.

Using these AI Video tools can help video editors save time and resources, which will enable them to concentrate on other editing tasks.

Among all AI-based earning opportunities, helping your clients with video editing is the one that can save business owners the most time, making it a lucrative opportunity for you.

Creators can generate revenue from AI-powered video editing services by either providing freelance or contracted video editing services.

AI technology can help video editors enhance their productivity, work quality, and income by a considerable amount.

5. Offer Freelance Writing Services Using AI

Freelance writers can increase their productivity and efficiency by utilizing AI writing tools for writing blog posts.

Offer Freelance Writing Using AI

You can use machine learning and natural language processing technology to produce better content in a shorter amount of time, which will enable you to handle more writing assignments and make more money during your spare time.

Here are some tips to effectively utilize AI in your freelance writing business:

  1. Using AI Writing Tools: AI writing tools can assist you in writing by generating ideas, outlines, and even draft content, but, it’s important to remember that you have to refine and polish the output to ensure it meets your client’s expectations
  2. AI Writing Tools: Try out various AI-powered writing tools that match your writing style and needs. Keep testing until you find the best option
  3. Plagiarism: To ensure your work is unique, it’s important to check it for plagiarism before submitting it to clients, as AI-generated content may occasionally include identical words or sentences found elsewhere
  4. Spelling and Grammar: After content is generated, it’s important to check for spelling and grammar mistakes
  5. AI Content Detection Tool: To improve your writing, you may want to use a content detection tool that can identify areas for improvement in readability, SEO, and grammar

As a freelance writer, using tools like Jasper or can help you remain competitive in the market and expand your business.

Incorporating these writing tips as a freelance writer can increase your efficiency, leading to high-quality content for clients, building a portfolio that can’t be ignored.

Follow the link for more money making ideas generating content using AI.

6. Offer AI Consulting Services

If you have technical knowledge of AI software or know how AI can address specific problems, you can offer consulting services related to AI and make money.

Offer AI Consulting Services

You can increase your earnings by providing recommendations and insights to businesses and individuals on how to effectively use AI technology based on your knowledge and expertise.

If you want to gain more clients for your consulting service, consider generating content that focuses on a specific topic or problem that could be solved with the help of an AI-powered tool.

To achieve this, you can use various methods such as writing brief social media posts, write articles, or producing YouTube videos.

Providing helpful information about specific AI software can attract potential customers seeking aid in incorporating AI solutions for their personal use or business.

To provide effective consulting services, you should require the following skills:

  1. Choose a field or problem where Artificial Intelligence can have a significant influence (I.E. Bloggers)
  2. Become an expert in using AI software that is essential for your chosen field
  3. Create content that showcases your skills and ability to solve specific problems
  4. In order to gain the trust of your audience, provide them with useful advice and guidance.
  5. Offer personalized consulting services tailored to address the unique requirements and difficulties of each client

You can use the following steps to create a thriving AI consulting side business, applying your knowledge to help others take advantage of the power of AI.

7. Create Online Courses Using AI

Creating online courses using AI can be a great way to make money online for those who are passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge.

Create Online Courses Using AI

By using AI tools, you can make the course creation process more efficient and better meet the specific needs of your intended target audience.

Using AI writing software like Jasper or can greatly enhance the development of your online course outline and creating content.

To create a digital course, follow these steps:

  1. Define your niche (specific area of expertise) and identify the demographic that your product or service is intended for
  2. Provide a description of the goals and expected achievements of your course
  3. Use an AI-powered writing tool to assist you in creating a comprehensive course outline
  4. Use artificial intelligence for course material creation to produce visuals, voiceovers, and animations that are more engaging and captivating
  5. Use NLP techniques and analyze past data to develop marketing content such as ad copies, social media posts, and email campaigns for promoting your online course

If you use artificial intelligence when developing online classes, you can make content that is both engaging and appropriate for your target audience.

Using these methods will help you grow your online business, allowing you to concentrate on other areas such as marketing and customer support.

Out of all the ways listed to make money online using AI, creating online courses are one of the quickest ways to earn a passive income that keeps on giving.

8. Create a Faceless YouTube Channel Using AI

One interesting way to make money is to create a YouTube channel without showing your face.

How to Create a Faceless YouTube Channel Using AI

You can create YouTube videos that generate income even if you’re uncomfortable being on camera or want to remain anonymous, by using AI applications.

InVideo or Dall-E (free tool), which is an AI-powered video editing software, can assist you in creating professional-looking videos effortlessly, regardless of your previous experience in video editing.

To have digital avatars voice your script, try using a tool like Synthesia and use voice cloning as it works the best.

AI-powered tools such as Lumen5 can analyze captions in your video and suggest appropriate stock videos for each scene based on its content.

If to give your anonymous channel a personal touch, you can use an AI avatar generator to create a distinct and cohesive visual identity for your personal brand.

This allows you to have a personal brand image without showing your real identity.

Business ideas for a faceless video channel:

  • Displaying music or soundtracks created by artificial intelligence
  • Generating voiceovers using artificial intelligence
  • Create informative list articles on a variety of topics
  • Create animated explainer videos or tutorials
  • Share mesmerizing visual or AI-generated art pieces created through AI

You can build an anonymous video channel that entertains and educates your audience while protecting your privacy by using artificial intelligence tools to edit videos and apply your creativity.

This can lead to a successful and profitable channel.

To keep viewers engaged, it’s essential to consistently generate captivating content that they are genuinely interested in watching.

There are different ways to make money from your faceless channel such as displaying advertisements, earning commissions from affiliate sales, and getting paid for sponsorships.

SideNote: Do you know how many bloggers would love to hire a video specialist to create faceless videos by translating blog posts into videos? Bloggers are busy, so probably tens of thousands, or more! I’m one of them!

9. Generate Music With AI

Creating music with AI can be an interesting and profitable way of making money on the side, for music lovers and producers.

Generate Music With AI

You can use AI music generators to create personalized beats, rhythms, and patterns that fit various genres and styles.

AI-powered music software is available to assist musicians, content creators, and businesses.

It can provide custom music that enhances their projects and helps them stand out from the competition.

To create music with artificial intelligence, follow these steps:

  1. Find an AI music generator that matches your specific needs and preferences by trying out various options
  2. Make yourself familiar with the features and capabilities of the AI tool you have selected
  3. Create a varied collection of AI-generated music by exploring different genres, styles, and moods
  4. Provide your AI-generated music as a service to musicians, content creators, and businesses who require exclusive and innovative soundtracks
  5. Make sure to keep improving your skills and keeping up with the latest developments in AI

If you are looking for a unique way to make extra money, consider selling AI-generated music. This can be especially appealing to people who value a combination of creativity and technology.

This opportunity enables you to refine your musical skills while offering a valuable service to clients who seek new and creative sounds.

10. Use AI Art Generators to Create Amazing Images

One of the most interesting ways for making money on the side is to create and sell AI-generated art or images to companies and brands.

Use AI Art Generators to Create Amazing Images

This can be achieved easily by using an AI art generator.

Tools like Jasper Art or NightCafe can help you efficiently introduce AI art in the market.

These amazing AI tools can produce captivating content that can attract customer attention and boost engagement on social media platforms.

Using AI-generated images can be a great way for businesses to enhance their visual appeal without creating the images themselves.

To start earning money, visit freelance websites or join niche communities where you can offer your services in graphic design or AI art.


What’s the fastest way to earn money using AI?

The fastest way to earn money using AI is through your existing network of leads. You can search for potential customers from your social media platforms, your existing email list, or invest in paid advertising.

After obtaining a consistent flow of potential customers, analyze the market to establish which digital products or services would be most beneficial to them.

How much can I earn from AI?

The amount of money using AI will depend on various factors, such as the size and complexity of the job.

Anybody that is proficient with AI tools has the potential of making $100 to $200 per hour.

Larger assignments could require greater compensation because they involve a substantial amount of effort to complete the task.

AI professionals can earn a lot if they focus on developing their skills and knowledge.

Can I start a side hustle using AI?

Yes, you can start a side hustle business using AI.

Entrepreneurs can easily use AI tools and services to launch an AI business without spending a lot of money on a team of developers or expensive software.

Starting successful AI side hustles is possible for anyone who has the necessary resources and knowledge.

Can ChatGPT make me money?

ChatGPT can earn money with AI by offering services like AI-generated content, website design and development, SEO optimization, social media marketing, email marketing campaigns, and more.

The tools offered by ChatGPT can help you establish a strong online presence and boost website traffic, which can lead to higher sales and profits.


With AI rapidly becoming one of the biggest game changers in the world of technology, now is an excellent time to start exploring how to make money with AI.

Whether you choose to get involved in machine learning algorithms or generating digital content, there are a variety of ways that artificial intelligence can help you boost your income.

Though each option explained above, comes with its own unique set of challenges, the rewards and potential payoffs may be worth the effort in the end.

So if you want to create a side hustle or dip your toes into passive income streams without relying on traditional methods, using AI as a tool may be a great place to start!

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