How to Add 1000+ Additional Blog Views Every Month without Paying a Penny (Increase Your Blog Traffic)

by | Updated on August 1st, 2020

1000+ Additional Blog Views Every Month without Paying a Penny

Genuine Methods to Receive 1000 or More Additional Blog Views Every Month… FREE!

Let’s say someone asked what you want to be. The answer “a blogger” would probably sound weird, right?

To some people, blogging is a joke and it’s not a good way to make money. For people who understand blogging, it’s a tool for changing the world.

A blog is more than a hobby, but it’s also more than a money-making tool. It would be a shame to get lost in marketing techniques, paid advertising, and SEO strategies with the sole purpose to profit from it. You can still bring many viewers to your blog and you should definitely be a smart marketer, but you don’t have to play tricks on the audience.

Are you willing to make an experiment? How about some genuine blogging, unspoiled by ads and marketing tricks? How about abandoning analytics, post timing, and scheduling?

We will analyze a successful blog to see where its popularity comes from. We don’t know whether or not its author pays attention to analytics, but we know there are no ads about it all over the web, and the author doesn’t follow a regular blogging schedule.

If you pay attention to the tips below, you may achieve 1000+ blog views per month without making a financial investment.

Tips for Genuine Blogging without Investing in Ads

If you analyze some of the most successful blogs on the Internet, such as Digital Photography School, Help Scout, Nerd Fitness, and Freshome, you’ll notice few general features:

They are focused on providing value

The posts are detailed and heavy on the visual elements. They provide useful tips that the audience can immediately follow.

They have developed a community

People love these blogs and they come back to them whenever they need information from the particular niche. They subscribe and follow the updates.

They are not linked to other sites

A truly awesome blog stands on its own. It’s not tied to a popular site, so the main purpose is blogging for the sake of blogging.

These examples are not unreachable by newbie bloggers. To achieve such success, we need to step back from the heavy promotion and go back to true blogging. That’s how simple it is.

Learning from an Example is a simplistic Blogger site. The author, Molly Wizenberg, quit a Ph.D. program in cultural anthropology and started this food blog. This is not a simple blog where you can find any recipe you need. The author celebrates food as an important part of life.

Author, Molly Wizenberg - is a simplistic Blogger site.

Let’s analyze this blog to see what’s so special about it.

Content… It’s the King

Orangette started out with a focus on food and recipes, but the stories related to them were special. With time, Molly started focusing more on the stories. For example, before reading the Creamy Beans recipe, you’ll read a personal story related to beans. Despite offering delicious recipes for the readers, this author also discovered the perfect recipe for blogging: storytelling.

The Bean Doctor

The Lesson to Learn:

If you’re trying to think of a way to make your blog popular, you need to make the content awesome. Every single post has to provide value to the readers. It’s also useful to connect useful tips with personal stories.

Regular Posting Schedule? There’s No Such Thing

Everyone keeps telling you to get your Google Calendar, schedule posts for publication, and stick to that plan no matter what. It doesn’t seem like the Orangette follows such a calendar. The author maybe had a posting schedule during the beginnings, but now we don’t know when we can expect a new post.

Let’s see when the last few posts were published: July 22, June 28, June 13, April 29, and March 28. There are no daily or weekly posts, but the blog is still crazy popular among people who love stories about food.

The lesson to learn:

If you can’t think of a nice topic for a post, don’t force yourself to do it. Instead of focusing on a blogging calendar, you need to focus on maintaining the quality.

No Ads on the Blog

Let Me Tell You Why Adsense is Not a Good Idea:

  • it’s difficult to get your blog approved
  • you have to follow many rules if you don’t want your account to be banned
  • the email support is lousy
  • it leads your readers to other sites.

Is making a small amount of money with Adsense worthy of sending your readers away?

There are no ads on the Orangette. The author does participate in the Amazon Associates program, but those links are useful because they direct the readers to the place where they can get the ingredients used in the recipes.

The lesson to learn:

Affiliate links are okay as long as they fit into the context. Ads, on the other hand, are not cool. If you want to make money out of your blog, find a different way to do it.

Books and Podcasts Are Cool

Molly Wizenberg’s book Delancey: A Man, a Woman, a Restaurant, a Marriage became a New York Times bestseller. Her first book, A Homemade Life, was based on the blogging concept she established: offering recipes along with stories about growing up around food.

Molly’s blog also features a great podcast, which offers weekly updates on food-related topics.

Recommended Books

The lesson to learn:

If you want to make the blog financially rewarding, it doesn’t mean you must feature ads on the blog or pay to get your site featured on other sites. You can offer something for sale, such as books or products related to the niche.

Tools to Help You Make Your Blog Popular

  1. Libsyn – great tool that gives you everything you need to start podcasting.
  2. Amazon – it’s the place where you can sell products. You can also link to products related to the content you publish, so your audience will easily find what they need.
  3. AssignmentMasters – if you’re worried about the quality of content you’re publishing, the team of writers and editors from this site will help you to improve it.
  4. Canva – free online infographic builder.
  5. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator – an automated topic maker that will give you inspiration for new posts.

Are you ready to do some real blogging? That’s not a hard thing to do… you just need to go back to the basics!

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