Why Instagram Stories Are Perfect For Launching A New Product

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Why Instagram Stories Are Perfect For Launching A New Product

When you’re launching a new product, you need to create a solid, targeted campaign that gets it seen by the right people. Instagram should form a crucial part of that.

With a huge userbase and an array of dynamic features at your disposal, Instagram lets you reach your target audience in a creative, engaging way.

Stories, in particular, are an effective way of creating hype for your product launch. If you’re launching a new product in 2020, read on to learn how Stories can help you achieve it.

Focus on Eye-Catching Visuals to Engage Your Followers

By its very nature, Instagram places great emphasis on visuals. While long-form captions are becoming increasingly commonplace, the emphasis remains on high-quality photos, videos, and graphics on the platform.

Stories are no different. Your audience sees countless Stories every time they log in to the app, only sparing a second or two of their attention each time to judge whether it’s worth their time.

Consequently, your product launch Stories strategy needs to deliver eye-catching visuals in order to grab your followers’ attention before they move on.

Naturally, your product should form the crux of this.

If your product naturally lends itself to aesthetics — think jewelry or apparel — this is easily achievable. But if your product lacks such a visual draw, you will need to get creative.

Think about the benefits your product provides instead, and think of a way to express that visually. You could focus on your customers themselves, sharing a video clip of a satisfied user praising your product, for instance.

Once you have your eye-catching hook, build on it with useful or valuable information that informs the user. Which leads us nicely onto…

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Use Your Swipe Links to Share Useful Content

Every good product launch has accompanying content to support it. Blogs, ebooks, how-to guides, and so on. This often ties into different stages of the sales funnel — blog posts for awareness, comparison guides for research, and so on.

This content should be cascaded across all your channels: email, website, social, and so on. Of course, sharing content on Instagram isn’t as straightforward — apart from your bio link, there is nowhere on your feed to share specific pieces of content.

Thankfully, the swipe function of Instagram Stories lets you direct your followers to desired content types with ease. Create a trackable link using a tool like Bitly and use your Stories as a jumping-off point to direct your audience where you need them to go.

Create Stories that highlight a particular hook of each piece of content. For instance, if you’re launching a time management SaaS product, you could create a Story with a Poll Sticker that invites followers to vote on how difficult they find managing their own tasks.

You could then direct people via a swipe link to a piece of content that highlights the benefits of your SaaS product for aiding with time management.

This is just an example, but it illustrates the value of taking advantage of all the features that Stories have to offer. Beyond relying solely on your Story, share complementary content that bolsters your product launch alongside it.

Take Advantage of Stories as an eCommerce Tool

There are a plethora of ways to use Instagram for profit: from sponsored posts to affiliate reviews, it offers plenty for businesses to drive sales.

For eCommerce businesses, in particular, Instagram has a plethora of built-in eCommerce features designed to let businesses push products from virtually everywhere on the site. The most commonly used of these is Shoppable posts, in-feed content through which followers can click and buy a product without ever leaving the app.

But Instagram Stories also offers a stellar eCommerce function too, through the use of Product Stickers. These let you ‘tag’ products in your Stories for customers to buy natively, again without the need to leave the app.

Towards the end of your product launch campaign, you can encourage customers to purchase through the simple addition of a Sticker.

Note: only approved business accounts can use Product Stickers. This can be done through Settings, and if you meet all the necessary criteria you should be approved within a few days.

Build a Sustained Campaign to Draw Interest

The best way to increase awareness and conversions for your new product is with a sustained teaser campaign.

Build anticipation over a prolonged period through a drip-fed campaign. Start with teaser posts — hints as to ‘something new is in the works’, for example — and build it out over time by sharing more information, sneak peeks, product demos, and so on.

As well as gradually creating a buzz around your product launch, this keeps your product in your audience’s minds. A sustained Story strategy reinforces your message on a regular basis, so post frequently and regularly.

You could also use this drawn-out campaign to boost signups to a mailing list, notifying your customers when your product has arrived. As interest soars over the campaign, use a swipe link to direct users to a landing page where they can provide their email address. This lets you target your campaign launch across channels for added reach.

Start small, build mystery, and slowly build your launch campaign as the final launch day arrives. Don’t forget to collect all your Stories into a Highlights reel for your feed too. This lets any prospective customer who missed them quickly and easily view them again.

Instagram Stories are dynamic, ephemeral content that gets you seen by your customers in a unique, creative way. Follow the tips above and use Stories to give your new product the launch it deserves.

Launching a New Product Using Instagram

NOW It’s YOUR Turn… What tips do you have for getting the most out of Stories in 2020? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!
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