Powerful Marketing Tips to Aid in the Network Marketing Invitation Process

by | Updated on September 24th, 2020

Powerful Marketing Tips to Aid in the Network Marketing Invitation Process

Like any network marketing professional, you WILL need to learn some skills to achieve success in your small business.

The more you educate yourself about network marketing, the more likely you will have massive success in achieving the residual income you desire for your family and your future.

Unlike most high paying professions like a doctor or lawyer, you will NOT need a large amount of money for your education, yet the network marketing professional can create a greater income for themselves than virtually any other profession.

Below are a few marketing tips to get the most out of your network marketing small business. Make sure you apply ALL of the following advice to maximize your results.


People Don’t Join a Business – They Join YOU!

TIP #1 Approach your network marketing business as a way of helping people rather than selling them on your “Can’t Live Without” product. If you go in with the thought process of Educating your readers, your business will flourish. Focus on the person and how you can help solve the issues he or she is facing.

If you happen to have a website for your business, make sure it is full of value and education as if you were teaching the reader about your company through an online tutorial.

Additionally, you must make this value clear to the reader so that they can understand what your product is that you are marketing. Giving value along with step by step educational procedures in your small business will offer return visitors and loyal followers.

My goal and yours should be to become an Alph-Networker, a leader in your company for others to follow, which of course will cause an increase in your bank account balances.

TIP #2 While speaking with a prospect, make sure to ask questions and encourage the person to share more about themselves. This will help you understand their position and how you can best help him with your opportunity.

The Network Marketing Pro Will NOT Pitch Their Product or Small Business Opportunity

After studying successful people in small business, I have discovered that successful network marketers build relationships, they build friendships. Their goal was NOT to immediately recruit their prospects.

If you focus on getting customers or a new distributor for your product, you will be disappointed… you will find your prospects running the other way.

The network marketing professional’s objective is to educate their prospects on what they have to offer and then let them decide for themselves if it is something they wanted to do… it needs to be their idea to join your home-based business.

When the timing is right, the professional marketer will invite a prospect to do one of two things based on the individual prospect’s situation.

1: If the professional marketer feels it is warranted, the marketer might invite the prospect to a 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 meeting with another member of the team.

He might invite the prospect for a three-way phone conversation, a small group presentation in their home or an online Webinar.

  • The professional marketer understands that the personal interaction is a critical component when it comes to building trust, so the pro will connect with people as often as possible. This is an element of ‘Social Proof’.
  • On the other hand, if you invite a potential recruit to a meeting, and it takes longer than one hour to explain your small business opportunity, the inevitable conclusion that your prospect will draw is that joining your business would be very time-intensive causing them to think twice about your opportunity.

2: Another choice for the marketer would be to invite the prospect to review a tool, whether that means to listen to a CD, watch a video presentation, look at a magazine, website etc… the professional marketer will allow the tool to do the work for them.

  • Using a marketing tool is a great way for people to become educated and hopefully excited while right in the middle of their busy lives. The prospect may not have time to drive across town to meet, but he can find the time to listen to a CD, read a magazine, watch a short DVD or an online presentation.
  • If the person is showing an interest, but still is in need of more information, or has questions, this might be the perfect opportunity to incorporate Number 1 from above.

For building a large organization with your home-based business opportunity, it has been found that using the tool for presenting your product or opportunity is the better approach for the first exposure.

Conclusion – Inviting Prospects Into Your Home-Based Business

Different home-based companies use different tools and events to grow their marketing business. Find what works best for your particular company, develop a daily method that works, then train your people how to effectively do the same… DUPLICATION BABY!

Remember that network marketing is a business and you have to treat it as such. You must realize that network marketing is NOT a get rich over night venture.

To be a successful network marketer, you must be willing and dedicated to put in the time and work necessary to help others succeed, which will put you on a fast-track to a rewarding future.

FINAL TIP: A genuine desire to help others succeed is important to be successful in network marketing. Crossing over the threshold of a network marketing professional, with the desire of ‘Paying it Forward’ will help your profits soar to the next level.

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  7. Thank for the reminder of servant & service leadership, John!

    Too many people get caught up in the potential big numbers in this industry at the expense of the mission. Change lives for the better, and THEN we will be rewarded with great success. in this industry especially – that’s why it rocks!

  8. Janine Sierra says:

    Thank you for sharing this article Mr. John.. I think it would really help me alot to be more knowledgeable in my new network marketing business. I have no experience yet in this nature of business but I do believe I can do it because of the tips you’ve shared..thanks u so muchh again Sir and looking forward to reading more.. More powers and Godbless!

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  11. Chuck Holmes says:

    When it comes to inviting, I simply try to find out what the other person wants and them show them a solution to their trouble. The whole concept of “what’s in it for me” is very powerful. Just my two cents. Nice blog here.

  12. Karlie says:

    This post was everything! I can’t wait to share it on my website and tweet it out!


  13. This list is so helpful! I know firsthand how daunting it can be at times to push for success in network marketing. Having a great list of tips like this can be invaluable, especially in those first few weeks and months. I’ll be sharing some of these with the people I work with to help them as well. Thanks!

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    Thank you very much for these excellent tips. Especially Tip 2 – making sure there is a need for your product before trying to sell it. Not everyone will want to buy it, and especially people who don’t need it. You’ll just annoy people if you’re trying to sell to them when they aren’t even a little interested.

    • John Engle says:

      Hey Nick,

      I’m glad this article gave you some value… I do appreciate those who take the time to make a positive comment.

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  18. nice post thanks for sharing this article .
    aim doing network marketing in india and my friends are finished i don’t have any invitations how can i invite from EMAIL and through Facebook please can u share some topics and how to invite people from email and fb

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  21. Chuck Holmes says:

    You are so spot on. People don’t join businesses. They join people. That’s why we need to be someone worth joining. Improve your skills, learn new things and do everything you can to get a little bit better every single day. As you do that you will attract the right people into your business. Just my two cents.


    • John Engle says:

      Hey Chuck,

      You always have amazing comments about the article… your Two Cents is welcome anytime.

      Thank You for stopping by and taking the time to leave Well Thought Out, Above-Par, Helpful comments…

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  22. TIP #1
    I always talk to new prospect into helping them how to be successful.
    although my business is about products that we use in our day to day lives, I don’t want them to think that I’m trying to get a costume.
    I’m always showing the AMWAY plan model and how to earn money on your spare time without having to leave your day Job but always with the goal of one day this business opportunity will help you brake the chains and be free from a JOB/BOSS.
    thanks for your tips, this is very helpful for new comers.

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  24. Hi John,

    Great tips indeed! Agree with your points and I learnt some great ideas here. Thanks for sharing a helpful article, surely I will recommend this.


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  25. Thise is best formula of success in MLM thankyou

  26. Hey John – just happened to find your article tonight. Great insight. “It needs to be their idea to join your home-based business” – truth! My business has become so much more fun since I learned how to have people come to me, instead of using the old ‘prospect everyone within three feet of you’ rule.

    In addition to the inviting principles you discuss above, I also believe it’s critical for reps to make sure their claims, and the company’s claims, line up with reality around the products offered. For example, in the huge and growing global organic and green trends, I see so many products marketed as ‘all-natural’ and ‘organic’ when really they aren’t. And potential customers and potential reps are getting more savvy when it comes to spotting greenwashing. Yet, most of the time, reps don’t even know that they’ve been greenwashed themselves or are making false or misleading claims – and then they wonder why people either don’t join their ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ business, or why they join and then leave when they realize the claims weren’t true and the products aren’t as natural and organic as they were made to sound.

    I always invite potential reps to take their time and ask the tough questions. Doing one’s own due diligence on claims before joining any company, and then encouraging prospective reps to do the same, helps solidify that sense of empowerment and commitment that starts with it having been their idea to join in the first place, and then grows deep roots knowing further that they’ve done thorough research on claims and can feel confident in their choice.


    • John Engle says:

      Hi Lacey,

      You hit the nail on the head… “It needs to the be their idea to join your home-based business.”

      If more people ran their home-based business with this thought in mind, they would have greater success.

      Thank You Lacey for stopping by and taking the time to give your feedback… I look forward to reading future comments!

      John Engle

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    Hi John,

    I use to read most of the comments. Our great leader told “do not run after money but run after human beings, you will see money will run after you.” I am addicted to read the good articles.

    Thanks for the tips.


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