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YOU Have Less than 10 Seconds to Grab the Readers Attention

Many big corporations spend millions of dollars on research to find the patterns of Internet users. It has been determined that when a person arrives on your site, at least 50% of them leave in less than 10 seconds.

YOU Have Less than 10 Seconds to Grab the Readers Attention

In order to keep your readers interest, you must have information that peaks their interest… they are at your site because you have something they need. It’s a self-interest thirst that needs quenching.

If you can meet this need by speaking directly to them about how you are going to solve their problems, then you will have a greater chance of stopping them dead in their tracks.

Visit your website as if you were a first time visitor… be tough on yourself and ask yourself if you have really captivated your visitors with what you have written!

Below are a few tips that you can use to gain their curiosity.

1. Headline Usage:

Keep in mind that your headline will be 90% of the reason that the Internet user will read your content. It must be relevant and interesting enough to stop the Internet user from surfing, and pull them in immediately.

Ask yourself, would my headline stop ME from surfing the Internet? Your headline must give the answer to the readers question “What’s in it for me?”

Follow the link for an article that will teach you How to Generate Powerful Headlines Guaranteed to Arrest Attention and Arouse Curiosity.

2. Think Like Your Visitors:

Put yourself in your visitors shoes for just a minute… they found your website because of the information that you are offering, and Google and other search engines found your content relevant to their search.

So, what is the Internet searcher looking to gain from your site… what problem does the searcher have that you have the solution for.

Keep in mind that people don’t care about the looks of your site, how much you know about your product… they have a self-interest need that has to be met, and would just like the solution to their problem.

If you can’t offer this solution, they will continue to surf until they find their answer.

3. Place Pertinent Information Above ‘The Fold’!

Make sure that your relevant headline appears above the fold on your site. For those not familiar with the term ‘The Fold’, this comes from a newspaper phrase… for our case it’s the monitor. This is the information that appears when a visitor lands on your site without scrolling down your page.

Looking at your blog, what is it that you see without having to scroll down for additional information? This will play directly into the 10 seconds or less rule! If you haven’t given the reader the information they are seeking above the fold, he or she probably won’t even scroll down for the additional information offered.

Closing Comments About the Less than 10 Seconds Attention Grab!

This is very simple… place the most compelling information in the location that the person first sees when entering your site. Make the title to your article explanatory enough to solve their problem.

If you can meet the Internet surfer’s self-interest reason for visiting your page by giving them the solution to their problem, and they see it without scrolling or searching, then you have them hooked.


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  1. Lani - Fundamental Online methods says:

    Aloha John, I enjoyed your post and pertinent list of information to keep in mind when setting up our content. I do my best to keep others informed and what is working for me. Glad I came by and thanks for sharing! Mahalo, Lani 🙂

    PS.. glad we are connected on fb and you’re welcome to come by and leave me a sweet remark if you like.

    • John Engle says:

      Hi Lani,

      Thank you for your kind words… many people, including myself need a reminder every once about to what is the first thing people see when they arrive at your site… is it going to draw them in to read your information, or is your bounce rate going to increase due to lack of interest on the part of the reader.

      Thank You for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      Please stop by anytime, and I will visit your site as per your invitation.

      John Engle

  2. Chuck Holmes says:

    In today’s world most people have very short attention spans. It’s so easy to hit the back button and go find something else online. Content should be high value, with photos, videos and anything else you can use to really get someone’s attention. I think it all starts with a good headline and then you need to break your articles down into smaller paragraphs because people tend to SCAN an article, not read the whole thing. Just my thoughts.


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