Top 7 MOST Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Made by Bloggers

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Top 7 MOST Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Made by Bloggers

In recent years, social media has exploded at lightning speed. Anybody not using social media marketing for their business is making a grave mistake. Very few businesses nowadays are using strictly TV, radio or newspaper advertisement to promote the products or services they represent.

As you watch TV commercials today, you will notice, towards the end of the advertisement, an announcement to ‘Like’ their Facebook page to stay current with updates or to follow their stories on Twitter hashtag, #BlaBlaBla. You will learn more about business today through the social media avenues than any other means.

Businesses, regardless of their size, are integrating social media marketing into their advertisement campaigns. It is a must that you actively participate in social networking platforms if you want to see your business flourish.

7 Daily Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

1. Failing to Post to Social Media Networks Regularly

Failing to post on a daily basis is going to kill your social media marketing plan. Posting only once or twice a week isn’t enough to remain in the minds of your audience. It’s been said by many social media gurus in the social networking arenas that posting 3 to 5 times a day is key.

Regularly providing your readers with value-based, worthwhile content that they can identify with and that will meet their needs and interests is key. Posting multiple times a day with fluff is NOT going to benefit your readers causing them to re-think staying connected with you.

Facebook Status Box

If you find that you have things going on during the day, Facebook business pages allow you to pre-schedule posts for articles, images, quotes… what ever you desire. All you do is post normally, but before clicking on the ‘Post’ button, click on the little clock (see image) and set your year, month, date and time, etc.

2. NOT Engaging with Your Audience

Social media marketing is all about engaging. Be interactive with your readers; ask questions and encourage the person to share more about themselves if it feels right. Be polite and, if the person is new to you, be sure to thank them for their participation.

Conversations are a two way street. Learning ALL you can about a person, maybe even becoming friends, will enable you to be in a position to help the person in the future with whatever your opportunity may be. By all means, be honest and transparent with people… lies and false-boasting will catch up with you.

3. Not Being Familiar with Your Social Media Platforms

Right now, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn seem to corner the market for social media networking. There are many other networking platforms available, so spend a little time to see which media sites have the greatest audience most fitting to your business.

Here are a few social media networking sites to improve your website’s exposure.

Not Being Familiar with Your Social Media Platforms

Once you decide which social networks are best suited for your business, you will need to spend some time learning the basics to work the platform.

4. Lack of Creativity on the Social Media Sites

Successful network marketing professionals ‘Think Outside the Box’. What better way to create buzz on your site than to post something nobody else is doing. Competition is fierce, so in order to survive you need to be one-up on the others in the same marketing field. Being creative and having innovation is going to grab the attention of the people watching.

Grab your audience by the throat with attention-getting images of humor or inspiration. Motivate them with an offer they cannot refuse. Ask your readers questions to engage them. Plain and simple, surprise them with something unique and stimulating.

5. Not Keeping an Eye on Your Competitors

Smart business people know exactly what their competitors are doing… they spy on the competition so-to-speak. Virtually every business online is using social media networking as a weapon of choice for their business, so be up on what your competitors are doing while you generate ideas for your own success.

It never hurts to take notes on what other bloggers are doing… inspiration is a good tool. You can then brainstorm your own ideas for original content that will captivate your audience even more.

Facebook has come up with an easy way to keep your competition close by allowing you to place your favorite competitor’s Facebook pages in a list, at your fingertips, in your back office Business Page dashboard, Check out the following image.

Facebook Pages to Watch

6. Using the Social Media Networking Sites to Spam

There is nothing wrong with promoting your business or services, but if you promote, promote, promote and that’s all you do, you are going to lose what followers you have. Amateurs sell products and push them on people. Professional Network Marketers offer solutions and expertise, so use the social networking sites wisely.

If you take on the attitude of helping where you can, you cannot go wrong. No one likes to be sold. You, me and the rest of the world DO NOT like to be sold anything unless it is our idea to buy.

7. Expecting Over Night Success with Their Social Media Campaign

Social media marketing is an ongoing process… you cannot expect instant overnight success. There are many people that work at it for a few weeks, maybe even a month, with little to no results. The person gets frustrated and eventually quits their social networking efforts because of the lack of success they encountered.

Closing Comments about Social Media Networking and Marketing

Know that the fundamentals of social media networking (marketing) is all about making a connection with people and not all about selling your product or service. People are looking for value and a quick fix to their issues, but as mentioned earlier, don’t want to be sold. People will buy from you when they are ready, not when you are ready.

Social media is just one more channel to have in your network marketing arsenal. Sales through networking on social media sites takes time and needs to be obtained passively, not through aggressive tactics.

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What Social Network Marketing Mistakes Have You Done with Your Online Business? What Did You Do to Correct Your Errors? Share Your Thoughts in the Comments Section Below!


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  1. liton chakraborty says:

    The Role Of Social Media Are Strongly Recognied By Everyone, You Have Covered Almost all Kind Of Mistakes Are Usually Happen In Social Media Platform. Thanks For Your Blog.

  2. Shiwam says:

    I love this article. It’s clear, honest and succinct whilst being pretty hard hitting at the same time. Having something interesting to say – and giving away insight to position yourself as an expert also has enormous value. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be using all these tips going forward!

  3. Thankfully when I started out, I did not make any of the mistakes mentioned in the post, but I do see it happen on Facebook and LinkedIn and yes, I do unfollow or remove connection if I start feeling spammed.

    The worst case that I have come across not once but many times is on #5 on LinkedIn. Where a new connection starts bombarding me immediately after I accept their invitation with courses that are not relevant to me, adds me to a newsletter that I have not opted into or uses my personal email to start selling stuff before actually building a rapport. I wonder, do they realize that they are ruining opportunities for business by jumping the gun or is that how they run their business. Not very professional.

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