Myths About Network Marketing – The Fallacies Keeping You From Success!

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Myths about Network Marketing

Nowadays there are a lot of offers to get money with the help of different Small Business opportunities or in other words with the help of network marketing.

At the same time this way of earning money has a lot of myths about it.

1. Network Marketing is a Fraud or Financial Pyramid

This myth appeared because many pyramids began to mask as network marketing organizations. It is important to distinguish clearly that network marketing is a business and the pyramid is a fraud and deception.

How is it possible to distinguish real marketing from pyramid? First of all, it is a membership fee and possibility to function without attracting new participants (the main conception of pyramids is the attraction of new people), but of course the normal network marketing structure should contain something like a referral system. You should also take into account the real price of product.

2. Network Marketing is Running with Bags of Products and Pitching

Network Marketing Myths

Of course there are projects which mean such ways of product selling. But it is always possible to find another way of goods and services realization. For example, what is the problem to make your own site, through which you will sell products?

3. Network Marketing is Something Like a Sect

In general people, who strive for something, always seem strange or even “zombies” for others. And first of all such thoughts have people who don’t want to achieve anything.

4. It is Impossible to Earn Money in Network Marketing

This myth was invented by people, who tried to earn money with the help of network marketing, but couldn’t manage to do it. Probably they are losers. If you are not a loser just don’t listen to them.

But for justice’ sake we should point out that some myths were invented even by the network marketing participants in order to attract new members.

1. The Best Business is Network Marketing

For 60 years of the network marketing structure existing no one such company became a leader in the world. Even the fact that network marketing occupies a very small part in the sphere of goods turnover just confirms the weakness of this fact.

2. Network Marketing is a Way to Independence, Making Your Own Business

In the network marketing world, especially on the low levels, you shouldn’t think about independence and self-sufficiency, because rules are common for all project members. Even at the highest levels you will have to reckon with general strategy.

3. Network Marketing is a Guaranteed Success and Wealth

In truth not all people earn big money in such projects. Otherwise, why are there so many myths from the side of opponents of such business type?

In order to earn money with the help of network marketing you have to follow all recommendations and work day and night. And it doesn’t mean that your income will be great. So, you understand that maybe you will have just losses because of this business type.

But in spite of disagreements and reservations it is really possible to earn money with the help of network marketing. In this case you have to act correctly and effectively. You should find the network marketing project which will fit your own preferences.


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