5 Plagiarism Checking Tools for Creating Original Content for Your Blog

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5 Plagiarism Checking Tools for Creating Original Content for Your Blog

Creating original and authentic content is one of the benefits of your website. Besides, when plagiarized content is added to a page, your site can suffer from severe damage. You might lose traffic or only come up on search result pages which no one ever checks.

However, before we explain to you why it is so, let’s explore what plagiarism is really all about.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is basically stealing. Plagiarism is when someone uses someone else’s work for their own purposes without referring to or giving credit to the author.

Plagiarism usually happens without author’s consent. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technologies, plagiarism is monitored and banned in case it is detected. Unlike the hard times in the past, when tutors spent hours trying to check whether the work is original or copied, today it only takes a few clicks thanks to the various applications and we will present them in this article.

Why is plagiarism wrong?

There are a couple of reasons for this.

1. Ethical basis.

Stealing is not ethical. You violate someone else’s rights. And even though people would agree with us here if we were talking about stealing a pen or a car, they often see nothing wrong with taking someone’s thoughts. But an author deserves to be given credit for all the hard work. It is their property, so no one should take it without their permission.

2. Technical reasons

You should not publish unoriginal content on your website as search engines will not work with it. You damage your reputation by showing that you are not capable of providing trustworthy information to your potential or existing clients.

Besides, when the search engine detects that the texts are not fresh and original but taken from another resource, they consider this resource unreliable and move it far from the first search result pages. As you probably know, most users only check the first and the second search result pages. Only the most desperate ones will go to the third. But no one will go to the fifteenth. So, if you appear on the fifteenth page because of the unoriginal content, you risk your revenues.

All in all, you have all the reasons to stay away from plagiarism. So, how can you actually do that and what high-quality proofreading service can you use to check whether your content is plagiarism free? Here is what we know.

List of 5 most useful plagiarism checking tools

1. Grammarly

This tool is simply amazing. After registering with a system, you get access to the tool which allows you to proofread your texts using state-of-the-art technologies, correct your grammar and spelling errors, and check content for plagiarism.

On top of that, the program suggests better words and phrases to use instead of the existing ones in your text. You can create your own vocabulary with words you want to leave in the text as they are in order to save you time and effort.

So, among a wide range of choices, we highly recommend you picking this one.

2. Copyscape

Supporting the idea of the anti-plagiarism campaign, developers of this tool made everything they could to simplify the experience of using this resource to check for plagiarism.

Everything is straightforward and clear. All you need to do is to add a URL to a special box and give the tool time to check whether there is plagiarism of any kind in the article.

You can choose different levels of subscription. The more expensive ones offer you more opportunities while the simple ones focus on simple checks.

However, keep in mind that it only scans web pages. So, if you want to check paper sources as well, you should opt for the first tool on our list.

3. Smallseotools

Many people recommend using this tool, as it is safe and reliable. Besides, it is so easy to use that even a toddler might be able to handle this plagiarism checking procedure.

The system analyses the text one enters as well as the information available on the World Wide Web. Thus, in the end, a user will receive information on what sentences or even whole parts of the text already exist online. These components usually don’t pass tests on plagiarism conducted by Google. So, such parts should be removed or rewritten.

Moreover, they state that one can check their content and be sure that system won’t save it and sell it.

All in all, it’s a perfect tool for busy marketing specialists who value original content and the success of their company.

4. Plagiarism Checker

Unlike other tools, this one gives you an opportunity to check not only online pages but also paper sources. It has been running for more than ten years now. So, a lot of its features have already been updated and developed. This is its advantage over younger tools and software.

On top of that, it is also easy to use. All one has to do to check their text for plagiarism is insert or type it right there on the webpage and hit the “Search” button. The tool will analyze the World Wide Web and tell you whether your content is original.

5. Viper

This tool offers every customer a chance to check their resource against millions of pages online, check the originality of their documents, as well as gives them a list of resources to compare.

It provides only reliable information along with proper results of the search. Besides, one can scan their documents entirely free of charge which is also a significant advantage.

So, if you were looking for such resources, then save this list and use these tools whenever you need to check your texts for uniqueness. Many people use them and highly recommend them. Good luck!

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NOW It’s YOUR Turn… And what plagiarism checking apps do you know and what do you use? Feel Free to Share Your Thoughts in the Comments Section Below!


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  1. Pat Elainer says:

    I think many bloggers are aware of damage to reputation that is caused by plagiarism. Many of them are tech-savvy enough to realize that duplicated content has serious harm to website positions.

    One more plagiarism checker that – I have no idea for what reason – is not mentioned in this list in Unplag (https://unplag.com). Works fine for me, has high security of use and shows sources with direct places in the text where information was taken from. Pretty useful!

  2. Christina Battons says:

    Thanks Pet for the comment and for the tool. I think it will be useful for many people.

  3. Drillbit says:

    Software that searches the Web for duplicate textual content. Universities increasingly use anti-plagiarism software to determine if students have copied someone else’s content, and writers use it to see if others are using their copyrighted work in full or in part. Thus copied or duplicate content can be identified in a fraction of seconds using Drill bit software which is one of the best online plagiarism checker for students.

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