How to Properly Promote Your Blog in LinkedIn Groups

by | Last Updated on August 7th, 2021

How to Properly Promote Your Blog in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is THE professional Social Media Network

Meaning that, there, you don’t need to be afraid or ashamed of promoting yourself or your blog. Yes, you still should remember that it is all about the group and that you should collaborate and share as much as possible. But you also allowed talking about achievements and post on your blog or website.

The challenge is dealing with this dichotomy mentioned above. How far can you go promoting your blog on LinkedIn, especially in their groups? When and under which conditions is fine to post a link or ask for feedback? It is what we are going to discuss here.

It Depends on the Group

Each LinkedIn group has its own particularities and guidelines. Some of them will consider as perfect fine that you promote your blog there. Others will not allow it no matter what. So you need to be careful when you first join a new group.

Look for a thread with the group’s guidelines, as most of the groups of them have something like this. If you can’t find it, check previous threads and see if anybody has ever promoted their own blog there. And, to stay on the safe side, ask the moderator for clarification about it.

It Depends on the Blog

Most of the time, even if it is OK to promote your own blog, you need to take the time to reflect on the relevance of your blog to that particular audience. No matter how much you believe that your blog is the best thing on the internet, it might have very little or nothing to do with the group you joined.

So forget that you are the blog owner for a while and put yourself in the other members’ shoes. How would you like to see a post on your blog? Not even a bit? Then you are probably better off looking for another group where your blog will be properly appreciated.

It Depends on the Frequency

Most of the groups, even those who don’t allow blog promotion, will tolerate that you do it once. It will pass as a mistake or a moment of excitement, and that is it. But if you keep posting your blog link over and over, you might get into some trouble.

Again, just remember how you feel when someone keeps trying to sell something to you at any cost. Something you don’t even want to buy. Yes, you feel from uncomfortable to infuriated. And the feeling is the same when you talk about your blog repeatedly in your LinkedIn group.

It Depends on the Format

There are many ways that you can promote your blog in your LinkedIn groups. And not all of them has to post your URL as a mandatory step. So if you try and find more discreet ways to do it, you will still achieve your goal, even if it in as slower pace.

Remember that you can add a link to your blog to your profile and to other social media networks. You should also wait for a member to ask you for something whose answer can be found in your blog – making typing the link completely justified.

Find Out About Best Practices and Features

Now that you understand how the game is played, it is time for you to consider adopting some of the best practices and features of LinkedIn groups.

Earn their trust first

One common mistake that many bloggers make is joining a group and then desperately try to find any way to promote their blog on it. But, if you want to be respected in the long term, you shouldn’t do it.

Your strategy should begin with introducing yourself and getting to know the ambient first. Be present, so people will also get to know you, but take your time earning their trust and building a connection. Then you can take from there.

Make the most of your 15 one-to-one message

With your free account, you get the right to send 15 one-to-one messages to any members of your group per month. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it can be very valuable if you choose wisely to whom you will be chatting. And, in a private conversation, you will be free to talk about anything you want, including about your blog.

Be creative when starting a conversation

If your goal is to promote your blog, there is no harm in starting conversations that might give you an opportunity to mention it. Of course, don’t overdo it, or people will notice what you are doing. It can only be effective if what you are offering it is a significant contribution to the group in the first place.

Complete your personal profile

As mentioned before, your personal profile is the best place for you to keep your blog’s URL visible. But it will only have an effect if you have a complete and engaging personal profile. Check a list of the best websites that can help you to write it and don’t waste even one sentence.

What you want is that people believe that you have something useful and relevant to say and that you have the expertise required to it just by looking at your LinkedIn profile. If you manage it, you will increase your chances to get them to check your blog as well.

The Bottom Line

LinkedIn groups are a great tool to promote your blog. There you can meet your target audience eager for reliable and well-researched information about all possible topics.

So find the groups that best suits your niche and introduce yourself. Build a connection and earn the trust of the members. Then start promoting your blog following the group’s guidelines and without ever sounding pushy.

Always remember that you are there to provide information, not to hard-sell a product. If you focus on collaboration instead of metrics, you will naturally gain new and loyal visitors to your website.

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NOW It’s YOUR Turn… Do you have specific strategies for promoting your blog articles to LinkedIn Groups? What makes this social media platform so good? Feel Free Share Your Thoughts in the Comments Section Below!


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