How to Unlock the Secrets to Revolutionary Copywriting Skills

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How to Unlock the Secrets to Revolutionary Copywriting Skills

Creating great copy is the most effective and important skill a blogger can develop. After all, the copy is one of the most important elements of successful internet marketing, from emails to blog posts. Mastering this technique can play a big part in differentiating your blog or website from others and turning it into a success.

In order to write a great copy, it is necessary to understand the most important principles of this particular discipline. The key part of the copy is the content itself.

Some of the Most Persuasive Techniques to Create a Great Copy

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1. Benefit over Features

Every copywriter starts their career by learning about the principle of emphasis. Emphasizing benefits over features is highly important in the process of creating a copy but still, most of the writings are actually based on features instead of benefits.

True, features are needed if you want to show what your product consists of, but this is only giving information to the customers instead of convincing them to pick you out of the other providers in the market. If you point out why they should buy your product or service, they are more likely to purchase it. After all, no one purchases a product because of its features, but because they can benefit from it.

2. Be Specific

If you want to create a successful copy, you should be as specific as possible. Of course, it is always easier to speak of a product in general sense, but this does not entice customers to choose you.

Being specific includes numbers, statistics, real information. Generally, everything that sounds more believable. Try to avoid general claims.

3. Target Customers’ Emotions

People are often influenced by their emotions when making decisions, regardless of what the decision is. Of course, the emotion is just one of the factors that also include logic and abilities, but it is definitely an important one. Studies have shown that most purchases are actually based on emotions.

Creating a copy based on logic can cause you miss sales. Why? Because if the copy has only logical appeal, you are not aiming towards the people’s emotions. The purpose of advertising your product is not to show people why they need it, but make them want to have it.

Testimonials for Maximum Credibility

A good copywriter should know how to best leverage testimonials from existing customers. Testimonials are the best tool in getting credibility and attracting new buyers.

Sharing a positive client testimonial helps improving the credibility for your blog or site. If you do this, people are more likely to believe what you are saying.

There are several ways you could use testimonials for your benefit:

Testimonials can tell things you cannot

Let’s face it – you cannot be all flattering and bragging when selling something. If you are, chances are that people won’t believe a word you say!

On the other hand, sharing a flattering recommendation from satisfied clients is acceptable. Also, it is not only acceptable but can also increase the credibility for your product.

Testimonials can help you strengthen the key aspects of the copy

The testimonials are mainly general, but there are people who talk of specific aspects of your product or service. If you wish to emphasize these aspects, this is the best way to do that.

What you have to do is understand and determine the most important testimonials for your site. Choose carefully because your picks must be based on which testimonial can best strengthen the key aspects of your copy.

Testimonials highlight the key customers

Working for important people or large companies can entice people into picking you out for their product supplier. Having a testimonial from big, important clients can impress your potential customers better than anything else. Why? Because knowing that someone important picked you means you are good at what you do or that your product is the best in the market.

Testimonials as headlines are extra credible

Testimonials can also be used as headlines in order to achieve better results. Using a good testimonial as a headline in your blog or page leads to extra credibility. This is a strategic way of placing your testimonial so that it is the first thing your potential clients see when they enter your site.

Copywriting is not an easy task and one must follow some carefully picked out techniques to present their product or service. Follow the abovementioned guideless in your search for the best way of creating an effective copy. Without a good copy, your website is very likely to fail and of course, so is the advertising on your business. Because the truth is, most of the advertising is now based on the internet.

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