19 Little Known Scientific Secrets to HELP Improve Your Business Productivity [Infographic]

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19 Little Known Secrets to Improve Productivity

When we think of things that influence our productivity, we usually only look at the big picture. Is it too noisy? Am I getting distracted by things I shouldn’t be?

Did I just have a 3-hour meeting where nothing got done? But there are so many little things impact our productivity too. These things can be separated into three main categories — workspace, workflow, and taking breaks.

Believe it or not, scientists have conducted multiple studies that show that the lighting, color, temperature, and noise level of a space can have a huge impact on how employees perform.

Likewise, they’ve found certain workflow habits can greatly increase productivity. For example, hard tasks should be completed in the morning, and multitasking should be avoided.

In addition to creating a hospitable work-space and determining a good workflow, don’t forget to take breaks! Though you may feel like working through lunch or for ten hours straight shows you’re dedicated, doing this won’t help you get more done.

If you recharge, even by browsing the web for a few minutes, you’ll feel refreshed and be more productive.

For more science-backed productivity tips, take a look at this infographic by GetVoIP.

19 Little Known Scientific Secrets to Improve Productivity [Infographic] - PoorManBlogger.com

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Though companies control the color of the walls, temperature, and structure of the space, there are many things you can do to make your work environment more hospitable. For example, add a plant to your desk, display colorful photos, or get a natural light desk lamp.

If the workflow is your problem, you can try listening to music that will get you focused or stick to a schedule. There are three common methods that help with time management and productivity.

  • Pomodoro Technique – The pomodoro technique encourages short bursts of productivity followed by short breaks. You work for 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break, and repeat. After four 25 minute sessions you take a longer break.
  • 52-17 Method – DeskTime, a productivity app, studied the habits of productive workers and found that the most productive people tended to work for 52 minutes straight and then take a 17 minute break away from their desks.
  • Ultradian Rhythms – Ultradian rhythms are natural body cycles that occur every 90-120 minutes. In these cycles people move from higher to lower alertness. It is recommended that people take a 20 minute break every 90-120 minutes when their alertness is waning.

Try out some of the productivity hacks above to see what positive changes you can make with your workflow.

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NOW It’s YOUR Turn… What has Limited Your productivity? Is it your office space? Failure to take breaks? Has the Internet Been Good for your Business? What Challenges Have You Faced with Your Online Marketing Business? If you have a productivity tip that works well for you, let us know! Share Your Thoughts in the Comment Section Below!


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