6 Signs You Made a Great Impact On Facebook

by | Last Updated on August 6th, 2021

How can you tell if your Facebook page is very popular or not? Can you measure how well your engagement on Facebook is? Of course you can! There are a lot of indicators that will show how well your Facebook campaign is doing. It could be shown in your level of publicity or with the increase in the number of your Facebook post likes. To know if you have made a great impact on Facebook, here are a few indicators.

Number of Followers

The first thing that you should watch out for would be the number of followers that you have on your Facebook page. This is the most obvious indication of how well your page is doing. The more followers your page has, the more popular it is. However, the number of followers is only the tip of the iceberg. Going deeper, the number of followers will only matter if you get to retain it and keep the followers interested.

Number of followers that you have on your Facebook page.

Post Likes

To start off with an engagement, let’s first talk about post likes. One of the main goals of any Facebook page owner is to increase Facebook post likes. Since you want your followers to engage in your Facebook page, make your posts as likable as possible.

You’ve got to give your followers a reason to like your page. You must first do a demographic target market study on who your target audience is. Once you have done that, then you can base your posts on whatever your followers would want so that your posts are relevant.

Facebook Reactions

Once you are able to increase your number of likes, the next thing that you should concentrate on would be Facebook reactions. Facebook reactions are those smileys that you can see beside the likes. This is a pretty recent feature on Facebook. Reactions would give a better idea of how people feel about a certain post. This can be through angry emoticons, laughing emoticons, and hearts.

Facebook Shares

Of course, shares are the ultimate sign of engagement. If a person got compelled to share your post, it means that your post was so good that he or she wanted other people to see it as well. The only way to get more shares is to continuously post content that is of high quality and relevance. Facebook shares are arguably more important than Facebook reactions or likes.

Facebook Shares


Comments are also a good sign of engagement. If people comment on your posts, that means you are definitely posting something interesting. How do you boost your comments? Well, one thing you can do is always ask people’s opinions. People love to give their opinions on anything, and you can ride on that tendency to get people to engage with your post. The more comments you have, the more successful your page is.

Post Reach

You can see this indication on your Facebook like page analytics. The reach would show you how far your post has gone and how many people have taken a look at your posts. In order to boost post reach, a lot of people buy Facebook posts.

How does this work? Well, you pay a very popular page, that is somehow related to your page, to post your page’s content on your behalf. By doing this, you will boost your reach even further because you’re also reaching the followers of the popular page where you bought a spot.

Another technique to boost page reach would be to use the boost post function. This will boost your posts so that people outside your usual circle of followers can see your posts. This is extremely helpful in getting a huge number of viewers in a small amount of time. When you boost and buy Facebook posts, you are sure to push more traffic to your page.

Indication on your Facebook like page analytics

These are some of the indications to show that your page is doing well. What do you think should you do next after knowing all these? Well, you could first focus on one indication at a time. If you have a high rate for all these six characteristics, then your page is definitely on the high engagement side.

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