How to Solve Customer Pain Points Quickly to Improve Your Business Success

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How to Solve Customer Pain Points Quickly

User experience is crucial. You will find easy-to-understand positive implications of a good user experience that goes beyond the client.

As the boss of a small startup enterprise, keeping the client’s experience and encounters via our marketing platforms is dear to my heart.

Due to this, I spend lots of time attempting to look for products that will proactively assist me to have a better grasp of the client experience without direct interaction with the client.

In many cases, some tools fail to give me a deeper understanding of the customer experience, and I am only informed when things go wrong.

Sadly, by then, most clients will have gone through pathetic customer experience, and the chances of losing them are high.

To avoid such scenarios, I have used lots of Analytics software in the past, including Google Analytics. Still, they failed in providing a granularity I was looking for about the way the client is being treated.

From this encounter, I discovered and delved deep into customer video interaction software to help solve customer issues at Ascend.

By making use of video interaction software, I have been able to observe the client’s experience and introduce precise changes to sections that need upgrading.

In this post, I will tell you how it has been using this software and the way I have used it to solve pressing customer problems quickly.

What is Video Interaction Software?

Video interaction software is a video tool that gives a glimpse of a real-time video of a person’s interaction on your site.

When I was looking for superior software, I examined quite a few service providers in this industry such as Full Story and Inspectlet.

It must be noted that all these software has its benefits and drawbacks.

Still, all hinges on what issue you need the software to address, and what you want to find out via the video interaction software.

Regardless of the software you opt for, the advantages will overshadow the costs. What makes the software so unique is that it allows you to observe the client’s interactions directly.

What Process Did I Utilize to Solve Customer Pain Points?

My greatest objective for using video interaction software was to utilize what I had observed to resolve both apparent and subtle customer issues. At my firm, we had a four-step process.

1. Observe the Interactions on the Video Interaction Software

This was the initial step we took. Keep in mind that allocating time to view the client interaction videos is crucial to the whole process. You may have to look through hundreds of videos until you find trends of mistakes in your user experience.

2. Watch Out for Mistakes.

As you view the interactions, be alert for mistakes that arise on your site as the client is interacting with it.

So it is advisable to view lots of interactions so that you can identify a specific error that multiple individuals are facing that might need a fast solution.

For instance, when searching for mistakes, we realized that our bankruptcy calculator, clients had to manually delete the 0 that cropped up every time they wanted to enter an amount.

While eliminating the zero seemed inconsequential, resolving the issue enhanced the client experience better.

Remember that errors can be both significant and insignificant, and discovering and correcting even the tiniest of customer issues can improve the user experience tremendously.

3. Complete a Google Form and Incorporate the Video Snippet

After we discovered a problem that a person was facing, we placed it in a Google form we had designed for tracking mistakes.

Also, in the same form, we included the video snippet in which the mistake has happened for effortless referencing when resolving the error.

4. Engineering and Product Meet to Solve the Issue

After properly documenting the error, our production staff will be able to use the video interaction to resolve the particular pain point. We prioritize and fix all of the user experience issues right away.

What is this Product Best Used for in Your Marketing Strategy?

How would this product be efficiently utilized as marketing strategies? This is a superb question. Many times, video interaction software is suitable for business to client interactions.

Keeping in mind that we are a small enterprise, it is vital to have alternatives that have a freemium model that we can develop even as our company grows.

What about the question of where video interaction would play the most significant role in your website? Personally, I prefer using it on pages where individuals are more prone to committing errors.

These are areas where visitors will have the most significant interaction with your site, including forms, calculators, and web apps.

I can confidently say that this product could work wonders for both B2B and B2C companies, but it would probably be extra valuable to B2C companies. Ascend is a B2B2C, although we use exclusively with our B2C company.


Maybe you have reached the same point where I was, and you feel you are not making any progress as far as viewing and solving customer experience is concerned.

So you are in the market for a product that suits your needs. I can attest that video interaction has benefited my business so much, and I know you can reap the same fruits.

The best part about this software is that you will be able to face pain points for clients and solve them proactively.

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