5 Simple But Powerful Ways to Target Your Followers with Twitter Ads

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5 Revolutionary Ways to Target Your Followers with Twitter Ads

Once you start investing on paid advertising, you will see that it is a worthwhile investment as you can generate a better ROI. It is important to note that your advertisements should be able to target the right people.

Remember that you are spending a fortune on your ads. That is why you should be able to craft ads that are compelling and can reach your target audience.

In this article, we will be looking into advertising on a social network which you might already be using – Twitter.

This microblogging platform is a favorite of many businesses when it comes to social media marketing because it has over 300 million monthly users, it has an advertising revenue growth rate that continues to grow every year, and its platform’s ad interface is very easy to work with.

What else could you possibly need from this social media platform, right? In this post, however, we will look at strategies that can help you improve your efforts further.

1. Create Your Twitter List

A constant reminder bloggers and content marketers ought to remember are to keep growing their email lists. This is one of the most effective resources for businesses. On a similar note on Twitter, you can also create a Twitter list.

It’s a great way to purposefully sort out or cluster your followers into groups that will be relevant for you. Not only that, you can even engage with your followers more efficiently.

To make a Twitter list do the following steps:

Step 1. Go to ‘Lists’ on your Twitter profile.

Go to ‘Lists’ on your Twitter profile

Step 2. There will be an option there to ‘Create a New List’ on the right sidebar.

Create a New List

Step 3. Specify a name and a description for your list. You can create a public list to let other users subscribe to updates. You also have the option to create a private list.

Specify a name and a description for your list

Step 4. To add people to your list, you go to their profile click on the gear icon, and then there will be an option there to add or remove them from the list.

To Add or Remove People from the List.

There will be a pop up where it will show the lists where you can add the Twitter user to. You can add up to 5000 users to your lists, and you can have a maximum of 1000 Twitter lists.

add up to 5000 users to your lists

2. Carry Out a Direct Message (DM) campaign

Sending messages directly to users may be a very effective strategy. However, you have to tread it with a bit of caution. You may end up annoying the Twitter user and consequently get blocked for spamming.

Carry Out a Direct Message (DM) campaign

The great news is that Twitter lets you send 1000 DMs a day. But you shouldn’t be sending thousands of messages for consecutive days lest your account gets suspended. You would also want to leave some room for replies to your Direct Messages.

Choose a rather realistic limit on the number of messages you do send. About 100 DMs a day will do. However, Twitter discourages you from sending links in the body of direct messages and may even deny sending the messages.

So now that we know the limitations let us look at how we can conduct a DM campaign.

You have to invest a good amount of time in targeting your specific audience with your 1:1 messages. Remember to make a relevant offer and the DM campaign will work in your favor. Send DMs only to a sub-section of your followers.

Base this on a set criteria such as language or geographic location. Unless you are knowledgeable about the current position of your audience in the funnel or any other similar information about them, try not to leverage this strategy.

Also, don’t forget to personalize the content for every user. Make sure that they will be pleased that you don’t just send generic DMs and see it as an automated spam. Don’t forget that the tone of your voice must be humble and informal.

3. Leverage Tailored Audiences to Scale Your Campaign

On this part, this is where the grouping by categories such as interests, language, and geography comes in handy. When sending tweets in the feeds of a segmented audience, there will be a greater chance of receiving engagement because of an increase in relevancy.

A great way to also increase your Twitter quality score and to make your ads more profitable is through higher engagement.

When creating a new campaign, you will be presented with the option to ‘Select Your Audience.’ The ideal thing to do would be to not exceed your audience size to 100,000 users. Through relevant hashtags, interests, behaviors, and keyword searches, you can better target your followers.

4. See What’s Working for Your Competitors

At times you may be wondering about the next steps on how to scale up your advertising campaign. What you may not realize is that the opportunity is right in front of you. Whether you are coming up with ideas for your blog, contents, or looking for backlinking avenues, this will work.

The tool SocialBro has a tool that can give you insights about your Twitter competitors. You get to compare the stats of your Twitter account compared to theirs. To see this, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Analytics, and then Account Comparison, and then New Comparison.
  • Choose the accounts you want to compare from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a date.
  • What you will get will be an overall summary of all accounts. You’ll get to study your performance compared to your competitor’s

5. Target Industry Influencers

You may be able to target individual members of your audience in a conventional manner. You also have the option to rely on influencers to better amplify the reach of your company to millions of possible prospects in just a matter of minutes.

Now, can we also target influencers through paid ads on Twitter? Yes, the tailored audiences we discussed on the previous strategies is the way to go.


Now that we’ve learned some strategies on Twitter Ads, if you feel like you want to further widen your ad’s reach, you can buy and use a professional tool like Audience.

It is a basic fact when it comes to marketing; your message has to appear in front of the right audience so that it will work. Targeting your audience through your Twitter ads can do wonders for your business. You get to have more engagement, a higher quality score, and yes, greater ROI.

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NOW It’s YOUR Turn… Do you agree with the steps we have discussed above? Do you have any other ideas that can help in targeting our followers with Twitter Ads? Share Your Thoughts in the Comments Section Below!


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