10 Proven Tips – How to NOT Ruin Your Social Media Success

by | Last Updated on August 1st, 2020

10 Tips on How Not to Ruin Your Social Media Success

Building success on the Internet is something that takes time, especially if it is built via social media. You need to think about your posts, tweets and pin-ups a lot before publishing them, and one wrong step can lead to ultimate failure. Therefore, take a look at these 10 tips which will guide you through avoiding all the pitfalls that await anyone who achieved at least a bit of the success on social media.

1. Have a Plan

It is important to have a plan for every social medium and stick closely to it. The good plan should be long-term and involve everything that platforms offer – content sharing, paid advertising, content creation, communication with customers, etc. Finally, you should make a plan about the possible goals in terms of likes and followers that you would like to reach both organically and by paid ads.

2. Do Not Become Lazy with Creating Content

It may seem as super-fun job – to create and share content on the pages of your business on social media. However, many people simply give up after a while. They start to create and share old content and become rather repetitive. This is something that repels the new people and cause old followers to unfollow you.

3. Do Not Forget that You are Still Interacting with Humans

Another thing why social media success is ruined sometimes is that people who are behind it become generic in their posts. They completely ignore their audience and separate from them, causing the audience to leave. Imagine your social media presentation as a kind of a theatre where, apart from trying to sell a product and be more popular, you also have to entertain people.

4. Do Not Ignore Comments, Messages, Etc.

Social media representation is not about sharing and creating content – it is about interaction as well. Therefore, the most successful pages on Facebook are the ones that have daily communication with people who liked it. They answer the comments on posts and try very hard to answer every message sent to them.

5. Be Consistent on ALL Social Media Platforms

Twitter, Facebook and every other social medium have a different philosophy behind them and you should accept that philosophy in order to get the maximum out of them. However, you should also have your own branding philosophy which would go cross-platforms and remain the same. In other words, consistency is very important when presenting your business on different social media.

6. Do Not Make Every Post About Your Brand

There is this famous 70:30 rule that everyone who wants to build and maintain success on social media should follow. The rule states that 70% of your posts should not be about you, your brand or your business. Instead, they should be some other things that may or may not be connected to what you present – funny videos, news, etc. The 30% of posts should focus entirely on your brand.

7. Do Not Think in Quantity But in Quality

More posts are not better. Share and create content every day, but if you really have nothing to post, just skip it and wait until inspiration kicks in. There is a very neat Internet term for oversharing content – SPAM. Do not spam people, entertain them.

8. Do Not Invest a Lot of Money

Many marketers believe that in order to succeed on social media, one should invest a fair amount of money on promoting them. Some kind of investment is inevitable, that is certain. However, instead of pouring down money on everything you post and share, try paying smaller amounts on posts that you think can really go viral or have a specific target audience.

9. Commit Long-Term

Commitment is the word that is of great importance for social media success. If you build a success and then give up from everything, you will decline much faster than it took you to build the success. In the age of Internet, you should always try not to be forgotten, because the life of a post on a Facebook wall is rather short, let alone the life of a single tweet line.

10. Most of ALL… Have Fun

Finally, try to have fun and yourself be entertained by the content that you share. Musicians can play brilliantly, but the audience feels if the energy between them is bad and they do not enjoy the music. The same goes for the social media – you are exposed and everyone can see whether you are really interested in what you do, or you just share your posts generically – just to preserve success.

To sum up, it is very difficult to achieve success on social media. However, the most difficult thing is to keep up with everything and remain successful. These 10 tips can help you avoid certain pitfalls that are hidden along the way through which many had fallen into oblivion.

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  1. Chuck Holmes says:

    Great post here. For the most part, I have put social media on the back burner. I’ve never really figured out how to get a positive ROI with it. I focus more on content creation on my blog and good email follow up. That being said, a lot of folks are crushing it with social media. I think the tips you share are a good starting point. I should also chime in and say that each niche is different. Some are more “social media” friendly than others. Just my two cents.

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