4 Basic Twitter Tips for Your Business!

by | Last Updated on September 23rd, 2018

Twitter Tips for Your Online Marketing Business!

4 Basic Twitter Tips to Help Build Your Business!

Twitter is a great online tool for building buzz, having conversations, building your business, and reading up to the minute news. Twitter is used by the rich and famous, athletes, your business competitors, and hopefully you.

Below you will find 4 very simple, basic Twitter tips for your business that should not be overlooked.

Twitter Tip #1 – Use your own photo! Many Twitter users don’t use their real personal photo. Using a cartoon image or a company log is better than nothing, but using your real personal photo can create a good impression by putting a face to the name.

When you post a photo of yourself, it lets others know that you are real, and gives the impression of confidence in your product or service. If you would like others to recognize you as a leader in your niche market, having a face go to with your name will help.

Twitter Tip #2 – Many of us use an automated Direct Message service similar to SocialOomph. If your message is not written properly, it can be seen as pushy and impersonal. If you decide to use an automated message sender, then keep it simple and friendly.

Show your appreciation to the person following you by thanking them. If you decide to promote your business or product, be prepared for the person receiving your message to click the unfollow button… it can be a gamble. Offering something of value without being pushy is the key.

Twitter Tip #3 – If you are new to Twitter, and you would like to build your following, you’ll need to do some tweeting first. People are not going to show interest in you if they click on your Twitter page to see what you have to offer, and there isn’t much there.

If you are not sure what to say, ReTweet some other peoples’ Tweets that are related to your market. You can also read what others are tweeting about and reply to them… this will help you build online relationships, and possible create a conversation about market related news, or your business.

Even if you are a seasoned veteran, this is a step that should not be left out… doing this can help others increase interest in what your business is all about, plus increase volumes of traffic to your site.

If you happen to know who Katie Freiling is then you know that she speaks largely of relationship building.

She speaks of a 80/20 ratio as the minimum, which means giving 80-90 % value (anything that can improve the lives of others), and asking for something in return the remaining 10-20% of the time.

Don’t find yourself bringing a selfish mindset to the table… Katie says it best, “Wanting people to buy your product, or join your business opportunity, you will be more of a repellent, than an attractor”… this great advice from Katie leads me to the next Tip!

Twitter Tip #4 – Don’t find yourself doing excessive tweeting promoting your product or business. Twitter is used for promoting businesses, but posting one tweet after another can cause people to unfollow you.

There are millions of Twitter-ers (did I say that right?) to follow, so why should a person follow you when all you are doing is tweeting promotion after promotion? Ask yourself… are you posting anything of value to them?

Remember the old saying…”People want to know what’s in it for them.”

Closing Comments About Twitter Tips for Your Business.

Even if you have a large following, it is still not a good idea to bombard your followers with promotions… promotions should only be sent in limited numbers. Work on building relationships online… it’s the key to any successful business.

Use Twitter Grader to see how much influence you have on the Twitter community. Check back periodically for your rankings… if you are seeing improvement with your number, you are on the right track to building a strong following.


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  1. buff says:

    Thanks for the useful Twitter tips John. Knowing the right etiquette is always so helpful. Would you be interested in sharing some tips about how to actually understand and use the tools for building relationships using Twitter?

    Best wishes,

    • John Engle says:

      Hi Buff,

      I would by no means classify myself as a Twitter expert, but I can sure help with what I know… what did you have in mind?

      How is your theme search going for your blog?

      John Engle,

      • buff says:

        I don’t understand how people actually use Twitter to make real connections.

        I had to put that on hold for a few days, but I’ve found a few Woo themes I like but haven’t played with any of them much yet.One I like for portfolio presentation is Fullscreen, but it’s all black with difficult to read text. Do you know if the basic background of a theme can be changed from black to white?
        Thanks for your interest!
        It’s great to see your consistent posts showing up from the Rockstar tribe. I really appreciate all your great content.

        Buff Elting

  2. Kevin. says:

    Excellant tips. Thanks

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