To stay competitive, marketers and small business owners must leverage the power of AI video generators to create high-quality videos.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to make AI videos using tools like Synthesia – an advanced AI video maker powered by artificial intelligence which simplifies the process of creating engaging videos while providing excellent results.

We’ll walk you through the steps to create professional videos with an AI-generated narrator – from writing concise scripts that maintain audience engagement, to choosing the perfect avatar and voice options for your message.

How to Make AI Videos in 7 Minutes Using The Synthesia Video Generator

You’ll discover the video creation process for customizing visual elements in your AI videos such as backgrounds and graphics.

Finally, explore various applications where leveraging Synthesia can elevate your marketing campaigns or educational content by adding a personalized touch with human-like avatars.

By mastering these techniques with our guidance on video editing and previewing generated videos, you’re sure to impress viewers while saving time and resources using an advanced AI Video Generator.

Let’s get started!

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Learn How to Make AI Videos in 5 Simple Steps (2 Minute Video)!

Step 1. Creating a Video Script for Your AI Video

When writing a video script, it’s best to keep it short, and conversational. Well-thought-out video scripts will make for engaging AI videos, so keep your text concise and easy to understand.

Tips for creating concise scripts

  • Keep it simple: Use short sentences and avoid jargon to ensure your audience grasps the message.
  • Focus on key points: Highlight the most important information to keep viewers engaged.
  • Add some personality: Inject humor or personal anecdotes to make your script relatable.

Maintaining audience engagement with clear language

Avoid a passive voice and use an active voice to give your words more impact.

Check out this guide on active vs passive voice for tips on improving clarity in writing.

Be sure to use visual aids like bullet points or numbered lists within your video’s visuals to break up large chunks of text, and use key takeaways that are easy to remember.

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Step 2. Choosing an AI Avatar as Your Narrator

Selecting the right avatar to narrate your engaging video is crucial for relatability and appeal.

Synthesia offers over 140+ avatars in 120+ languages to find the perfect fit.

Factors to consider when choosing an avatar include diversity, audience appeal, tone & style, and mood & emotion.

  • Diversity: Choose a range of avatars representing different genders, ethnicities, and ages for inclusivity
  • Audience Appeal: Select an avatar that resonates with your target audience based on their demographics or interests
  • Tone & Style: Ensure the chosen avatar aligns with the tone of your content – be it professional, casual, or educational
  • Mood & Emotion: Pick an avatar that can effectively convey emotions relevant to your script for better engagement

Synthesia offers support for over 120 of the more popular languages, such as: English (US/UK), Spanish (Spain/Latin America), French (France/Canada), German, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese (Portugal/Brazil), just to name a few.

By selecting the right AI avatar, you can create engaging videos that resonate with your audience – keep experimenting until you find the perfect fit.

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Step 3. Pasting Text and Selecting Voice Options

Ready to bring your script to life with Synthesia’s AI video editing software?

Let’s get started by importing your text and exploring different voice tones.

How to Import Text Efficiently

  • Divide Your Script – Break it down into smaller sections for natural pauses
  • Paste Each Section Separately – Control pacing and transitions by pasting one section at a time
  • Edit as Needed – Review and adjust for formatting issues or errors

Exploring Different Voice Tones

Choose a voice that sounds natural and matches the tone of your message.

  1. Natural – Select a voice that engages viewers
  2. Tone – Match the voice to your message’s tone

Customize your video creation even further with Synthesia’s voice cloning technology.

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Step 4. Customize Visual Elements in Your AI Video

Create engaging videos by customizing visual elements like colors, shapes, backgrounds, emojis, and screen recordings with Synthesia.

Enhance Visuals with Background Customization

Set the tone for your video with a personalized backdrop from solid colors to eye-catching images or videos.

Incorporate Emojis & Graphics

Add personality and emotion to your video creation with relevant emojis and custom graphics like logos or icons.

  • Tip 1 – Use high-quality files (preferably PNGs) for optimal on-screen results
  • Tip 2 – Be mindful of copyright laws and use royalty-free resources like Unsplash or Pixabay

Experiment with text formatting options like font styles, sizes, and colors to create a unique and engaging viewing experience that caters to your target audience’s preferences.

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Step 5. Create and Preview Your AI-Generated Video

Before finalizing your Synthesia video, take the time to preview and edit any necessary changes to ensure a polished end result.

Things to Look for When Previewing and Editing

  • Catch grammar mistakes or awkward phrasing in voiceovers
  • Ensure visual elements align properly with spoken content
  • Maintain a consistent tone throughout different sections of the video
  • Avoid potential copyright infringements by double-checking the visuals used

Finalizing Your AI Video

  1. Analyze – Watch through each section carefully for inconsistencies or errors mentioned above
  2. Edit – Make any necessary changes to ensure a smooth flow between sections and proper alignment of visuals used
  3. Preview – Watch the video again to ensure all changes have been made and the end result is polished
  4. Generate – Click the generate button and get your ready-made AI video creation within minutes
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Leveraging Synthesia for Various Applications

AI-generated visuals are adaptable and can be employed in commercialization, instruction, tutoring, and more to form captivating content that is tailored to specific viewer requirements.

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Use Synthesia to create personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Educational Content with AI Avatars

AI-generated videos offer an innovative way to deliver lessons and tutorials, with realistic avatars narrating educational material in a conversational tone.

Training Materials for Businesses

  • Onboarding – Use AI-generated videos during employee onboarding processes to create informative presentations about company policies and procedures
  • Skill Development – Create customized training modules tailored specifically towards individual employees’ skill sets or job roles
  • Safety Demonstrations – Develop clear safety instructions using Synthesia’s video editing software to ensure proper communication of important guidelines in workplace environments

Promoting Events and Webinars

Use AI-generated videos as engaging promotional materials for events and webinars, effectively conveying key information while capturing viewers’ attention.

By leveraging Synthesia’s language options, you can easily create multilingual content to reach a wider audience.

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FAQs in Relation to AI Video Generators

Can AI generate videos?

Yes, AI-powered platforms like Synthesia and InVideo can create videos using artificial intelligence.

How does AI video generation work?

An AI video generator analyzes text, selects an avatar narrator, generates speech, and incorporates visuals to create a cohesive video.

How do people make AI-generated videos?

To make an AI-generated video, users write a script, choose an avatar narrator, paste the text into the platform, select voice options, customize visuals, preview, and edit the content before finalizing it.

What is the AI that generates video from text?

Synthesia is an advanced tool that generates high-quality videos from written scripts using AI algorithms, customizable avatars and voices, and other visual enhancements.


Creating AI videos has never been easier with Synthesia’s AI Video Generator.

Follow our tips for writing concise scripts and choosing the right avatar to create engaging content for your marketing campaigns or educational purposes.

Enhance your video even further with customizable visual elements and various voice tone options to match your brand’s personality.

Preview and edit your video before finalizing it for optimal results.

Take advantage of Synthesia’s endless possibilities and start leveraging their AI Video Generator today!

For a more in-depth look into the AI video creation tool that’s making headlines in every corner of the marketing world, check out our Synthesia review!
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