As a small business owner, I’m always looking for ways to improve efficiency and methods for writing blog posts for me to gain better Google rankings.

With more than a dozen new AI writing tools hitting the Internet streets in the last month alone, how do you choose?

Like other AI writing tools, this software uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies to help bloggers and content creators.

But, there’s one big difference in how this AI tool generates fully SEO-optimized articles, compared to the others… keep reading to find out!

2023 Surfer AI Review - The Long Awaited Tool is Here! Will it Put Other AI Tools Out of Business?

In this Surfer AI review, based on my own experience using the AI tool, we’ll explore what makes it so special, its pros and cons as well as any potential pitfalls users should be aware of when putting this new AI tool to the test.

Let’s get started!

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Surfer SEO, which is an Artificial Intelligence SEO tool that can assist with keyword research, audit of existing content, and your entire site, along with a content creation process to improve ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

The Surfer AI add-on (unfortunately a paid add-on feature), has enhanced the Surfer SEO tool beyond words.

Let’s dive in…

What is Surfer AI?

Surfer AI is an artificial intelligence, content generation tool that Surfer SEO subscribers can pay to generate SEO-optimized content for their blog or business.

It will allow the subscriber to create content quickly and easily with the click of a button.

You can use this amazing AI tool by simply adding your primary keyword phrase into the Surfer dashboard, click the button, and away you go.

– Ok, you got me, there are just a few more steps, but you get the idea!

P.S. – If you’ve been hearing all sorts of things about AI detection and its negative impact on your rankings, Surfer AI has you covered.

There’s an anti-AI detection tool that you can toggle on before you click the “Let’s Get this Party Started and Get to Writing,” button.

More on this later…

On to the next subject…

Who is Surfer AI for?

Surfer AI software was originally designed for SEO professionals; however, it’s also useful for non-experts who can take advantage of its features.

Surfer AI is available to everyone, but its design caters to a particular group of users.

Bloggers – Bloggers and affiliate marketers who are new to the field often have difficulty with content creation that is optimized for SEO.

Surfer AI provides advanced article creation services and in-depth competitor analysis, which can significantly increase the publisher’s efficiency by reducing the time spent on keyword research and writing.

Small Business Teams – Surfer AI plays a crucial role for bloggers or small business owners that need to consistently create fresh content to keep their organic traffic steady.

With Surfer AI, one person can handle the editing and still publish numerous articles every week.

This can help you establish expertise in your chosen topic and improve your search rankings.

Marketing Agencies – Surfer AI can be very useful if you work in an agency with multiple clients and you need to provide them with fresh content every week.

If you don’t use a content writing tool such as Surfer AI, you’ll have to conduct keyword research and create the content yourself to meet the standards required by your client.

With Surfer AI, you can get close to a publish-ready state in just 20 minutes.

To generate an article on your given keyword using Surfer SEO’s interface, simply click on it and the article will be created, saving you a significant amount of time.

How Does Surfer AI Work?

Quick breakdown

The Surfer AI process can be summarized in these steps:

  1. Add your target keyword
  2. Adjust the tone of voice, toggle anti-AI detection if you choose, and adjust your competitors
  3. Review the AI-generated outline – modify it if necessary
  4. Create your SEO-optimized article (20 minutes average)
  5. Edit the content by adding links, images, etc.
  6. Once you’re satisfied, publish the content to your blog or website

The cool thing about Surfer AI is that it can generate a completely, SEO-optimized blog post in the Content Editor in a matter of minutes, which is pretty much, ready for publishing.

NOTE: Of course, you should always proofread it, no AI tool is ever perfect.

In case you’re not familiar with Surfer’s Content Editor, it’s an editing dashboard that provides a list of natural language processing (NLP) keyword phrases that are pulled from top-ranking pages.

In the Content Editor, it will also display the average number of words, headings, and images that are present on those pages, giving you an idea of what you need to match, or do better, in order to outrank your competitors.

After the Surfer AI tool has put its AI SEO software to use creating a blog post from the majority of the populated keyword phrases that it gathered, you have a choice to make.

At this point, you’ll have two options: use the well-optimized article just like it is or spend a little more time implementing additional keyword phrases that are provided by Surfer.

Choosing the second option can improve your chances of higher rankings in Google and other search engines.

Surfer SEO was an amazing on-page optimization tool before they added the AI tool, but now the SEO workflow for creating optimized blog posts is even easier.

How to Use Surfer AI to Write Content?

When Surfer came out with Surfer AI, it ran a special to purchase a certain quantity of AI credits for writing content.

I went ahead and purchased the 5+2 package, which was, pay for 5, get 2 free.

Directly below, is the article I ran for the example.

Let’s discuss the step-by-step process of how to use Surfer AI.

Step 1. Choose Your Keyword Phrase

To use Surfer SEO’s Content Editor, click on “Write with AI“, then enter your target keyword phrase, and then click on “Create for 1 AI credit.”

Step 1 - Choose Your Keyword Phrase

For my example, the keyword phrase I chose was, “How to Overcome Writer’s Block Using AI.”

The Surfer tool will prepare the dashboard by analyzing the top-ranking web pages, then collect the data to produce the best possible article for you.

Once the processing is complete (about 30 seconds), you’ll click on the keyword phrase in the Content Editor History to make further adjustments and/or customizations.

Click on the keyword phrase in the 'Content Editor' history

Step 2. Adjust & Personalize for the Best Article

This wizard will allow you to modify the tone of the voice from the drop-down list (13 to choose from), and toggle the AI detection tool on if you choose to use it.

NOTE: For the best quality, Surfer recommends that you don’t turn it on.

For this article, I chose to leave it off!

At this point, don’t do anything yet, continue reading…

Step 2 - Adjust & Personalize for the Best Article

Google & AI Generated Content

Google doesn’t have an issue with AI-generated content in general, but “if you use an AI tool to manipulate rankings, for example, by publishing numerous AI-generated content solely for the purpose of ranking higher, Google may remove you from the search engine results pages (SERPs).”

SideNote: One thing I do after I create an AI article and tweak it to my own personality and verbage, I run it through the FREE, Content at Scale AI detection tool.

This AI detection tool is highly accurate for detecting AI written content, and it will highlight where it believes the information was written by artificial intelligence. This way, you can rewrite the section and re-run it through the AI detector.

It’s not clear where the threshold for “AI manipulation” is with Google, but, although it sucks, the Ball is ultimately in Google’s court to determine this threshold, so I would always go for above 90% when using the AI detection tool.

Keep in mind, whether you choose to toggle the “boost anti-AI detection” tool on or not, you’ll always have the option to use the Surfer SEO AI brain to further optimize your content for search engines.

Next, make sure the “I want to review the outline in the next step” is checked (under Outline). It should be on by default!

Scroll Up to View Competitors

Scroll the information up to see the chosen articles that Surfer will gather data from to write your article.

Surfer will give you the option of toggling articles, on or off, as shown in the screenshot below, that are listed from the first page of Google for the keyword phrase you chose to create the article for.

NOTE: It’s recommended by Surfer that you leave the settings alone and not make any changes.

SideNote: It’s up to you, but one thing I personally do is to click on each article that Surfer has chosen for its data gathering, to see the layout, headings, etc., before committing to it being a part of the selection.
Adjust & Personalize for the Best Article - Scroll to Choose Competitors

Surfer automatically suggests the top five URLs with the highest content score to increase the likelihood of producing an optimized article.

Create Outline

Once you’re satisfied with the selections, click the, “Create Outline” button.

Depending on the depth of data gathering, it could take a few minutes for the AI to generate the outline.

In the next section, you’ll want to review it and make any modifications you’d like.

Step 3. Review Your Outline

Once your outline is created, you’ll have the opportunity to review it.

You can rearrange, add, modify, or delete any of the headings.

Step 3 - Review Your AI Generated Outline
NOTE: One thing I like to do before I create the article is read down the headings out loud to see if it tells a story.

Try to remember that today’s society has an attention span of less than that of a Goldfish (8 seconds), so your reader will most likely skim your article to see if it’s worth reading.

I chose to leave the AI-generated outline alone simply to see how it works out!

Once you’re satisfied with the heading, you can click the “Let’s write” button which will start the content creation process.

The process to generate the article will take approximately 20 minutes to create.

Step 4. Edit Your Content

Below, you’ll see the article that Surfer cranked out.

I was actually surprised to see the Content Score so high without modifications.

Step 4. Surfer AI Completed Article - Time to Edit Your Content

For this particular keyword, the average score was 68, and the top-ranking page was 77.

However, Surfer AI managed to produce a 1894-word article, with a score of 82, which was pretty darn amazing. AND, is undetectable by AI content detectors according to the Content at Scale’s AI Detector.

– And, I didn’t even toggle the “AI-Anti Detection” tool on!

Content at Scale - AI Content Detector Showing 92% Results, "Highly Likely to be Human!"

To improve the clarity of your message, you’ll need to consider making a few edits.

These edits would include breaking up bulky paragraphs into shorter, more bite-sized, readable ones, and adding images and links where appropriate.

Surfer AI is currently developing features like incorporating links and images, which will be launched soon.

It’s important to edit the outcome to align with your brand’s tone of voice and express your perspective on each subject in your own words.

Make sure to always proofread the article before publishing.

Related Article – Follow the link to learn more about how to make undetectable AI content.

Surfer AI’s Plagiarism Checker

Surfer comes with a plagiarism checker that is already part of Surfer SEO, and it’s FREE!

Based on the example I’ve given you, the checker determined that the generated content is not plagiarized.

Surfer AI’s Plagiarism Checker

As an Added Bonus

Surfer AI generates articles that begin with a brief summary introduction outlining the main topic of the article, which is pretty nice.

The outline is used to develop talking points, as well as a final summary or conclusion and a section for frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Including a FAQ section in your article can improve your chances of getting more organic traffic, as Google may use some of these FAQs as some of the questions and answers in its search snippets.

Here’s a basic rundown of its content structure:

  • Starts with an introduction
  • Gives a short summary
  • Content covering all topics
  • Writes a standard conclusion
  • Adds a FAQs section which is nice

Surfer AI Pricing

To utilize Surfer AI, you are required to have an active subscription to Surfer SEO, which is not a big deal if you want the BEST SEO tool to help you optimize your content for the page 1 Google rankings.

Surfer AI Pricing Table
  • To summarize, the lowest-priced plan for Surfer SEO is $89/month or $69/month at $828 billed annually ($240 savings).
  • Surfer AI offers you about 9 to 10 high-quality articles for the same price as a typical freelance writer, which can easily cost a couple of hundred dollars per article (depending on the quality of the writer).
  • The amount you would save is substantial. Once you make the necessary finishing adjustments and edits to ensure consistency with your brand voice, you’re done!
  • One of the great advantages is that you do not need to employ writers, spend time making outlines, or miss deadlines.

Surfer AI Credits

Surfer AI costs broken down:

  • Grab 123, up to 8 at a time for $19/each
  • $171 will get you 9 + 1 Free (save $19)
  • $418 will get you 22 3 Free (save $57)
  • $798 will get you 42 Free (save $152)
  • $1558 will get you 82 18 Free (save $342)

Surfer AI Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons
  • This software can create SEO-optimized articles quickly and easily with a single click of the mouse
  • It creates high-quality content by using the top search engine results pages as a reference
  • It produces long-form content with a word count ranging from 2000 to 3000, depending on the average of the top-ranking pages
  • It can pass AI content detectors
  • It comes with a plagiarism checker that you can use with the click of your mouse
  • To use Surfer SEO, you need to have an active subscription
  • Surfer pricing might be too high for small businesses or individual users with a limited budget
  • While Surfer SEO is designed to be user-friendly, it may still require users to invest time in learning how to use the tool effectively

Remember that Surfer AI is a writing assistant, so be sure to add your own personal touch, like using your own voice, telling personal stories, etc.

Surfer AI Alternatives

Although Surfer AI is an innovative tool for content writers and SEOs, there are other AI tools that perform the same tasks.

One of the AI writing tools I still use to this day, even after the production of this amazing AI writer, is Content at Scale.

Content at Scale

Content at Scale Dashboard

The top AI writing tool known as Content at Scale has the ability to perform keyword research and generate complete articles (minus the images) using unique content that can pass AI detection.

Content at Scale has the ability to create blog posts and articles using various sources such as YouTube videos, podcasts, existing blogs, or audio files.

I’m sure the team at Surfer knows this and is probably already in the planning stages to match Content at Scale’s abilities.

Content at Scale also has a built-in plagiarism scanner, powered by Copyscape, which is similar to Surfer’s scanner.

Content at Scale includes external links to helpful resources, which improves the quality of the article.

And, it’s something that Google wants to see, resources to back up the article.

We all know that Surfer knows this and will probably be incorporating that very soon, saving a lot of research time for those who produce articles using AI.

The only negative is that Content at Scale is pricey…

But, if you USE THIS LINK, you’ll get 20% MORE posts (that’s 5 posts, instead of 4, etc.) that you can generate each, and every month – on any plan you choose (look at the bottom yellow banner after clicking the link).

Check out my Content at Scale review for more information.

Jasper AI

Another AI tool that I still use to this day, which happens to integrate with Surfer SEO, is Jasper AI.

Jasper AI Editing Dashboard - Integrated with Surfer SEO

Both Jasper and Content at Scale have their strong points, which is why I wrote a Comparison blog post, called, Jasper AI vs Content at Scale.

Be sure to go check it out!

Now, let’s talk briefly about the Jasper AI writing tool.

Jasper is an artificial intelligence writing tool that uses machine learning and natural language processing to generate content.

The tool allows users to rapidly produce captivating blog posts without having to compose them entirely on their own.

Jasper AI has a design that is easy to use and can be used by anyone, including my 78-year-old mother.

Jasper can serve multiple purposes for different people, including:

  • This tool is designed for bloggers who aim to create a top-notch content strategy and produce in large quantities and earn income through their blogs.
  • Content marketing agencies that want to produce an SEO-optimized content creation process for their clients.
  • Small business owners wanting to write distinctive and genuine reviews of your products feel free to use this platform.
  • SEO specialists can combine Surfer SEO integration with Jasper AI to create an optimized content strategy for their client’s search engine rankings.
  • Social media managers who were hired for their expertise can use Jasper to help create engaging social media posts.
  • Jasper can be used by YouTubers who want to sell products through video to create effective video scripts that are optimized for search engines.

The Jasper AI copywriting tool helps people in various ways, including saving time, overcoming writer’s block, and building businesses that generate income with the help of AI tools like Jasper.

Jasper Pricing

Jasper’s lowest cost is $49/month or $39/month at $468 billed yearly (Save $120).

To learn more about Jasper, visit my review.

Want to compare Jasper to Content at Scale, visit my comparison post.


What is Surfer AI?

Surfer AI is an artificial intelligence, writing tool that can create a completed SEO-optimized article within a few minutes.

The process involves gathering data from the top-ranking articles on Google for a specific keyword and then creating an article that is highly optimized and original.

What does Surfer AI do?

Surfer AI is a long-form AI writer that has integrated SEO capabilities. It can generate SEO-optimized articles quickly.

How is Surfer AI different from other AI tools?

The majority of other AI tools offer customization options that are based on OpenAI software, essentially making them simply another GPT tool.

English, please…

INTERPRETATION: The Surfer AI tool uses its own proprietary algorithm that generates the entire article based on the keyword phrase you input into the form.

The AI tool then pulls information from the top ranking pages in Google (SERPs), based on the keyword phrase, which allows the article to be generated answering user intent, which is the whole purpose of Google Search.

With Surfer AI, you can effortlessly generate articles that rank better than those of its competitors on any topic, all while using a minimum amount of your own effort.

Is Surfer AI good for beginners?

Surfer AI is not intended for beginners.

It’s designed for individuals who already have a blog or website and are looking to elevate their SEO content by using an advanced AI writing tool, which enables them to release more articles daily.

Is Surfer AI within the confinements of Google’s Guidelines?

Yes, Surfer AI does produce content within Google guidelines.

Directly from the Google Guidelines, “Rewarding high-quality content, however, it is produced

Our focus on the quality of content, rather than how content is produced, is a useful guide that has helped us deliver reliable, high-quality results to users for years.

So, in a nutshell, the use of AI is not against Google guidelines, unless the content is primarily used to manipulate the search engines.

You can read the guidelines, here!

Do I need a Surfer SEO subscription to use the AI tool?

Yes, to use the AI tool, you must have an active Surfer SEO subscription on any plan and purchase Surfer AI credits.

Surfer AI credits are available for purchase either in packages or individually, giving you the flexibility to choose the option that works best for you.

Does Surfer AI integrate with Jasper AI?

Yes, Surfer AI integrates with Jasper.

Since the AI tool works within the Content Editor of Surfer SEO, integrating Surfer is no different than it was before, you must still copy and paste your AI-generated article into Jasper like before.


If you are an existing customer of Surfer SEO, adding Surfer AI to your AI tools can be highly beneficial.

Surfer SEO is an AI tool that comes packed with features for the search engine optimization process.

Since the addition of the AI content generation tool, it has further enhanced Surfer SEO’s capabilities and made it an even more powerful option for the content creation process.

So, if you want the best combination of optimized content, you can’t go better than Surfer SEO + Surfer AI combined.

Want to learn how you can put AI tools like Surfer to work for you to make money? Follow the link to my making money with AI post.

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