Email writing automation has made significant strides in the past few years and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is its driving force.

Imagine having an AI email writer tool that does all your writing for you!

You can save countless hours of time because it will take care of creating compelling copy to engage with your audience or customers.

Not only that but these Advanced AI Email Writer tools are also proven to increase your conversions by delivering hyper-relevant emails to each one of your prospects or subscribers.

5 Best AI Email Writer Tools - Write Emails Faster & Have Better Open Rates (Free & Paid)

In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the 5 BEST AI email writer tools currently available (both free & paid).

Let’s get started!

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What Are the Best AI Email Writer Tools?


Generate High-Converting Emails in Minutes Email Writer Tool is one of the Best AI email writing tools that provides you with unlimited capabilities.

Copy AI stands out from other AI writing software tools by producing top-notch marketing copy for a wide range of formats

These formats include persuasive emails that can’t help but be opened, LinkedIn outreach messages stopping the person in their tracks, social media posts to generate curiosity, and blog posts to pitch the sale.

One of the best features of this AI writing tool is Chat by

Chat by has a unique feature where it conducts its own research and scans Google’s top pages to generate reliable and precise content.

Furthermore, it provides the source of the data it gathered. In contrast, using ChatGPT and other comparable tools may not possess this capability.

Another unique feature of this tool is its ability to analyze any webpage and generate content related to it. has a feature where it can summarize LinkedIn profiles, helping you learn more about your target audience and allowing you to write effective emails.

Furthermore, with Chat by, you can generate personalized cold emails using a LinkedIn URL.

This feature enables you to craft customized sales outreach emails and streamline your cold emailing approach.

If you’ve read any of my other blog posts referring to AI writing assistants, you will have noticed that I am biased toward the Jasper AI writing tool for virtually everything written.

I have to come clean and let you know that when it comes to writing persuasive emails, is KING!

Jasper does do an amazing job writing emails, but has the slight edge for cold emails.

But, I’m going to throw my hat in the ring for Jasper, because it goes way beyond writing persuasive emails.

In my opinion and the opinion of 100,000+ others, Jasper is the BEST all-around content-writing machine, hands down. So, if you are in need of the BEST AI text generator, Jasper is IT!

You can read about Jasper right here!

Back to the subject at hand! is a tool that can generate effective sales outreach emails and personalized opening lines to help build your email list, making it a great email writing tool – HANDS DOWN! Key Features

  • Sophisticated Email Templates – To enhance your email writing skills, make use of pre-made templates such as cancellation emails, subject lines that beg to be opened, confirmation emails, follow-up emails, messages of appreciation, and emails to welcome new recipients.
  • Chat by – Use Chat by to generate any type of professional email that demands attention.
  • LinkedIn Sales Emails – Copy AI can create a customized email outreach based on the analysis of any LinkedIn profile. It can also automatically extract data from the latest posts on a LinkedIn URL and include it in the email.
  • Unlimited Words – With, you can create as many sales emails as you want and there is no limit to the number of words you can use per month.

Copy AI Pricing Email Writer Pricing Table

The Free Plan

The Free Plan is available for, WELL, for Free and is one of the best options available compared to competitors.

The Free Plan includes a limit of 2000 words per month which is more than enough to generate bunches of emails.

The Free plan includes:

  • 1 User
  • 90+ copywriting tools
  • Chat by
  • Unlimited projects
  • Blog Wizard Tool

However, if you want more features, upgrade to their Pro Plan.

The Pro Plan

The Pro plan costs $49/month or $36/month – $432 billed annually (save $168).

Pro plan includes:

  • 5 Users
  • 90+ copywriting tools
  • Chat by
  • Unlimited projects
  • Priority Email Support
  • 25+ languages
  • Blog Wizard Tool
  • Access to their newest features

To learn more about their pricing, you can visit their pricing page.

If you want access to the BEST AI Email Writer to help you create Unlimited Emails, grab their Pro Plan for $36/month, billed annually.


Generate Emails that Get You Replies

SmartWriter AI Email Writer Tool is an AI-based writing software that focuses on creating customized outreach email campaigns for social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram.

The tool employs sophisticated algorithms to conduct research and create content, making it an innovative solution for outreach agencies.

Compared to other AI content generator tools,’s unique approach to personalized email outreach has significantly improved open and response rates.

The software is user-friendly and easy to install. It comes with advanced automation features that help you save time, allowing you to concentrate on managing your business.

In addition to its other services, offers features like Instagram comments, a personalized icebreaker generator, a tweet generator, backlink personalization, and more. is a specialized and innovative tool that is ideal for those who aim to excel in creating marketing content, generating personalized emails, and crafting social media posts. Key Features

  • Personalized Email Outreach – is skilled at crafting personalized messages that are specific to each recipient, boosting the success of your marketing and outreach initiatives.
  • User-Friendly Software Interface – The interface of is intuitive and straightforward, allowing users of all experience levels to easily create professional AI-generated email copy.
  • AI-Driven Research – uses advanced algorithms to conduct research, which ensures that the content created is engaging, accurate, and relevant.
  • Customizable Email Templates – With, you can easily create content for various industries and purposes using a wide selection of pre-designed templates.
  • Time-Saving Automation – The platform simplifies the process of creating content, so you can concentrate on other important tasks while it automatically produces high-quality copy.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility – The tool is created for different platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and email to assist you in keeping a consistent brand tone across channels. Pricing

SmartWriter AI Pricing Table
  • The Basic Plan is $59/month or $49/month – $588 billed yearly (Save $120) – for 400 leads.
  • The Popular Plan is $149/month or $124/month – $1488 billed yearly (Save $300) – for 1200 leads.
  • The Pro Plan is $359/month or $299/month – $3588 billed yearly (Save $720) – for 3500 leads.

All premium plans come with full features. You can test the software by using their 7-day free trial before making a purchase.

3. Lyne AI

Send Personalized Cold Emails at Scale

Send Personalized Cold Emails at Scale with Lyne AI is an AI email assistant that uses AI to conduct research more quickly, up to 9000% faster than other AI tools.

This enables it to create hyper-personalized and professional emails at scale for those who send a large number of emails.

The tool can analyze how your email recipients are responding and adjust its strategy accordingly.

The tool’s AI-powered features can assist you in creating more focused and efficient emails, resulting in increased conversion rates.

Lyne Key Features

  • AI-Cold Emails – Use AI to send hyper-personalized cold emails in bulk and increase your response rates. This approach will combine the power of AI and email.
  • LinkedIn Scraper Tool – Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to extract leads and find their work emails.
  • Enrich API – Lyne’s API simplifies the process of enriching your database, system, or application with comprehensive B2B contact and company data that is accurate and in-depth.
  • Cold Emails Templates – Write personalized cold emails using templates, ranging from, SaaS to link building, SEO to follow-ups, just to name a few.
  • In-Depth Research – They use AI and Machine Learning to discover information that ordinary sales representatives wouldn’t be able to find. This gives you more information than your competitors.
  • Chrome Extension – Their Chrome extension provides simple one-click Sales Navigator scraping that works in the cloud.
  • CSV Export – Scrape up to 2500 results in a single click. You can export the data you’ve scraped in CSV format, which is suitable for processing or syncing to your sales stack.

Lyne Pricing

Lyne AI Pricing Table
  • The Free Plan – pay as you go, no monthly charges, pay per credit, all integrations 
  • The Custom Plan – $120/month and include 1200 lines/month, credits roll over, all integrations 
  • The LinkedIn Scraper – starts at $39/month for 2000 scraped emails

4. Jasper.AI

Generate Emails that Can’t Help But Be Opened

Jasper AI Writer Tool has an AI email assistant that generates content related to the subject you are addressing by using prompts provided by you and searching the web.

To create new email content, simply choose the desired format and tone for the copy.

The tool gets better at producing customized content as you continue to use it.

Jasper AI is one of the top AI email writing tools due to its user-friendly interface, useful features, and above-par output.

Jasper AI Key Features

  • Jasper is capable of writing in more than 25 languages, which means you won’t have to use Google Translate anymore.
  • You can use the content improver to make changes or reword certain content that may require editing.
  • You can create a personalized email by filling in details such as the recipient’s name, subject lines, content, and more.

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper AI Email Writer Pricing Table
  • The Creator Plan is $49/month or $39/month if paid annually, and Includes unlimited projects, one user, and 50+ AI copywriting tools
  • The Teams Plan – is $125/month or $99/month if paid annually, and includes 3 brand voices, 3 users, and access to SEO mode
  • The Business Plan – is custom pricing, and includes ALL features, custom templates, a dedicated account manager, and more

Experience Jasper risk-free by signing up for a 7-Day Free Trial on the creator or team plans.

5. Flowrite

Flow Through Your Inbox with Their AI Email Writer

Flowrite AI Email Writer Tool

Flowrite is a tool that helps boost email writing productivity by offering an AI-powered writing assistant. It assists in creating high-quality written content with ease.

The tool can assist with improving email drafting and has received positive reviews from users, resulting in impressive outcomes.

Flowrite has 48 (at the time of this writing), email templates to choose from, ranging from sales, customer service, recruiting, marketing, and professional email templates.

Flowrite Key Features

  • Seamless Integration – Flowrite is designed to seamlessly work with your preferred email and messaging platforms. It can detect the context and retrieve the required information without manual input.
  • 3 Version Alternatives – At Flowrite, they offer three distinct and customized options of superior quality for you to select from. You can choose the one that best suits your preferences.
  • Personal Reply Suggestions – You don’t have to write emails from scratch anymore. You can receive reply suggestions instantly without any effort on your part.
  • Making it Personel – Provide a summary of your responsibilities and work style preferences. This information will assist in completing tasks more efficiently, similar to that of an actual assistant.
  • Templates – Flowrite enables you to write cold emails and messages more quickly while allowing you to have greater control over the output content.
  • Time Savings – Flowrite is a productivity tool that can save a lot of time and money for people who communicate frequently.

Flowrite Pricing

Flowrite AI Email Writer Tool Pricing Table

Flowrite is one of the most affordable AI tools and AI email generators that lets you write personalized email opening lines and create personalized emails.

Flowrite pricing has a range of choices, starting with the Free trial.

The cost of the paid plans depend on how many messages you send each month and ranges from $5 to $30 per month (save 20% when paid annually).

FAQs – Best AI Email Writing Tools

What is the AI that can create emails?

The AI that can create emails in just a few seconds is which can write persuasive AI-generated email copy.

On average, people spend more than 2 hours every day working on tasks related to email. Using the help of email writing software for generating emails is a must for any business. is an AI-powered writing tool that can help save time and optimize your email communications by generating emails automatically.

What is the free AI website to write emails?

The Rytr AI writing assistant is free to use to create personalized emails in a few seconds.

It’s an AI email assistant that can help you save time and optimize your email communications.

It has features like natural language processing, grammar checker, spell checker, and much more which makes it very convenient to craft emails quickly without any hassle.

Can you automate creating emails?

Yes, you can automate creating emails.

Email automation refers to the process of using an email marketing automation tool to send automated messages that are customized for the intended audience, delivered at the perfect timing, and with a tailored message.

This eliminates the need to manually create and send emails each time.

What is an AI Email Writer?

An AI email writer is an AI tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you write your emails faster and with more accuracy.

It can write personalized messages for different recipients, track the effectiveness of each message, and suggest changes or improvements to increase engagement.

It also allows users to customize their emails based on customer segmentation data, such as age, gender, geography, etc.

With AI email writers, businesses can save time and optimize their email communications, which can lead to higher open rates, better customer relationships as well as an overall increase in sales or leads.

How Do AI Email Writers Work?

AI email writing tools work by using algorithms that analyze a large amount of data to understand and simulate human behavior while writing emails.

The AI tool then uses this data to identify patterns, suggest optimized content, and provide automated responses that sound natural as if they were written by a person.

The tool also helps users determine what type of email works best for each recipient, such as newsletters or promotional emails, suggesting customized content in just a few clicks.

These AI email writing tools can also track the effectiveness of each message and provide data-driven insights to improve future email campaigns. This way, users get the most out of their emails.

The tool can also produce text and has additional features like AI copywriting templates and a LinkedIn scraper tool for accessing publicly available prospect data.

AI email assistants can identify key points and compose complete emails rapidly. And, some of these email writing tools enable the creation of email templates tailored to your unique needs.


AI email writing tools have become increasingly popular and are now being heavily integrated into the everyday communication strategies employed by bloggers, small business owners, email marketers, and entrepreneurs.

Automated solutions like the ones discussed here help to save users valuable time so that they can focus on more pressing tasks than crafting emails.

With the right solution in place, teams of all sizes can automate some of their most tedious processes and begin tackling larger items on their to-do lists.

Plus, with AI tools and features designed specifically for each user’s needs, from mail merge capabilities to thorough email reporting functions, these powerful AI-driven systems make it easier than ever for marketers of all types to stay organized and create campaigns that generate lasting results.

From freelance writers trying to streamline their workflow to shop owners who need help keeping track of customer information, there’s no shortage of helpful options available out there when it comes to selecting a quality AI email writer tool.

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